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2018-12-23 02:24 50003592 Anonymous (C2MfiqCUUAECtM7.jpg 749x1133 78kB)
Just found out that the first guy I actually liked in a romantic way is bisexual and interested in a furry shy guy. I may be a roastie so feel free to shun me but it hurts, anons. It really hurts. He did say that he's more interested in women but as of now the shy eastern european furry has him falling in love. I feel bad for everyone on here that has been rejected if this is what rejection feels like I should have just stayed in a corner and not look at anybody like usual but I thought that making new friends, eventually falling in love and all that shit is a good idea. It's all a fucking joke. It's all a fucking joke played on me by some sadistic God. Sure, take away the person I was willing to love just like that. Jesus Christ. I needed to rant so guess that's that. The day of the Rope for me is coming quite close, I think. Now post the whole "roasty toasty" and "roasty is mad because she can't have what she wanted hahah" shenanigans if you wish. I don't have anything better to do so I might as well have anons make me feel worse, y'know?

1 min later 50003605 Anonymous
You'll get over him in a couple days when you find another simp to fuck, nothing is permanent for you other than your ability to fuck men whenever and however you please

5 min later 50003645 Anonymous
>>50003605 Sadly anon, I'm too socially autistic to even approach men in such a way. I wish I was a slut since I would have something to tell my family when they ask about my love life which is pretty much non-existent. Maybe being a slut would give me an excuse to have certain issues and act like a fucking toddler but ah well, I don't even know what I'm talking about at this point.

8 min later 50003671 Anonymous
At least you weren't cheated on, lied to about it for months, and then told right before Christmas while she dangled the friendship in front of you to make her feel good about the decision she'd made, which was to stay with him, despite all of the promises she'd made, not even a week before telling me. But go ahead, tell me: how is it even possible for me to trust women after this? In fact, why shouldn't i just kill myself, since I'm so easily discarded? The guy rejecting you is nothing compared to what women are capable of.

10 min later 50003692 Anonymous
I thought girls didn't like faggots

12 min later 50003704 Anonymous
>>50003671 I never said women were innocent angels or anything, mate. What happened to you is truly horrible indeed. Sadly, I can't answer why you should not kill yourself since I'm struggling with the same question you asked me. At least go out with a bang and kill the roastie that did that to you if you're going to end yourself and want some kind of revenge, man. I don't know, mate. I really don't know how I'm supposed to answer but you can still have a (You).

13 min later 50003710 Anonymous
>>50003692 I didn't know he was a faggot until last night. I thought I could live happily with him in the future but boy was I wrong.

14 min later 50003718 Anonymous (8A5E8708-A19F-4A2D-BC27-4DD65B8D8F7C.jpg 477x616 91kB)
>>50003710 Why are you being an emo bitch over a fag then?

18 min later 50003750 Anonymous
>>50003718 Because I've known him for a lot of time and developed feelings for the fag without even realizing before it was too late. The fact that he's a fag just came crashing down on me like a fucking bulldozer. I'm drowning in feels and I might just get drunk later in order to stop being an emo bitch for a bit desu

21 min later 50003769 Anonymous
>>50003704 I don't want revenge, I want someone to love. You'll get over it anon. I don't mean to devalue your feelings, but it truly is smalltime. You'll be able to find a nice Yuropean bf who doesn't treat you like shit, who wants to do nice things for you and loves you, if you know how to look. Meanwhile I can't look people in the eye and can barely make conversation due to social anxiety. Fembots and especially normalfag women hate my guts and assume that I just want a warm hole to stick my dick in, with little sympathy, despite the fact that I just want to strive for a romantic relationship with someone I care about, who cares about me.

22 min later 50003784 Anonymous (C015EE85-C11C-4E6F-9108-02947940999F.jpg 700x285 62kB)
>>50003750 You're a faggot, you want to fuck a fag still

26 min later 50003816 Anonymous (1545552046781.png 843x1081 1053kB)
>>50003769 You seem like a nice person from your posts, anon. I hope what you have written in your first paragraph is the case for the both of us (except replace Yuro bf with Yuro/burger gf in your case). I highly doubt that'll be the case for me but cheers for the encouragement, mate I can highly relate to being unable to look people in tgey eyes and all that. Tge fembot part and all, though, is not very relatable for me but yeah. I don't even fucking know how long it'll take for me to see him as just a friend but whatever. Have a happy nazi for good luck in getting someone that actually loves you, anon

27 min later 50003826 Anonymous
>>50003784 More like just have him hold me and love me in general but yeah, okay, as you say anon

32 min later 50003865 Anonymous
>>50003592 damn that sucks. i understand why you're hurt i would also be sad asf in this situation. but you will find a better guy that is into you, when i don't know but dont worry and just try to forget about him

37 min later 50003911 Anonymous
>>50003865 I don't think I'll actually live to see tge day when a better guy comes around. I can't just drop him because he's a fag though, y'know? He's still my friend so dropping and forgetting him would just make everything worse.

38 min later 50003927 Anonymous
>>50003592 Just walk 10 steps outside and find some other dick to hop on you roastie slut.

39 min later 50003938 Anonymous
>>50003911 there are too many guys on this planet for there to not be better one for you. just wait and take it easy and you'll see. and don't drop your friend, at the very least talk to him about it or else you' won''t feel better

41 min later 50003958 Anonymous
>>50003911 Its better to just ghost him. I'm sparing your feelings right now. We have experience in these matters. You will be a self loathing piece of shit forever if you give into the friend zone. The way you feel right now is normal, and its just better to ghost than to feel that pain anymore.

43 min later 50003980 Anonymous
>>50003927 I don't even want to get out of bed to eat. Going outside is too much for me as of now. >>50003938 I never said a better guy doesn't exist. I just said I won't see the day when that guy comes around. Also, telling him how I feel would fuck everything up so I'd rather have him believe that I'm very happy that he found someone he likes so eh

43 min later 50003986 Anonymous (fDJHpOp.png 500x284 87kB)
>>50003645 I know that feel femanon. Rejection always sucks, and people on this board who say you shouldn't care because you're a girl are just jaded due to past rejections probably. I doubt I can say anything that will instantly allow you to get over heartbreak, but it will get better with time, and remember that there are always those who will want to be with you and who will love you and be your friend. Heck, I'll be your friend if that will help you, I always welcome new ppl to talk to! Hope you feel better

44 min later 50003994 Anonymous
>>50003958 I don't want to ghost him. I would misd him too much so I just can't do that. I get what you're saying but ghosting him would be just fucked up.

47 min later 50004021 Anonymous
>>50003994 I'm saying if he puts you in that place, its better to ghost. Talk to him about it. If you can summon the courage. I did. >I would miss him too much I miss her, too. But its better than the pain that I felt. And would've continued to feel. Its for your own good.

48 min later 50004028 Anonymous
>>50003986 I don't really give a shit about the people that say I shouldn't care about this whole thing but fair point, anon. You have no obligation to help me get over heartbreak, really. I just had to get this out there somehow. I don't actually think it'll pass anytime soon because of how attached I got to him but fuck knows, really. Cheers for offering to be my friend but I would just end up dragging you down with me in a hole of despair so eh Thank you for the nice (You), maye. Have a nice day

51 min later 50004060 Anonymous
>>50004021 No that'll make him feel horrible. I don't want to make him pick between me and the furfaggot because that's nasty. He has made me feel absolutely horrible but I don't want to hurt him. I can't summon the courage to talk to him about it. I just can't. I keep overthinkibg all the horrible scenarios that could blossom from me talking about it to him and I feel physically sick. Thanks for the advice, though

57 min later 50004144 Anonymous
>>50004060 Its up to you. Please find someone else and accept that you two will never be together, if you're going to stay friends. Don't delude yourself.

1 hours later 50004207 Anonymous
>>50004144 There's really no point in trying to find someone else. I try to accept the fact that we'll never be together but there's still this small sliver of hope that maybe, just maybe, the furfag won't like him back and maybe I'll have a very small chance Deluding myself is indeed a bad idea but oh well. It's a bit too late now. Staying friends is good enough as long as he thinks I'm not upset and all so yeah.

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