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2018-12-23 02:23 50003572 Anonymous (1539907304082.jpg 369x363 21kB)
>think a girl likes you and have a hige crush on her >all the signs >always looking at me and smiling, always pays attention to what i have to say >touching me >always happy to see me and always says hello >find out shes the same with another guy >instantly lose attraction

22 min later 50003763 Anonymous
>tfw no one replies to your threads Am i ghosted?

23 min later 50003777 Anonymous
Just go for it anon, stop being a beta and cockblock the other guy

32 min later 50003854 Anonymous
Happened to me as well, she is just an attention whore. Bail out ASAP

32 min later 50003857 Anonymous (1544635367983.jpg 290x174 9kB)
>>50003763 No. You just left little room for a response. What are we supposed to say?

41 min later 50003942 Anonymous
>>50003572 women flirt with everyone

1 hours later 50004324 Anonymous
>>50003854 It's hard to ditch, though.

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