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I would do anything to own businesses and buy other cool businesses I like and just do stuff with them and find ways to maximize profits and make money I really fucking like the idea of just selling shit for more or just the idea of combining shit together and selling it for more and making really cheap shit and selling it for an ass load like I saw a store here that sells pizzas for 5.99 but they sell a single slice for like 2-3 bucks. I saw people doing shit like adding CBD to coffee and shit and they just added a few drops of it to a drink and charged like 5 dollars for it and people pay for it just because of convienance I get a boner for just calculating out costs of stuff, finding ways to make more money, finding ways to advertise stuff as better than it actually is just to get more money out of people. I fucking love planning and budgeting and shit but I just have literally nothing to work with and I dont want to exactly open up a gas station out in the middle of nowhere or anything when I was younger I was forced to sell drugs and I was always really good at that. as I got older I eventually started a scam on the internet which was basically just a really lucrative business (although it 0 money to do it was just raking in money) and ive always just done business stuff. when I was younger I would burn video games onto DVDs and sell them at school to people who were too poor to have fast internet or didn't know how to pirate games and shit and I would just download something overnight burn it onto a dvd and just sell it to them for 20-30 bucks. I even get a boner for those tycoon games although they're pretty shit and not really helpful they're just mindless spending more than anything. I have an idea for some online businesses and stuff but I really want to more physical shit I want to own resteraunts or retail stores in big cities or something and scale up a physical business. i really just want to own a bunch of different businesses

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