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2018-12-23 02:19 50003546 Anonymous (ea7f07f.png 654x527 52kB)
Hennything is possible

1 min later 50003556 Anonymous
>>50003546 wow a Harvey j peep. was not expecting anyone here to even know who that is

3 min later 50003564 Anonymous
>>50003556 Since his meme died I wouldn't be surprised if he became depressed and lurks /r9k/ now

15 min later 50003686 Anonymous (c60b556.png 701x744 468kB)
>>50003564 He's actually been live with ice poseidon for the last 2 days.

1 hours later 50004580 Anonymous
Whats the story behind this guy? Never heard of him before he showed up on ices stream

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