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2018-12-23 02:13 50003503 Anonymous (1200.jpg 1000x1200 838kB)
Fembots, would you let a little boy do this to you?

16 min later 50003644 Anonymous
>>50003503 just buy a fleshlight with your welfare check and save yourself the time of being there lol dum

18 min later 50003666 Anonymous
>>50003503 Uhhh no? That's pedophilia you dumb incel loser.

28 min later 50003740 Anonymous
>>50003666 If you introduced little boys to sex there would be less incels in the world.

39 min later 50003834 Anonymous
>>50003666 But youd be saving a robots life by having sex with him while hes a kid

1 hours later 50004292 Anonymous
Yes I have a massive SS fetish.

1 hours later 50004315 Anonymous
>>50003740 I need incels like you to point and laugh at, though. Makes me feel better about myself. >>50003834 I don't care about robots I hope they all die desu

1 hours later 50004355 Anonymous
You literally would not be able to feel it.

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