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2018-12-23 02:13 50003502 Anonymous (image.jpg 1600x777 1192kB)
Onii-chan, what're we getting for Kurisumasu? owo

0 min later 50003509 Anonymous
>>50003502 Is that a nugget shaped like an entire duck?

1 min later 50003516 Anonymous
a partiality blended gallon of bees. drink up.

2 min later 50003521 Anonymous
I don't get why they think that's a Christmas food. Would be weird if I went home and we were just having KFC

12 min later 50003604 Anonymous (075b474bd255b4d633356f1d6468b27e.png 723x1104 580kB)
>>50003502 the best of creampies for my imouto

14 min later 50003623 Anonymous
>>50003521 It's also weird that "red and green" are Christmas colors, except it's not because those are the colors of Coca-Cola labels and pine trees. Christmas is a perversion and its celebration is so far removed from Christianity that anyone celebrating it should feel real guilt for breaking the first commandment.

16 min later 50003641 Anonymous
>>50003521 Turkey is traditionally eaten for Christmas. A Chicken is close enough.

19 min later 50003672 Anonymous
>>50003623 So then the Japanese are doing right, since they aren't doing it for Christianity? That aside, it's a far cry to say celebrating Christmas is worshipping another God.

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