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2018-12-23 02:11 50003476 Anonymous (bnbhm.png 201x116 34kB)
>female coworker actually called me an incel So weird hearing that word said by ultra normies irl. When did it get so popular?

7 min later 50003547 Anonymous
>>50003476 there was a media craze after alek minassian also what were the events leading up to her saying that?

31 min later 50003752 Anonymous
>>50003476 incel is the new neckbeard. all we can do is wait till the unwashed masses adopt a new, different term to describe failures like us.

47 min later 50003889 Anonymous
>>50003476 It's a hip and new word to alienate unpopular people, something normies love to do. Seriously, they are not there to help, they might share shit on faceberg that implies otherwise, like "Oh, everybody is special and nobody should be bullied" but this shit is only virtue signalling, they love to push those who are rejected away even further.

59 min later 50004015 Anonymous
>>50003476 Was she wrong?

1 hours later 50004029 Anonymous
>>50003547 She found out I watch anime and asked me if I was an incel. >>50004015 Yes. I fuck prostitutes every now and then.

1 hours later 50004194 Anonymous
>>50003476 report her to HR it's that simple

1 hours later 50004204 Anonymous
>>50003889 I was looked at like a piece of shit at a party because I don't do cocaine or have a new car with Sirius radio. Normies are shit

1 hours later 50004321 Anonymous
>>50004029 Paying for sex I'd call you an incel too

1 hours later 50004451 Anonymous
>>50004029 >Yes. I fuck prostitutes every now and then. escortcel

1 hours later 50004479 Anonymous
>>50004321 >>50004451 I don't get it. Cel stands for celibate. When you fuck a woman you're not celibate. Are you being cheeky and mischievous?

1 hours later 50004496 Anonymous
>>50004029 Lmao what anime do you watch?

1 hours later 50004497 Anonymous
>>50004479 Women should pay men, not the other way around dummy

1 hours later 50004514 Anonymous
>>50004496 Anything by Satoshi Kon. I watched Tokyo Godfathers the other night.

1 hours later 50004535 Anonymous
>>50004514 She probably doesnt even know what that is and just lashed out at you for not being a normie fag. I hate that NPC meme but she probably is the personification of an NPC.

1 hours later 50004586 Anonymous
>>50004479 In their actual community "incel" is a misnomer. Celibacy is super common but its not the state of whether your dick is wet but whether you know love.

2 hours later 50005111 Anonymous
>>50004029 >She found out I watch anime. Lol, wtf is she dense? Anime is normalfag levels of mainstream now.

2 hours later 50005288 Anonymous
You people would be surprised at how popular 4chan actually is. We all know tons of edgy 14 year olds call themselves /b/ tards, but I have actually seen several normies at my university browsing 4chan on their phones.

3 hours later 50005924 Anonymous
>>50005288 /b/ is just porn nowadays

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