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2018-12-23 02:08 50003449 Anonymous (1545535353733.jpg 376x462 36kB)
Being a facelet is worse than being a manlet. Prove me wrong Protip: You can't. t. 6'4" virgin lanklet

1 min later 50003466 Anonymous
okay this is the thing all you need to do to be attractive to femalays is >be at a low bodyfat >have sunken cheeks >large deltoids, small traps >wide shoulders

3 min later 50003483 Anonymous (1530123308297.jpg 511x671 33kB)
>>50003449 i remember the first time this image was posted with the warped lyrics god it was the cringiest shit ive seen that day also 195 chad here, fuck women

38 min later 50003778 Anonymous
>>50003449 Same. Facial attractiveness > height. t. 3/10 6'4 26 khv

47 min later 50003856 Anonymous
>>50003449 >Prove me wrong you can fix your face with surgeries Therea are reports that women would rather choose tall and out of shape guy instead of a short guy even if he is lean, muscular and good looking

52 min later 50003901 Anonymous (mike mew.jpg 512x512 42kB)
>still complaining about bad facial looks just mew you fucking retard

1 hours later 50004040 Anonymous
>>50003901 isn't it just a meme?

1 hours later 50004286 Anonymous
>>50003449 more pics like that please originalo

2 hours later 50004769 Anonymous
>tfw mouthbreather jaw ive learned to accept it but when i found out it was a thing i was turbodepressed for a few days

2 hours later 50005139 Anonymous
>>50004040 No, I've been doing it for a while now and it's been life changing for me.

2 hours later 50005357 Anonymous (1545341269519.jpg 1085x775 521kB)
>>50003449 >Prove me wrong I can't t: 5'8 non-virgin manlet whos gonna fuck a new girl some day next week

4 hours later 50006465 Anonymous
>>50003901 How the fuck do you mew I don't understand

4 hours later 50006522 Anonymous
>>50006465 watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hmf -pR7EryY and some the others on the channel to get a good understanding of all of it.

4 hours later 50006528 Anonymous
>>50003449 Bullshit. You can make yourself look presentable (and first and foremost fuckable to women) assuming you're tall. Furthermore, you have the major MASSIVE benefit of being tall. Having a shit face and being short far outweights the same but being tall. t. contactless 5'7 waste

4 hours later 50006635 Anonymous
>>50003449 things you can do to make your face look better >get your vitamins/drink your water and clear your skin >tan and get a nice glow to it >shave properly/style facial hair >get a proper haircut that fits your face >switch glasses to contacts/get better looking glasses >improve teeth >mew/lower bodyfat >if all else fails, plastic surgery things you can do to improve height >wear lifts >stand straighter and only one of those is a change that lasts when not wearing shoes

4 hours later 50006664 Anonymous
>>50003449 having a gf fucking sucks prove me wrong protip: you can't

4 hours later 50006756 Anonymous
>>50006635 >standing straighter can you get you from your shitty 5'x height to 6'x minimum manlet cutoff Maybe if you are 5'11 and 3/4. Still, you forgot something. You also have that expensive, painful, possibly dissabilitating surgery to break up your bones and have them grow a bit longer. :^)

4 hours later 50006770 Anonymous
>>50006664 >having a gf fucking sucks Well if whoeversh is fucking is not you, then yeah I could see it sucking.

4 hours later 50006855 Anonymous (maxresdefault.jpg 1280x720 126kB)
>>50006770 even when you are are it still sucks. >she is thinking of chad while you fuck her >she will drive you mad by trying to transform you into chad (you will never become chad btw) >constantly have to be on your social A game around her >must be validated by everyone around her (other men sabotage you in this way) i think you mean If you're not chad, which you probably aren't, then yeah it fucking sucks.

4 hours later 50006886 Anonymous
>>50006855 >she is thinking of chad while you fuck her Wrong, you wouldn't be fucking me in the first place if I'm thinking of chad. Not worth the clean up.

4 hours later 50006901 Anonymous
>>50006886 wtf is that supposed to mean you weird cunt

4 hours later 50006908 Anonymous
>>50006855 >>50006886 See. You wouldn't get one anyway unless you already were a chad or close. So having a gf doesn't suck because that means you are chad and those things you said wouldn't be happening. EZ win.

4 hours later 50006922 Anonymous
>>50003449 this is the hottest photoshop ever holy shit

4 hours later 50006949 Anonymous
>>50006922 >face is still a wreck sure is buddy.

4 hours later 50006964 Anonymous
>>50006908 plenty of betas get girlfriends. having a gf doesn't make you chad.

4 hours later 50007009 Anonymous
>>50006964 Those guys don't get girlfriends. Only an extremely expensive prostitute with the obvious very little sex attached.

4 hours later 50007032 Anonymous
>>50007009 alright dude call it what you want. I think you understand what I was saying.

4 hours later 50007101 Anonymous
>>50007032 Of course man. I'm surprised you took as an argument my play on words about fucking (someone else) sucks not as in fucking sucks = is something bad. This is why I also fear getting a gf. I'll always be paranoid of her cheating and I want to believe I'd have the balls to break it at the slightest intuition that she might be cheating.

5 hours later 50007236 Anonymous
>>50006528 You are literally playing life on easymode. How can you be 5'7" and not be getting lots of pussy?

5 hours later 50007306 Anonymous
>>50007236 >t. 4'7 guy

5 hours later 50007358 Anonymous
>>50003449 I'm a facelet and I got laid.

5 hours later 50007383 Anonymous
>>50003856 >you can fix your face with surgeries Only if it's barely fucked. Like a jawline straying too downwards, a fucky bird or bulbous nose, etc. You can never fix a really fucked face like the lanklet in OP. Most tall people aren't really destined to look good at all

5 hours later 50007423 Anonymous
>>50006949 stay jealous l 0 l

5 hours later 50007782 Anonymous
What if youre a facelet manlet dicklet like me? What then?

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