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2018-12-23 02:07 50003439 Anonymous (a5b887d8084366a7507370f5e6ed1e71.jpg 374x347 39kB)
>Spend all day inside playing games, watching anime, fapping and shitposting >Content with life, relatively happy with my lot >Any time I have to leave the house and interact with other human beings >Constant anxiety, hate everyone around me, wish I was dead Give me one good reason why I should be ashamed to be a NEET like normies say I should be.

1 hours later 50004062 Anonymous
bump Is this just /soc/'s overspill board now? Every fucking thread with replies is either some beta orbiting thread or a "fembot" larp.

1 hours later 50004213 Anonymous
>>50003439 >Give me one good reason why I should be ashamed to be a NEET Yeah, sure. Stagnation, and not being able to function like a normal human. Being content is good, but being content with being shit isn't.

1 hours later 50004278 Anonymous
>>50004213 >Yeah, sure. Stagnation, And normies aren't stagnant? So they get new jobs and meet new people and go to new places. So what. That doesn't actually change anything about them. They're not better people for doing it and I doubt they're much happier than I am in my room. >and not being able to function like a normal human. Being content is good, but being content with being shit isn't. Why not? What's the difference? Contentedness is contentedness.

1 hours later 50004296 Anonymous
>>50004213 >normal human Why do you want to be a normalfag?

1 hours later 50004309 Anonymous
How old are you because you will grow tired of it.

1 hours later 50004314 Anonymous
>>50003439 Idk OP it sounds like you could be healthier

1 hours later 50004441 Anonymous
>>50004309 I'm 26 and I've been doing it for 10 years. I'm not growing tired of this life. I tried working, it's hell.

1 hours later 50004577 Anonymous
>>50004213 Then why do you continue to support capitalism?

1 hours later 50004589 Anonymous
>>50004441 Is curious anon because I'm 26 too but staying home all day is getting more boring with days passing by I guess if you're happy with yourself keep doing your things.

1 hours later 50004629 Anonymous
>>50004314 I don't think he cares being healthy at all.

1 hours later 50004647 Anonymous
>>50004629 >>50004314 I'd rather be "sick" and content with my NEET life than "healthy" and be like all the other normies who can just barely stand to be around each other .

1 hours later 50004705 Anonymous
We feel anxious because we lack social skills. It's the same anxiety that someone who can't swim would feel if thrown in the middle of a swimming pool. It's just that social skills take more time to develop so the anxiety can last forever. You should not mix this anxiety with shame though. No rason to feel shame, you sould like a cool person, from the OP I like you.

2 hours later 50004763 Anonymous
>>50004647 Normies don't hate each others. I mean that's part of being a normie. You like socializing with other people, of course some people are dickheads and you just fuck off. Maybe you can try enter a group of people with your same interests lke a weebo convention and shit like that.

2 hours later 50004786 Anonymous
I feel like im being torn to shreds when I go outside in the normie world, im just not built for it. I dont get along with anyone, I seem to piss people off easily, I dont know what I do wrong, going outside only causes problems for me, hence why I just stay a shut-in. Cant say I havent tried, everytime ive tried the same outcome happens, i couldnt keep doing that to myself, i was just getting worse and worse everytime I would try leave the house, honestly staying a shut-in is keeping me from going crazy. Normals just make me anxious, upset, and I feel like im fighting for my life, keeping myself away from that is the only thing keeping me safe. I would 100% snap if I was forced outside. Been seeing Psychologists for 2 years (im 30) and it hasnt changed shit, im applying for autismbux soon btw.

2 hours later 50004853 Anonymous
>>50003439 You don't, what you are currently experiencing in NEETdom is like your penitence, find something fun to do or that gives you purpose and you wont feel as bad, dab on the wagies, dont feel bad. >>50004213 >but being content with being shit isn't. He could get a job and be a piece of shit, what's your point?

2 hours later 50005002 Anonymous
>>50004853 What I'm trying to say is that is fine you hate normies, fuck them who cares. There is a lot of weird people going out for anime conventions and vidyagames. It's pretty much math that you would find someone that does't let you feel lile shit.

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