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2018-12-23 02:01 50003391 Anonymous (1545569949971.jpg 634x476 63kB)
>Hey anon! Want to come hiking with us in Morocco? What do?

0 min later 50003405 Anonymous
>Hey fembot! FTFY And they would say yes Real robots don't go outside

3 min later 50003424 Anonymous
>>50003391 Say "fuck off sandniggers" and shoot them. Is it legal to bring a gun to another country?

17 min later 50003543 Anonymous (gunhebrew.jpg 249x375 12kB)
>>50003391 Fuck off sandniggers, this land is part of Greater Israel now.

44 min later 50003774 Anonymous
Nah not tonight sorry lads

47 min later 50003801 Anonymous (purecoincidencegy3.jpg 296x314 40kB)
>>50003391 lmao, arab subhumans are so easy to manipulate into killing. soon the public will be on our side!

1 hours later 50004354 Anonymous
>>50003391 Yes of course! What could go wrong? You all look like trustworthy Gentlemen.

1 hours later 50004366 Anonymous
>>50003543 Based rabbi

1 hours later 50004466 Anonymous (1539659684274.jpg 251x201 9kB)
>>50003391 Haha sure you seem like nice people. i think I can trust you.

1 hours later 50004482 Anonymous
Say no. They look like people who'd be fine with rejection.

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