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2018-12-23 01:57 50003358 Anonymous (TQfmuGu.png 1228x1502 62kB)
im starting to think somethings really wrong with me but I live in americuck and have no health insurance. I wake up so fucking tired. even if I sleep 12 hours I feel like shit. im in such a brain fog when I wake up I cant even what I did 3 seconds ago. literally. I feel retarded my eyes are completely black and sting and burn from being so tired. I drink like 3 cups of coffee and nothing. I might sweat and feel anxious and weird but thats it. as the day goes on I slowly get less and less tired and by the time it reaches bed time im not tired at all and I just cant fucking sleep and stay up until like 10 am and then just crash and do it all again later and I slowly get less sleep because im trying not to sleep all day and then I just end up getting more and more tired.

2 min later 50003379 Anonymous
Try a mixture of weed in the evening and cocaine in the morning.

3 min later 50003393 Anonymous
>>50003379 stimulants make me more tired

1 hours later 50004410 Anonymous
>>50003358 get a job I guarantee your 'sleep schedule' will eventually unfuck itself if you have to actually do something with your life

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