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2018-12-23 01:52 50003295 Anonymous (Untitled.png 1213x798 418kB)
if you're all so lonely, why don't you become penpals with a female prisoner? https://writeaprisoner.com/

15 min later 50003444 Anonymous
Let's be honest, they probably get ten letters a week. Never underestimate the thirst of men, as this thread exemplifies.

2 hours later 50004751 Anonymous
>>50003295 These roasties have 100 cocks waiting for them.

2 hours later 50004797 Anonymous
I always wondered if female prisoners get as much fan mail as, say, male murderers and serial killers do.

2 hours later 50004839 Anonymous
Awful lota bisexual females in prison.

2 hours later 50004865 Anonymous
I cba writing mail, why the fuck would i walk OUTSIDE to the mail box. Are you crazy? If I could write them emails, I would.

2 hours later 50004879 Anonymous
>>50004865 some of them you can email, depends on the institution

2 hours later 50004894 Anonymous
Cosette Shreve #472998 is one fine ass armed robber. I'd Medawar that ass in 2038.

2 hours later 50004943 Anonymous
Can I talk to them about girls with dicks?

2 hours later 50004973 Anonymous
>>50004943 you can filter to talk to transgender prisoenrs

2 hours later 50005199 Anonymous
>>50003295 Why would I want to write letters to some reprobate roastie when I already have a nice fembot I talk to every day?

2 hours later 50005200 Anonymous
>Jpay founder Ryan Shapiro >Errol Feldman current CEO >Shapiro >Feldman Why the fuck is /pol/ always right?

2 hours later 50005274 Anonymous
>>50003444 I work at usps. Letters to prisoners are kinda rare. Id say the majority of the time its one person who has multiple letters to different people or family members mailing them stamps. Ive also sent it back to the prison when they tried reusing a stamp. Sharp bastards go sell a cig or something.

3 hours later 50005329 Anonymous
>>50003295 >why don't you become penpals with a female prisoner? I have female friends, what I don't have is a woman who loves me romantically and some prisoner sure as shit isn't going to fall for some fucking loser NEET shut-in.

3 hours later 50005966 Anonymous
I doubt even a death row inmate would want to have a conjugal visit with me.

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