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2018-12-23 01:52 50003294 Anonymous (IMG_0885.jpg 1276x1268 298kB)
This FtM Brony little has a girlfriend and you don't anon. Explain yourself. Instagram / Brony_Dashie

1 min later 50003313 Anonymous
I don't want my girlfriend to be a degenerate.

9 min later 50003403 Anonymous
>>50003294 Nobody cared who x(s)e was before x(h)e put on the mask

11 min later 50003418 Anonymous
>>50003294 I'm the trans bf but I'm not a little Sorry op, he's deeply better than anyone else here.

18 min later 50003474 Anonymous
What the fuck is a little? Is that nu-speak for adult baby/babyfur?

21 min later 50003504 Anonymous
Jesus wept Originally

27 min later 50003551 Anonymous (babby.jpg 820x920 135kB)
>>50003474 DD/LG, they pretend to be children because sex and mental illness. That said >tfw no weird baby gf

31 min later 50003584 Anonymous
>>50003294 I dunno man, other than being a brony faggot, I'm not seeing the problem. For all we know they could be a cool dude. Said no one ever about a robot.

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