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2018-12-23 01:46 50003222 Anonymous (roadinfjord.jpg 2048x1365 1191kB)
Why you should plant trees: >they provide shade >they are aesthetic >prevents melanoma >looks kvlt >cools the local area by blocking out the sun and releasing moisture into the air. >actually prevents brushfires via reasons mentioned above >prevents desertification. >fun to climb >can be used and building material >home for animals and all other species

0 min later 50003227 Anonymous
Okay we get it yuo smoke weed now stop posting

3 min later 50003260 Anonymous
>>50003227 neurotypical normalfag who only cares about temporary pleasure detected beep beep pewdiepie brought you here didnt he?

2 hours later 50004528 Anonymous
>>50003222 I agree. From where I come from men "have" to do 3 things to become men. One of those things is planting a tree. I have planted a hazelnut tree on the side of the road near my grandma's house. Hate the fuckers who illegally cut down trees in the amazon.

2 hours later 50004554 Anonymous
>>50003260 Why are you beeping through text?

2 hours later 50004590 Anonymous
>he still plants non native trees just because they look cool

3 hours later 50005227 Anonymous
>>50004528 >expecting nappy headed huehues to care about nature or anything long term

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