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2018-12-23 01:45 50003216 Anonymous (spot mini.png 853x480 634kB)
When these become commercially available, will you buy one these good boys? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHB cVlqpvZ8

9 min later 50003324 Anonymous
>>50003216 Does it come with a fleshlight attachment?

2 hours later 50004547 Anonymous
>>50003324 You can just tape one on. Also, maybe you could make it jerk you off with that robotic hand.

2 hours later 50004711 Anonymous
>>50003216 cant wait for them to strap brownings on em

2 hours later 50005152 Anonymous
>>50003216 cool and after every 5 minutes or so you can recharge it for 2 hours

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