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2018-12-23 01:44 50003203 Anonymous (rooster.jpg 687x925 190kB)
When he dies I am 100% going to commit suicide. He is all I have in the world.

11 min later 50003337 Anonymous
>>50003203 I would like to extend my compliments. Nice cock.

12 min later 50003354 Anonymous
He is very cute anon

14 min later 50003368 Anonymous
will you at least eat him first? its what he would have wanted

18 min later 50003413 Anonymous
>>50003203 Might I politely ask for more pictures of your beautiful cock?

22 min later 50003440 Anonymous (rooster2.jpg 1334x1000 105kB)
>>50003368 No, when the time comes I will either bury him or cremate him. I know it wouldn't matter to him what I do with his dead body, but I couldn't bring myself to do that. Besides, when he dies it will be of old age and by that point the meat isn't as good. >>50003413 I had to bring him inside for a few days last winter since I had to give him a bath and that compromises his feathers' waterproofing.

28 min later 50003496 Anonymous (Leo1.jpg 3264x2448 1324kB)
I just wanted to share a pic of my rooster too. Rip little guy, at least he still has two sons living on.

31 min later 50003517 Anonymous
Such a qt I hope you'll have a wonderful time together

31 min later 50003519 Anonymous
>>50003496 What happened to him. Chickens are underrated as it is, but it's a shame that roosters don't get as much love as hens do.

32 min later 50003533 Anonymous (_99313665_unimpresseddog.jpg 624x370 34kB)
I first lost a rabbit (which was like a dog, following me etc), and then the dog which replaced it (it was 16yo). Getting old is shit, everybody and everything dies.

34 min later 50003548 Anonymous
>>50003440 What a nice big black cock you have there.

35 min later 50003550 Anonymous
>>50003519 Something got him. Probably a coyote or a hawk, maybe a raccoon. It happens out here, we do our best to keep them safe but sometimes a bird wanders too far out or doesn't come into the coop at night and they'll just never come back. It's pretty sad but there's only so much we can do. And yeah roosters don't get enough love. The one I posted took really good care of the hens and when his sons started growing up and getting too aggressive with the girls he'd break it up. Now those two are really well behaved like their dad was and keep all the hens safe and aren't overly aggressive with them. I like to think that's how his legacy lives on at least.

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