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2018-12-23 01:44 50003196 Anonymous (allahuakbar.jpg 1024x649 91kB)
>*start getting beheaded* >yell "auuuu" seriously?? auuu??, did she thought she was in kindergarden?????? >AUCH >STOP IT not even with inminent death, women see reality https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=stZ v7_1545422535 (SEE COMMENTS FOR VIDEO WITH AUDIO)

0 min later 50003206 Anonymous
Are those the same roasties in OP pic? Or just some randos?

1 min later 50003220 Anonymous
>>50003206 Yea they are desu

4 min later 50003255 Anonymous
>>50003196 what would you say in the same situation anon?

5 min later 50003269 Anonymous
>>50003196 I never saw these photos of the girls yet. Where did you find them?

6 min later 50003272 Anonymous

6 min later 50003278 Anonymous
>>50003196 What else would you expect them to say?

9 min later 50003302 Anonymous
Play in mud, lose your blood

9 min later 50003311 Anonymous
>>50003255 just lecture them about how taxation is theft.

10 min later 50003315 Anonymous
>I saw this thread on /b/ and now I'm posting it here hehe

11 min later 50003325 Anonymous (image (6).png 480x433 175kB)
You know, if they had just raped them and left it at that, they probably would have gotten away with it. But they decided to take it a step further. What's up with muslims and rape + beheading ritual they always do? Is it a religious thing to them? Were they trying to impress their ISIS buddies?

12 min later 50003346 Anonymous
>>50003196 one of them also cried for her mother also there are phonetic differences in germanic languages you don't say AUCH or OUCH AUU is relatively wide spread. She was probably also in shock which numbed her perception.

13 min later 50003360 Anonymous (2b185baee29ce6fd048861b8a9278140.png 500x600 237kB)
>>50003325 They were just doing God's work anon Roasties deserve the rope

14 min later 50003362 Anonymous
>>50003220 Damn, where did you find that? Even beheaded they look really nice and fuckable. I bet those muslims had some fun with their mouths and neck stumps afterwards

14 min later 50003366 Anonymous (LiveLeak-dot-com-7675124-0-image-a-34_1545333491676_1545420456.jpg 634x476 60kB)
>>50003196 jesus christ, is it correct that they met with these 3 guys and went hiking with them? What the fuck were they thinking?

16 min later 50003381 Anonymous
>>50003366 >haha these 3 gentlemen sure are friendly! They certainly don't have ill intentions by accompanying us up the mountains in the middle of bumfuck nowhere morocco

17 min later 50003388 Anonymous (1545012152359.jpg 737x758 76kB)
>>50003196 The bitch on the left is actually qt as fuck...I blame her roastie fucking friend.

17 min later 50003397 Anonymous
>>50003366 >What the fuck were they thinking? they have been taught that stereotypes (which exist for a reason) are racist and islamophobia is bad

18 min later 50003412 Anonymous
>>50003397 >they have been taught that stereotypes (which exist for a reason) are racist and islamophobia is bad yeah thats pretty much true. there is a video of one of the girls talking about going travelling and throughout it she just sounds so very bluepilled and naive.

22 min later 50003433 Anonymous
>>50003412 Link to the video famalam420?

23 min later 50003436 Anonymous
>>50003366 You know I never realized how important looks are in determining IQ. They look like they've missed several stages of evolution.

23 min later 50003438 Anonymous
Where is the video of the rape

23 min later 50003441 Anonymous
>>50003366 They didn't go hiking with them, moron. They refused sex and then the men killed them. I think maybe the men followed and ambushed them, but I'm not sure.

23 min later 50003445 Anonymous (1542338301829.gif 250x250 999kB)
Ive watchted a lot of gore videos of roasties getting rekt, but this is different. This really got to me. These two weren't clubsluts or whores, they were just incredibly naive and gentle girls who drank too much of the kike propaganda and koolaid. Their total ignorance to the wickedness of people is truly disheartening. I know these kinds of people too well. They are raised in an extremely safe, and sheltered environments. They get taught to treat everyone with respect and to never judge a book by its cover and that there is goodness and love in all people. They are oblivious sheep who know nothing of the wolves that lurk beyond the farmer's pastures. These girls have probably never even experienced any genuine conflict in their lives. The girl in the video was crying for her "mommy" for fuck sake. It was like watching them kill my little sister. ive been thinking about this fucking murder for days now.

23 min later 50003448 Anonymous
>>50000000 just here to check the getget

24 min later 50003453 Anonymous
>>50003311 digits confirm this would be a great death speech

25 min later 50003454 Anonymous
>>50003445 Lol shut up incel they wouldn't give you two seconds of their time and call you a racist if they ever saw your post. They'd rather hike with 60 iq brown savages then go anywhere near you. If we ever find a way to resurrect them I guarantee they still wouldn't fuck you loser

25 min later 50003458 Anonymous
>>50003441 >ask a moderate question >get called a moron take it easy man

25 min later 50003461 Anonymous
>>50003454 Im gay if that matters.

25 min later 50003468 Anonymous
>>50003445 Don't think too much about it. They were the establishment's puppets and had no value as humans.

26 min later 50003475 Anonymous
>>50003458 Sorry, I didn't notice that you asked if it was true.

27 min later 50003481 Anonymous
>>50003196 Why do people keep spamming this? Yesterday's news, friend.

28 min later 50003488 Anonymous
>>50003441 im just repeating what i heard and asking if its true or not. the waters are very muddied atm we won't have a clear picture for a few days yet. >>50003433 this is from /pol/ and is not the original (it has the sound of her being beheaded laid over it) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TT9 ym6nSnj8

28 min later 50003489 Anonymous
>>50003196 >(SEE COMMENTS FOR VIDEO WITH AUDIO) Is it bad that I was smiling/laughing as I watched those retarded roasties die? Fuck it's so comfy knowing that they got exactly what they deserved.

28 min later 50003491 Anonymous
I can't stop to fap on this. Just the screams at the beginning are a little grating. mediocre quality vid, fuckin poor arabs with poor smartphones. but still fap material.

29 min later 50003500 Anonymous
>>50003481 I guess the sheer innocence of the two girls involved combined with the absolute senseless brutality of the murder just grabs people's attention.

29 min later 50003501 Anonymous
>>50003441 they didn't want to have sex with them they wanted to cut their heads off to show their isis buddies.

30 min later 50003507 Anonymous
>>50003489 This is why people get up and leave when you sit down at the lunch table.

31 min later 50003520 Anonymous
>>50003488 Again, I didn't read your post closely enough. Also fuck that video is depressing. If only she had her doggo with her.

32 min later 50003522 Anonymous (Windy_Day.webm 1280x720 882kB)
>>50003507 Fuck off buttblasted roastie no one wants your flabby cunt

32 min later 50003525 Anonymous
>>50003501 it's a waste. imagine the quality of a vid with porn/gore scene, like cut the head of the blonde bitch and use it for post-mortem deepthroat. it would be patrician porn tastes.

32 min later 50003526 Anonymous
>>50003196 Shit I missed the >>50000000 post and >>49999999

32 min later 50003528 Anonymous (thinking_pepe__by_patricioz-dc567y2.jpg 400x400 29kB)
This is fine and all but why would these sand niggers record this and upload it on the web? I've been wondering about this for a while

33 min later 50003531 Anonymous
>>50003196 >be severely suicidal >videos of other people dying make me sad as fuck What did I mean by this?

33 min later 50003539 Anonymous
>>50003528 Because they're based and redpilled

34 min later 50003540 Anonymous
>>50003522 >literally flapping in the wind how will roasties ever recover

34 min later 50003542 Anonymous (1538540145711.jpg 480x480 31kB)
>>50003366 >I like traveling and exploring new cultures, haha :)

35 min later 50003552 Anonymous (1545114197511.jpg 669x696 89kB)
>those inbreds gave the roasties the best sex of their lives before killing them

40 min later 50003586 Anonymous
>>50003196 your OP barely makes sense. Go learn some English before you post here again fucker

42 min later 50003612 Anonymous
>>50003445 They'd report you to the police if they understood the implications of being on this website. They wouldn't even look in your direction unless you are wearing your bank account.

43 min later 50003619 Anonymous
>>50003507 >incapable of grasping the notion people can switch personality based on their environment You truly are a fucking idiot.

43 min later 50003620 Anonymous
>>50003586 Shhhhh this is not your orbiting thread virgin

44 min later 50003629 Anonymous
>>50003552 Why are there a ton of beheading videos, but not the part where they receive multiple creampies?

45 min later 50003637 Anonymous
>>50003272 And that's why it'd be good thing for you to be beheaded.

45 min later 50003638 Anonymous
>>50003629 Something something religion

46 min later 50003649 Anonymous
They were so cute. Do you think they did virgins?

46 min later 50003651 Anonymous
>>50003637 Come on roastie be original at least

48 min later 50003676 Anonymous
>>50003629 I don't think they were raped, none of the sources said anything about it. >>50003649 Probably not, given they were 24 and 28.

49 min later 50003683 Anonymous
>>50003649 They lost their virginity at ages 12 and 13.

1 hours later 50003772 Anonymous
>>50003649 Are you serious? They're ugly as sin

1 hours later 50003785 Anonymous
>>50003612 You're assuming I only feel this way because of what sexual favors I could get out of them... You and every other Elliot Roger wannabe on this board are pathetic and too austic to even bother with.

1 hours later 50003815 Anonymous
I've been here a long time, but this is fucked up.

1 hours later 50003840 Anonymous
>>50003772 no one looks great after having their fucking head lobbed off.

1 hours later 50003852 Anonymous (2IMDESAEKEI6TFMMBJQBEJX7NM.jpg 1484x988 110kB)
>>50003840 I wasn't referring to their chopped off heads Does this bitch look attractive to you?

1 hours later 50003855 Anonymous
>>50003772 I don't know. The one on the left is kind of cute.

1 hours later 50003863 Anonymous
>>50003649 They were apparently lesbians.

1 hours later 50003873 Anonymous
>>50003445 This is why it should be every parent's duty to teach their children self defense and buy them a gun or at least a knife before they are allowed to travel alone. And when I say "self defense" I don't mean some weak ass training in a gym, but teaching them the mentally that it is necessary to hurt or even kill people if they try to harm you. A goddamn shame, this.

1 hours later 50003876 Anonymous
>>50003863 theres no fucking way thats true origami

1 hours later 50003877 Anonymous (04fcbc70539b077c0b522daf21529d72fc4c872a_0.jpg 1024x576 118kB)
>>50003772 You can't tell me you wouldn't

1 hours later 50003893 Anonymous
>>50003876 why not? its not an unreasonable claim based on their degeneracy

1 hours later 50003912 Anonymous
>>50003877 she's like a 6, i guess more attractive than what i gave her credit for so there's that

1 hours later 50003920 Anonymous
>>50003852 She's pretty cute >>50003863 People on here say that but I can't find any other source.

1 hours later 50003921 Anonymous
>>50003528 >>50003528 Well ISIS sure does this for propaganda purpses. Maybe to share the fond memories with the whole world. For them it's like uploading a video where you and your friends shoot a dishwasher with rifles. Having fun at destroying lifeless objects

1 hours later 50003926 Anonymous
>>50003852 "her" unoriginal beheading tbdes

1 hours later 50003944 Anonymous
>>50003445 I agree lad Comment not origi

1 hours later 50003951 Anonymous
>>50003921 lol the absolute state of sand niggers

1 hours later 50003962 Anonymous
>>50003926 >she calls it a mayonegg >i don't feel so good

1 hours later 50003971 Anonymous
Kek the media makes zero mention of the obvious pre chop gangbang that carried on for hours if not days

1 hours later 50004001 Anonymous
>>50003196 Wait a sec, is there now footage of both of them without heads? Also imagine waking up to getting your head cut off, of course you're going to say what you always say whenever you feel pain, this girl didn't even know what was going on I bet.

1 hours later 50004003 Anonymous
>>50003468 I've been thinking about it for almost a week. and they had more value than those goat fuckers ever will. >>50003454 You think im just saying that because I want to orbit them? kys I've watched that video of the one whore riding in a speeding car while sucking her finger topless and got smashed by stop sign. I didn't feel anything because that was her fault. This is different because these girls genuinely just were extremely naive and thought they could trust everyone they met.

1 hours later 50004008 Anonymous
>>50003863 >They were apparently lesbians. And just like that, I realized nothing of value was lost. It's weird. I feel sympathy for everyone, no matter the race, religion, political ideology, etc. But as soon as I find out the person is gay or lesbian, I feel nothing. Just apathy.

1 hours later 50004014 Anonymous
>>50003971 It didn't last for days, because they were last seen with the 3 mudslime men for only a night, and thats when their bodies were discovered.

1 hours later 50004026 Anonymous
>>50004003 >I've been thinking about it for almost a week. >and they had more value than those goat fuckers ever will Kill yourself you failed normal, you don't belong here

1 hours later 50004039 Anonymous
>>50003325 Women do not deserve life.

1 hours later 50004044 Anonymous
I don't even want to watch it I don't care

1 hours later 50004050 Anonymous (1531644388736.jpg 480x480 42kB)
ITT mayos who don't realize this is going to happen to them in a few decades No one wants you around, in any nation. White genocide is by far the best thing that has happened in modern history.

1 hours later 50004061 Anonymous
>>50004050 No. I'm the best thing to ever happen in modern history.

1 hours later 50004063 Anonymous
>that nice ass in those black panties going to waste Fuck isis

1 hours later 50004065 Anonymous
>>50004061 If you're the person who is going to string whites up like christmas lights, then yes, perhaps you are.

1 hours later 50004088 Anonymous
>>50004050 >he thinks this wouldn't have happened if they were any other race i'm not sure why i'm taking this bait

1 hours later 50004092 Anonymous (1535765037827.jpg 1024x576 86kB)
>>50003445 >men need conflict i understand what you feel, atm you are in no position to change/alter situations like theese. Focus on becoming yourself the guy that prevents those things and you'll have a real chance of preventing shit like that in early stages. Life is a process just like it is a process that we become who we are and want to be. Figure out a way. I'll give you a hint, "you are the average of the 5 people you spent the most time with" We live in dangerous times so get tough, godspeed anon

1 hours later 50004100 Anonymous
>>50003196 I mean come on, this is what I wish I could to all the sluts that rejected me but oh because brown people did it now we have to be sad or something??? get out of here I think I hate stacies more than I'm racist sorry, maybe if they beheaded some shy nerd like me I'd be mad but then again shy nerds don't travel a lot

1 hours later 50004102 Anonymous (1385753396653.jpg 447x444 15kB)
I'm always blown away by the startling lack of empathy demonstrated in these videos. It's unbelievable that human beings are capable of inflicting such atrocities to each other for no goddamn reason. You can only imagine what these wild animals are subject to when they are growing up.

1 hours later 50004104 Anonymous
>>50004088 White genocide is real, and it's going to happen.

1 hours later 50004107 Anonymous
>>50003196 pretty funny desu. roosties BTFO

1 hours later 50004112 Anonymous
>>50004050 Is "Mayo" some stupid new meme that popped up overnight or is it just your autistic ass flooding the board with it, trying to get it to meme?

1 hours later 50004113 Anonymous

1 hours later 50004117 Anonymous
>>50004050 Enjoy starving to death. How does it feel that some of your countries have a majority of GDP from US/Chinese aid money?

1 hours later 50004118 Anonymous
>>50004112 >Doesn't browse lefty /pol/ or reddit

1 hours later 50004134 Anonymous
>>50004117 I'm "white" and live in the United States. Nice try though, cuck. Jews control society, the media, the economy, and are actively making it so whites disappear. There's nothing you can do to stop it either.

1 hours later 50004137 Anonymous (1508255132712.png 1000x700 103kB)
>>50004118 >browses lefty /pol/ and reddit

1 hours later 50004138 Anonymous
>>50004112 >or is it just your autistic ass flooding the board with it, trying to get it to meme? It's definitely this one. We all know it is.

1 hours later 50004154 Anonymous
>>50004134 >wants to be genocided >calls me a "cuck" You're fucked in the head buddy

1 hours later 50004182 Anonymous
>>50004026 stop trying to fit in so much you absolute waste of cum

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