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2018-12-23 01:42 50003172 Anonymous Why? (L0008132015.jpg 1491x837 270kB)
Why are mods deleting doll threads now?

15 min later 50003357 Anonymous
This is the original content board, not the "spam advertisements" board. Do something new in the photos or fuck off.

44 min later 50003616 Anonymous (02.jpg 768x1024 101kB)
>>50003172 I had the other thread open to check out later, but it got pruned. Why the fuck would they delete something that has everything to do with being a 4everalone robot?

1 hours later 50003833 Anonymous (d319172312332bbbf9dbd782ea58c349.jpg 1024x768 111kB)
>>50003357 this is the incel board dolls are incel tier and thus relevant to r9k fuck off election newfag

1 hours later 50003847 Anonymous
>>50003172 >Why are mods deleting doll threads now? If they were trap dolls the mods would keep the thread up desu senpai

1 hours later 50003853 Anonymous
>>50003833 You're the newfag. Kill yourself.

1 hours later 50003879 Anonymous
>>50003833 That doesn't even look like Miku.

1 hours later 50003985 Anonymous
>>50003616 Is that fake semen? Otherwise, how?

1 hours later 50004004 Anonymous
Mods have always been faggots

1 hours later 50004048 Walmart (D6D4C1CF-FC9D-4EB2-8873-0C9ECB58F51B.jpg 624x417 42kB)
>>50003833 >dolls are incel tier I'm going to start tendieposting then guys chick out these sweet Walmart Great Value Chicken Strips https://www.walmart.com/ip/Great-Va lue-Crispy-Chicken-Strips-25-oz/110 27865 mom can put them right in the microwave Save Money Live better Walmart

1 hours later 50004076 Anonymous (03.jpg 768x1024 83kB)
>>50003985 Yes, it's a fake penis even. Saved these images years ago

1 hours later 50004097 Anonymous
>>50003172 Thank God they are. These things look disgustingly creepy.

1 hours later 50004163 Anonymous
>>50004048 what kind of fucking white knight are you that you see dolls (a fucking replacement to women) a bad fucking thing? it gives people who would otherwise be forever alone and perma virgins a method to cope

3 hours later 50005198 Anonymous
>>50004097 How can you look into those pretty eyes and call them creepy? This will be the closest experience to a gf some people on r9k will ever have

3 hours later 50005215 Anonymous
>>50003357 Then why the fuck do we have trap generals, if nothing those mentally ill faggots need to stop advertizing their sexuality religion

3 hours later 50005243 Anonymous (DSC02931.jpg 300x400 29kB)
>>50003172 Because it's degenerated. There should be a board for all the degeneration, maybe it's /b/ I don't know, but some place where all the lgtb, trannies, gays, dolls, stupid anime threads, etc. etc. All that shit should be in some place together. Is disgusting to come here to find some thread about lonely people or losers and have to see all that disgusting shit.

3 hours later 50005390 Anonymous
>>50005243 >every other thread is gay/sissy/BBC/cuck/mommy >worries about anons who want to fuck a doll because they're not mentally ill yet unable to find a gf

3 hours later 50005452 Anonymous (R0001322.jpg 464x300 17kB)
>>50005390 >Fucks a doll. >Is not mentally ill. And even if it's not because he is mentally ill, he is fucking degenerated that is even worse because the one that is mentally ill can't control it but the degenerated does it for pleasure.

3 hours later 50005627 Anonymous (11.jpg 768x1024 69kB)
>>50005452 What's the difference between women buying dildo's/sex machines or a guy buying a fleshlight/a doll, besides the cost. I'm just saying if you want to get rid of shit, target the people who spam every thread with "take the gay pill and be happy" in stead of some anons creating a random doll thread.

3 hours later 50005662 Anonymous (1499139864754.jpg 500x1000 239kB)
>>50003357 >This is the original content board Yes this site is the place for OC. It definitely isn't a board where people constantly post the same shit just worded slightly different over and over again. If mods are going to start deleting this shit for unoriginality, they better start deleting stupid bait threads as well. They won't though

3 hours later 50005683 Anonymous
>>50004048 better than "fembot" threads so go ahead.

3 hours later 50005804 Anonymous
>>50003357 Why is this policy of having OC only conspicuously absent in the fembot/trap/gay threads that are constantly plaguing the board 24/7?

3 hours later 50005830 Anonymous
>>50005627 Dude, are you the same guy that makes the comparison between women using dildos and men using flashlights or sex dolls? Yes, I think that it is you... Look I don't care about your comparison. I don't want to see disgusting and degenerated threads about sex dolls and all that I said above. Take that shit to /b/ or to /lgtb/. This board should be for lonely, losers, virgins, even incels... but nothing more. Not degenerated things.

3 hours later 50005860 Anonymous
>>50005830 No I'm not that guy. But you sound like a normie who thinks it's ok for women and not for men? I'm still standing by my point that you should try to get rid of the gay agenda on this board before worrying about doll threads.

3 hours later 50005886 Anonymous
>>50005860 NO GAYS THREADS, take that to the fucking specific board made for that -----> /lgtb/ NO SEX DOLLS THREADS. take that degenerated shit to /b/. Is it clear my position?

4 hours later 50005927 Anonymous
>>50003833 fucking newfag orugunu

4 hours later 50006233 Anonymous
>>50003172 Not enough racism or homosexuality for them.

4 hours later 50006302 Anonymous
>>50005830 Retard. /r9k/ can have threads about anything. This isn't r/incels and is never going to be.

4 hours later 50006322 Anonymous
>>50005886 I'm only missing the part where you spam their threads to stop being degenerate.

4 hours later 50006359 Anonymous
>>50006302 I know that, I know that it hasn't a specific topic but I just saying what I think it should be. >>50006322 Talking about their shit is also a way to change the overall opinion.

4 hours later 50006424 Anonymous
>>50003357 I lurk and even I know this is bullshit. I see 4chan has gone the way of the guy, maybe I should just stop coming here permanently. Nothing of value would be lost for either one of us. Maybe the 10 divines guide you.

5 hours later 50006804 Anonymous
>>50003172 To give room for treefaggotry threads, there's like 4 of them in the catalog now.

5 hours later 50006871 Walmart (de2b8e32-3cfe-42e8-b02a-8dd8e819a916_2.fe3261632991ea82d378b04a3efef862.png 450x450 154kB)
>>50004163 >what kind of fucking white knight are you that you see dolls (a fucking replacement to women) a bad fucking thing? no hate bro Just spreading the word of great Walmart deals like a 10 pack of Monster Energy Zero Ultra for only $15.48

5 hours later 50007053 Anonymous
if there is no sexual or reproducive need for women. then there is no need for women. if you have unified nation nationally socialised there is no need for jews. figure it out why these threads are banned.

5 hours later 50007513 Anonymous
>>50003172 Because you are a shill stop advertising your pathetic dolls on our forum

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