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2018-12-23 01:33 50003072 Anonymous (Asuka.jpg 579x800 76kB)
fuck those jagoffs who get all pissy if you don't thank them for holding doors. don't hold the door if you're just going to get mad about it. >be me >guy holds the door for me at tim hortons >I walk through it >he says you're welcome in a miffed tone >I tell him he can fuck off

3 min later 50003112 Anonymous (itmym33srgu11.jpg 2560x1440 1384kB)
>>50003072 looks like someone's in a bad mood today.

5 min later 50003128 Anonymous
Imagine being so self-centered and egotistical you don't thank a stranger for taking time out of his day to hold a door open for you

11 min later 50003207 Anonymous
>>50003072 There's autism, and then there's just being a fucking dick. Hmm, I wonder which one op is...

11 min later 50003215 Anonymous
>>50003128 good people don't demand compliments for doing good deeds. he was a bad person. I should have fought him.

16 min later 50003271 Anonymous (3fd87w8dq8u11.jpg 2560x1440 1612kB)
>>50003215 he tought you were being rude, but you're just a cunt aren't you.

20 min later 50003314 Anonymous
>>50003271 You will hold the door for me forever, doorman. Not a thing you can do about it. After all, you are just too nice. Or you think you are anyway

1 hours later 50003828 Anonymous
>>50003072 i need to rape asuka

1 hours later 50003861 Anonymous
It's even funnier when someone gets mad at YOU for holding the door open for THEM. I think some men are so insecure they can't let a woman hold a door open for them. My bf's friend will RUN in front of me to open the door. I like to cut him off and make him walk through anyways before me because he gets absolutely pissed, he's such a loser

1 hours later 50004110 Anonymous
>he doesnt close the door and then hold the handle from the inside to see if the woman is worthy of entering Also the lesson here is to just not hold open doors

1 hours later 50004131 Anonymous
>>50003861 Women aren't welcome here, you know this. FUCK OFF.

2 hours later 50004574 Anonymous
Women hold door for me. I either ignore them or I say, "thank you, doorman". They think it's funny but it's not, I do not like pushovers.

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