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2018-12-23 01:26 50003000 Anonymous (4DQpjUtzLUwmJZZGXYtS6n6Pw3vdzElJvAJGBxrtg5na.jpg 770x809 59kB)
These are the types of men i see women with IRL. Most relationships consist of a woman and a guy that looks kind of like this (non-threatening normal looking regular nice guy) usually around 5'9-6'0 tall. Even in bars and clubs, It's always this kind of guy with a bunch of other bros that look like that too. Not thugs, not wiggers, not blacks, not manlets, not chads, not roided guys, always these kind of guys.

3 min later 50003028 Anonymous
>>50003000 >Chads are the types of men OP sees women with IRL. wow how mindblowing i could never have imagined something like this to be the case

4 min later 50003046 Anonymous
>>50003000 >male nurse Humiliating. They dont even get paid that much anymore.

5 min later 50003048 Anonymous
>>50003000 Haha I'm a doctor. Better take a dreamy pic of myself in my doctor uniform too just to rub it in haha lol ;)

6 min later 50003068 Anonymous
>not chads how's that not a chad?

6 min later 50003073 Anonymous
>>50003028 How the fuck is this guy a chad? he looks like any regular white guy you see walking around a metropolitan area or at school getting his kids with his wife

8 min later 50003082 Anonymous
>>50003073 t. a female

9 min later 50003099 Anonymous (3-35.jpg 189x267 6kB)
>>50003068 How IS he a chad? White guys like that are a dime a dozen where i live. I see them in sandals and shorts with their wives and kids all the time everywhere. This guy in this pic is what constitutes a Chad in my book

9 min later 50003100 Anonymous
>>50003028 I think the point OP was trying to make is he don't see girls with Chad +6'2 tall and ripped as well. But OP the guy from your pic related is the guy the roasties are perfectly fine with settling with. Because >non-threatening normal looking regular nice guy But what you don't see is that she picks him after riding the dick carousel and / or cheating on him on the side as well. Sorry no matter how you look at it the game is rigged.

9 min later 50003101 Anonymous
>>50003082 My gender has nothing to do with this.

9 min later 50003104 Anonymous
>>50003073 If you think this guy is normal then try to imagine one of us.

10 min later 50003109 Anonymous
Can confirm, I look pretty much like a sickly version of him and have a girlfriend.

11 min later 50003124 Anonymous
>>50003100 Incels, always spreasing their cuck fantasies, thinking they happen in the real world.

13 min later 50003137 Anonymous
>>50003101 Sure it doesn't, roastie.

14 min later 50003154 Anonymous
>>50003137 Actually it really doesn't.

16 min later 50003183 Anonymous
>>50003000 nice trips What's your point, though? Yes, most real-life women go for average to above-average looking guys, i.e. what you just described.

16 min later 50003185 Desolation (1461324334114.png 622x1381 1328kB)
>>50003124 >thinking they happen in the real world. Ok...

16 min later 50003188 Anonymous
>>50003154 Did I disagree with you, roastie?

17 min later 50003194 Anonymous (69d837.jpg 800x788 81kB)
This is what i expect my Chad to be if that's the deal not some run of the mill guy i will meet in a dentists office lol let's just say i wouldn't be disappointed with him but the one in the OP would feel like an anti-climax if i got him lol like what a let down!

28 min later 50003328 Anonymous
>>50003099 How IS he a chad? White guys like that are a dime a dozen in my gym. I see them lifting weights with their bros all the time everywhere. By the way, I suggest you google 'doctor mike'.

29 min later 50003339 Anonymous
>>50003073 These are the standards females have, everybody

40 min later 50003435 Anonymous
>>50003339 What's wrong with having high standards? You have to luv yourself and if you don't luv yourself then you'll always settle for less. Theres nothing wrong with loving and valuing yourself!

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