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2018-12-23 01:19 50002920 Anonymous (6ix9ine.jpg 1280x1280 190kB)
>22y/o, and has a daughter >struck the baby mama in the face during an argument about his cheating >served jail time for assault and selling heroin >member of his crew shot at a rival rapper >loses a $5mil headphone deal as a result >arrested for choking a 16y/o kid at mall >was kidnapped, robbed, and beaten by three armed assailants >produced a sex-tape with 13y/o girl >faces a possible life sentence Jesus Christ. What's wrong with SoundCloud rappers?

3 min later 50002955 Anonymous
there's a video of the sex-tape, right?

7 min later 50003006 Anonymous
>>50002920 yep, he's based alright

11 min later 50003035 Anonymous
>>50003006 >typical nigger stats are based now Might as well just turn into a nig yourself faggot if you love them so much

12 min later 50003049 Anonymous
>>50003035 let it all out whiteboi

12 min later 50003053 Anonymous
>>50003035 We would if we would could, Anon. Reparations and society giving you the benefit of the doubt because of muh racism and all.

14 min later 50003077 Anonymous
>>50003035 I don't think you even know what "based" is to begin with. please shut off your computer and go reflect on yourself for a few hours

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