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2018-12-23 01:08 50002796 Anonymous E-dated someone I met on here (1545164579934.jpg 640x438 56kB)
>still have warm feelings >hes playing tabletop games without a care >most likely has a new gf or his own friend group to keep him occupied >while I sit inside

1 min later 50002805 Anonymous
get a fucking life you sadcase

1 min later 50002814 Anonymous
>>50002796 I semi-dated a fembot I met on here. Ashamed to say I ghosted her because she was too clingy. I miss her though, she was really nice.

1 min later 50002815 Anonymous
>>50002805 I actually watch youtube to keep myself occupied It's weird that he deeply hates me while I'm neutral

2 min later 50002824 Anonymous
>>50002796 i e dated an e thug on heroes and generals months ago, ask me anything

3 min later 50002838 Anonymous
>>50002824 I don't know about that game but thank you

3 min later 50002841 Anonymous (greasely.jpg 1079x1046 78kB)
>>50002796 Sorry honey, this 9/10 is too much for u Nothing personal

4 min later 50002850 Anonymous
>>50002841 Not him, he posted in tg. He was a generic norman, probably only had insecure anxiety at best

8 min later 50002888 Anonymous
I want a fembot gf. I'm ok with a bit of clinginess. Even if it's just so we don't feel so lonley all the the time

11 min later 50002923 Anonymous
Op here, thread abandoned

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