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2018-12-23 01:05 50002765 Anonymous (1488649033100.jpg 558x717 51kB)
>9/10 slayer >no gf

1 min later 50002781 Anonymous
>>50002765 can you elaborate, how is pic related a slayer

17 min later 50002956 Anonymous
>>50002781 dude are you blind? this guy is literally a god

18 min later 50002960 Anonymous
>>50002765 if he took a shower he would be a 9

20 min later 50002989 Anonymous (moroccan-chad.jpg 461x600 26kB)
>>50002765 stop making these threads you ugly faggot, no you are not chad, not even close.

21 min later 50002997 Anonymous
>>50002956 looks like a dopey cunt to me, must be blind

25 min later 50003031 Anonymous
>>50002765 Life is not fair if this 9/10 stud can't get a GF.

28 min later 50003074 Anonymous (1538810923989s.jpg 125x118 3kB)
>>50003031 >>50002960 >>50002956 >>50002765 Stop samefagging you sad loser.

32 min later 50003118 Anonymous
>>50003074 >7 replies >6 posters why dont you just go back to plebbit, newfag

32 min later 50003120 Anonymous
>>50002765 One of the more casual baits I've seen lately. I'll allow it.

35 min later 50003148 Anonymous
>>50003120 >I'll allow it. ok reddit authority police stanley posting has been a meme for a lot of years now so off you go you stinky idiot

37 min later 50003175 Anonymous
>>50003148 >*catches you smoking that pathetic gutter bait* >*snatches it* **throws it down and stomps it* Heh, get lost kid. This stuff's bad for you.

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