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2018-12-23 01:03 50002745 Anonymous (be all you can be.jpg 480x360 20kB)
If you could go back/forward in time and forge a new, entirely convincing identity with all the correct paperwork, where would you go and what would you do? I'd go back to 1982 and join the US Army. Unless the butterfly effect of me travelling to the past resulted in the US actually fighting the USSR, I'd just get to listen to cool music in a cool uniform, do PT and shoot guns. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8j 7bVUyt20

1 min later 50002756 Anonymous
>>50002745 Horseback archer in the Golden Horde during the invasion of Kievan Rus'. 10/10 Slavic qts ripe for the raping

2 min later 50002771 Anonymous
>>50002745 back to the 30s and fight for hitler

3 min later 50002785 Anonymous
>>50002771 But you would still lose. The only outcome for you would be either being shot to death, or being sent to a gulag and nearly worked to death for decades. Why not join an equally aesthetic army in peacetime?

4 min later 50002791 Anonymous
>>50002756 How can you be part of the Golden Horde and invade Kievan Rus at the same time when the fragmentation happened after? You could be a Crimean Tartar and do the same shit.

6 min later 50002811 Anonymous
>>50002785 fighting to the bitter end against the entire world is more fun than being aesthetic in peacetime

9 min later 50002853 Anonymous
>>50002811 >having your frozen feet turn black and crumble to pieces in the frigid Russian winter is fun I think it'd be more fun to deck yourself out in M81 woodland and a kick ass moustache, and fondle an M16A1. Since I'd join in 1982 I'd get to see the invasion of Grenada.

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