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2018-12-23 01:00 50002707 Anonymous (160927210830-tk-ah0927-super-169.jpg 1100x619 55kB)
what games you buying on steam and why? fellow robots

1 min later 50002717 Anonymous
>>50002707 ill be buying medal of honor allied assault, mafia the city of lost haven, battlefield 1942 and civilization 2

5 min later 50002772 Anonymous
Picked up Killing Floor 2, been meaning too for awhile just never got around to it

7 min later 50002783 Anonymous
>>50002707 Rising Storm 2: Vietnam. But I'm gonna refund it. I played it for like 30 minutes and kept dying over and over again. Also all the people on mic are extremely fucking annoying racist edgelords.

7 min later 50002792 Anonymous
>>50002783 being this new to people on mics

9 min later 50002812 Anonymous
I bought Arma 3, Arma 2 PMC and the Arma 2 Czech DLC, and Take on Helicopters: Hinds

11 min later 50002837 Anonymous
>>50002792 Every single online game I've played before this banned people for being obnoxious racist assholes. RS2:V moderation is just lazy and all the servers are pretty much unmoderated

13 min later 50002861 Anonymous
>>50002837 you know you can just mute people that are being racist, that way actual racists can continue talking and you are insulated from it

15 min later 50002873 Anonymous
>>50002861 That would require muting almost the entire server and that's a no-go, because in that game you need to cooperate vocally or you get fucked.

15 min later 50002879 Anonymous
>>50002812 why buy take on helicopters when arma 3 has the flight model from that in it?

16 min later 50002885 Anonymous
The only games I don't pirate are online games. I don't play online games

16 min later 50002889 Anonymous
>>50002873 are they being racist toward vietnamese people, or are they having a go at your race?

19 min later 50002916 Anonymous
>>50002889 They keep going "ding dong ching chong hey GI go home" (in exaggerated racist accents) and when they play as the black US soldier they keep saying the n-word and talking in ebonics

20 min later 50002926 Anonymous
>>50002879 Because it doesn't. From what I've heard, Arma 3's flight model is very arcadey. Besides, the Seattle and South Asia maps are very nice and the campaign isn't half bad either.

21 min later 50002939 Anonymous
>>50002916 Maybe you should grow some testicles and stop letting what people say on the internet bother you so much.

21 min later 50002943 Anonymous
>>50002926 it does, you can change the flight model to advanced in the settings of arma 3

23 min later 50002965 Anonymous
>>50002707 >actually paying for games >not pirating The last game I paid for was skyrim back when it first released, fags ITT need to get on my level

24 min later 50002975 Anonymous
>>50002965 sorry buddy i was on your level in the year 2000

26 min later 50002991 Anonymous
>>50002943 Does it have the interactive cockpit and start up procedure from Take on Helicopters?

27 min later 50003013 Anonymous
>>50002991 you got me, no, but there is a mod for that, enjoy take on helicopters

2 hours later 50004326 Anonymous (tip.jpg 556x261 104kB)
>>50002965 enjoy prison bitch

2 hours later 50004342 Anonymous
>>50002707 I'm goa get record of agarest war.

2 hours later 50004491 Anonymous
>b-but m-muh racism! Spotted the brainwashed moronic zoomers.

2 hours later 50004530 Anonymous
none of them, not even Shadow Tactics, even though it's 60% off. i've got a backlog, there's no point buying any more games.

3 hours later 50005169 Anonymous
>>50002916 Maybe that's for humor and not actual racism.

3 hours later 50005203 Anonymous
>>50004326 The FBI probably has much more important things to deal with then a guy on /r9k/ who claims to pirate his games.

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