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2018-12-23 01:00 50002703 Anonymous (35e2edfd1597b25b61a182e4c6989797.jpg 850x759 337kB)
>"hey, my feet are so sore, anon... give 'em a massage, will ya? and try not to pop a boner this time, ahahahahaha!"

19 min later 50002913 Anonymous
>>50002703 I attack her with my wizard abilities. Rolling for damage

42 min later 50003171 Anonymous (1516346822399.jpg 400x200 17kB)
Oh, you don't have to worry about me popping one. I've got one ready. Bite the pillow.

44 min later 50003199 Anonymous
>>50002703 I break the feet

48 min later 50003250 Anonymous
>>50002703 Massages feet with dick

56 min later 50003351 Anonymous (Doom_guy_walking.gif 192x192 55kB)
I shoot the bitch with my super shotgun and proceed to play Raining Blood on my superstrat

1 hours later 50003385 Anonymous (Pepe The Grand Wizard.gif 660x780 206kB)
>>50002913 Critical DMG 3001

1 hours later 50003404 Anonymous
I get my loli slave to massage her feet

1 hours later 50003431 Anonymous
>>50002703 "S..sure" >> Rub her feet in a really beta way. "S..s...sorry, T..thank you" Pretty much what I would do.

1 hours later 50003810 Anonymous
>>50002703 If she's my gf or a female friend then sure, but if she's my sister or cousin she can fuck off

2 hours later 50004399 Anonymous
I'd get on my knees to try and hide my face behind the arm of the couch as I'm working on them and when she'd ask me if I'm kissing them right now I'd stutter a 'n-no' and try and convince her it was just my hands

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