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2018-12-23 12:58 50002684 Anonymous (1545556467302.jpg 1229x1160 60kB)
It is the Sunday before Christmas. Confess.

2 min later 50002713 Anonymous (Plank.png 338x499 121kB)
>>50002684 I was supposed to go to extended family christmas today but i lied about my feet hurting and looking all depro. Now i will drink and shitpost until they get back. Also , i like weird girls but never know what to say to them.

7 min later 50002770 Anonymous
>>50002684 My confession is that I have e-dated people who deeply hate me. They most likely have info of me maliciously saved, as opposed to saved out of love. I never asked for this

15 min later 50002862 Anonymous
>>50002684 Not a christian, im Vedic. But father forgive me that i will sin, i will not attend the family dinner on this 24th of december, since they act like a group of brats and always want to drag me into some obnoxious political discussion even though they know im a fascist. Oh and i smacked a Haitian yesterday.

16 min later 50002877 Anonymous
I can't. Even though I'm anonymous and you're all anonymous, I am just too ashamed.

18 min later 50002894 Anonymous
>>50002684 Last night I fapped to trap porn

1 hours later 50003658 Anonymous
>>50002877 That's not why you come to these threads, anon. Confess or your mother dies in her sleep tomorrow.

1 hours later 50003698 Anonymous
I stole weed from my dad priest fatjak

1 hours later 50003837 Anonymous
I drop my spoon next to the trash bin then I use it to eat my ice cream without washing it

2 hours later 50003937 Anonymous
>>50002684 I confess that i raped someone once

2 hours later 50004200 Anonymous
>>50002684 >I have bullied and terrorized countless people online. I harassed a transgender person once who was threatening to commit suicide and tried to goad them into it. They never posted again. >I have stolen things from a charity shop and from my work place >I have jerked off to the mental image of a 12 year old girl multiple times > I have stalked many women over the years. I have broken into their online accounts, created fake accounts to spy on them and their spouses, using the information I have learnt in order to get closer to the women >I have thought of going on a shooting spree and daydream about it with great detail. There's probably more. I'm sorry.

2 hours later 50004252 Anonymous
>>50002684 Christmas is on Tuesday, stupid.

2 hours later 50004284 Anonymous (2f7 (1).jpg 601x508 28kB)
>>50002684 I don't love others at all, father

2 hours later 50004330 Anonymous
>>50004200 >>I have jerked off to the mental image of a 12 year old girl multiple times Hebephilia isn't a sin, but jerking off is self-abuse and keeps you away from God

2 hours later 50004564 Anonymous
>>50004330 I'm so sorry anon. She was really cute and nice to me. She had a crush on me and it just felt so good to be wanted by someone.

2 hours later 50004585 Anonymous
>>50004564 Some 12 year olds are hot

3 hours later 50004897 Anonymous
Woah, I know someone from this thread, really weird that we met here, not going to mention him tho.Anyways I told my family that im not well and i don't want to go visit my uncles family in London from Christmas just so i can stay home and do nothing.

3 hours later 50005050 Anonymous (spongebobf.jpg 1280x720 61kB)
>>50002684 I have seen more humans under the age of 12 naked than most people have seen adults in their entire lifetime.

3 hours later 50005159 Anonymous
>>50005050 There's nothing wrong with being a pediatrician, anon

3 hours later 50005206 Anonymous
>>50005159 oh i'm not a pediatrician.

3 hours later 50005266 Anonymous (1537367573013.jpg 234x250 20kB)
>>50002684 Fapped to traps getting blacked again. I'm so disgusted with myself

3 hours later 50005310 Anonymous
I fingered my ass for the first time and liked it. I don't know if I should go deeper with an object next time. Please forgive me father for this horrible thoughts.

4 hours later 50005782 Anonymous (9x1v5yuaxm021.jpg 2821x2821 832kB)
>>50002684 I confess that I've had a great couple of months. I've amended a relationship with a family member. I've worked on my hobby a lot more and I've been happy for a while. I'm not out of this hole but I am acending and I feel the warmth of sun light. It's been really good bros. I know it's early but I can take glances back at that pit and smile knowing its not an eternal thing. I'm working on myself and nothing else, everything else is going to wait. Feels good man

4 hours later 50005859 Anonymous
>>50002684 But it's Monday morning nao

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