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2018-12-23 12:57 50002667 Anonymous (1476238186231.jpg 1040x629 266kB)
You can't refute this. Most of you are shitty and self-centered, plain and simple.

5 min later 50002728 Anonymous
>>50002667 spot on, realistically we are hoping that someone will become so fed up and put us all out of our misery

13 min later 50002816 Anonymous
So good looking people are inherently good and don't need a personality? Ah, I finally see

26 min later 50002964 Anonymous
>>50002667 Any statement about personality is blank and false and has no argument backing it up because personality isn't a thing. It's an abstract concept. How can you expect to understand the real nature of someone else's mind as you can't even understand yourself ?

31 min later 50003017 Anonymous (220px-Jeremy_Meeks_Mug_Shot.jpg 220x270 14kB)
>>50002667 I give you exhibit A. Incarcerated for Murder. Former drug dealer and gang banger. But he's incredibly handsome. So much so, he got a modeling contract, right out of prison. He doesn't look like shit on the outside, but he's definitely a shitty person so why do so many people like him...?

43 min later 50003153 Anonymous
>>50003017 Maybe he is a hard worker and talented at what he does. Apparently he also found Jesus while in prison.

51 min later 50003247 Anonymous (image (1).png 414x341 160kB)
>>50003153 after he got out, he started cheating on his wife with some heiress and basically went back to just being a general scumbag. But millions of women around the world still want to fuck him because he's good looking and he's a "bad boy".

55 min later 50003288 Anonymous
>>50002667 might makes right >>50002816 were you not paying attention during public school and/or movies? >>50003153 (((found Jesus in prison))) and male feminists are all about respecting women. I respect these felonious saints so much for embracing religion when they have so much to lose and nothing to gain.

55 min later 50003297 Anonymous
>>50002667 So people with deformities and shit that they have no control over are by default just shitty, worthless people? I think you're the shitty one, OP.

2 hours later 50004393 Anonymous
>>50002667 Agreed. As an attractive person almost every unattractive cretin I've met has been downright bitter or just aloof in their own autistic world actively compensating for something. Its pathetic

2 hours later 50004413 Anonymous
>you can't refute this >it's a logical fallacy before it even needs to be refuted lol

2 hours later 50004454 Anonymous
>>50002667 >hurr durrrr you cant refute this yeah I thought that when I was 16 you retard

2 hours later 50004591 Anonymous (1529032052289.png 529x720 399kB)
>>50002667 Are we being raided by leddit or something? this is the 4th psyops thread ive seen right now

3 hours later 50004692 Anonymous (1519924809017.jpg 2387x2728 2014kB)
>>50002667 haha wow! so true and insightful! you sure showed those pathetic permavirgins! fuck you normalnigger.

3 hours later 50004980 Anonymous (1545571926148.png 1009x6647 852kB)
>>50002667 >what is the Halo Effect You're either bonr a winner, or fated to be a loser.

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