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2018-12-23 12:57 50002664 Anonymous (1516607204297.png 225x225 5kB)
I turn 26 today, how do I stop being a virgin?

2 min later 50002696 Anonymous
>>50002664 you dont want to become non virgin the grass isnt greener

3 min later 50002714 Anonymous
>>50002664 you don't t. turned a 28 yo kv few days ago

5 min later 50002729 Anonymous
Hire a prostitute desu or drive by a hs and tell some girls youre going clubbing. Thatll get you laid.

5 min later 50002735 Anonymous
>>50002664 I fucked a prostitute when i was 21. I wasn't going to be a virgin robot. Just a robot. Turned 25 recently. Feels good.

1 hours later 50003581 Anonymous (1545302258573.jpg 924x571 82kB)
>>50002735 >>50002696 don't do this you'll only feel even worse. i wish i could go back.

1 hours later 50003654 Anonymous (D42E817-1321-3HA8.jpg 320x320 18kB)
>>50002735 i did the same. she was some 4/10 crack whore who wasn't into it at all and just wanted it over. awful experience. don't use a prostitute fellow robots.

1 hours later 50003746 Anonymous (ivyx4dyajy811.png 420x420 169kB)
>>50002664 Try using tinder

2 hours later 50003880 Anonymous
>>50003746 Grindr is better

2 hours later 50003913 Anonymous
Take a shower brether and girls will come swarming you

2 hours later 50003915 Anonymous
>>50003746 Doesn't work on my phone original commento.

2 hours later 50003916 Anonymous
>>50003654 >>50003581 >>50002735 Theoretically, if I could afford a high class escort, should I do it? Like, thousands of dollars. I can just blow it. If I shouldn't, then where can I find a woman who will actually love me?

2 hours later 50003934 Anonymous
If she is 5+/10 totally go for it, probably the only chance you will get to fuck a human being

2 hours later 50004186 Anonymous
Girl wants to come to my house She's a friend but I wanna fuck her so much and she doesn't have a boyfriend How do I fuck her? Do you just ask or?

2 hours later 50004240 Anonymous
Today a really drunk girl sat next to me and was touching me and laughing at what I said and it was honestly so nice

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