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2018-12-23 12:54 50002635 Anonymous (1545345979027.jpg 1080x810 59kB)
Why does /r9k/ think that women are shallow, calculating beings incapable of love? Why does /r9k/ believe that the only reason they don't have an active romantic/sex life is the fact that they're too short, not rich, have acne or don't have the right shape of jaw? I think this is some kind of ego defense mechanism because you can't accept the notion that what most women really want is a healthy, well adjusted, happy and confident man and you simply aren't one. The funny thing about it is it's something you can change if you put in the effort but it's just easier to give up right away claiming that no matter how much you work on yourself you're doomed anyway because you're not attractive enough. Another reason why you might fail is if you work on yourself only because you want women. You need to self improve because you love yourself, women will see this and want you. So anon, do you love yourself?

8 min later 50002739 Anonymous
because women only care about what they can gain from said man they have dozens of men to choose from while multiple man have to fight for one woman

11 min later 50002775 Anonymous
>>50002635 I used to be happy and confident, then I got rejected for being a virgin. Now I'm a friendless NEET and I don't care anymore. Even if it happens, I'll get depressed/suicidal once I find out her sexual past, I'm so far behind the norm socially that I am the equivalent of a downie. I am underdeveloped.

14 min later 50002801 Anonymous
>>50002775 Anon that's not what should define your happiness, sure it's one part of life where you're lacking but i'm sure you can pull through if you realize that nothing is really stopping you from being the person you want.

16 min later 50002821 Anonymous
Everyone here is fucked in the head this is known

17 min later 50002833 Anonymous (1476676871441.jpg 754x960 69kB)
>>50002635 I think that alot of people think that a women will complete a part of them that they cant seem to find. I mean when i got a girlfriend for the first time, i realized everything was all in my head and i was focusing on all the wrong things. It really helped me see that I needed to focus on myself if i really wanted to be happy, and not look for someone to make me happy instead.

18 min later 50002855 Anonymous (61EE0645-5A42-4F67-A8AD-B27985F9687E.jpg 1280x1920 267kB)
>>50002635 Narcissistic personality disorder. They think they're superior but can't ignore their own blatant imperfections, so they either obsess over them to the point of insanity or deny them by thinking that everyone else is imperfect. The problem isn't that they don't love themselves, it's that they love themselves like a stalker loves their victim.

22 min later 50002886 Anonymous
>>50002635 >The funny thing about it is it's something you can change if you put in the effort but it's just easier to give up right away claiming How do I grow 8 inches in height and get a perfect jaw? You don't and a women will choose another of you even if he cheats and treats you like shit.

23 min later 50002903 Anonymous
>>50002739 This. They know their value in society and from this they usually gain huge egos which rot their personalities even further.

25 min later 50002922 Anonymous
>>50002833 This, you should work on being able to be happy by yourself >>50002886 See anon, you're doing it right now. It's not all about height and your jaw, what else are you missing?

30 min later 50002980 Anonymous
>>50002635 >what is happy? Something that differs depending on the person >what is well adjusted? This is a meme description that differs depening on the person >what is healthy? This is actually something measurable. >confident This is something that differs on what is seen as confident depending on the person So basically, there is no clear answer on what women want, where as being too short, not attractive, and not rich are measurable, guaranteed characteristics that will get a woman. Also, what if you need to have a better job and thus more money, to be "well-adjusted" and fulfilled? These measurable ones bring the measurable characteristics.

33 min later 50003007 Anonymous
>>50002922 >You must become rich, funny, top of your social group, tall, grow a beard, and be am amazing person, Or you deserve to die of loneliness. >But girls arent shallow!!:')

34 min later 50003020 Anonymous
Once you study evopsych you really start to hate women. Theyre opportunistic, hypergamous, easily led, and fall out of love at the drop of a hat.

36 min later 50003041 Anonymous
>>50002833 >>50002922 this needs to be stickied at the top of /r9k/. people still don't get it.

37 min later 50003050 Anonymous
>>50003007 um sweetie you arent entitled to love

37 min later 50003054 Anonymous
>>50003020 You shouldn't hate, only use or disregard. Thinking and raging about something you can't change will only bring despair to you.

38 min later 50003067 Anonymous
>>50003041 >this needs to be stickied at the top of /r9k/. people still don't get it. >just become happy dude >bro you need to get a gf to find out whats wrong with you lmao

40 min later 50003088 Anonymous
>>50002855 Is that emma the frog

40 min later 50003089 Anonymous
>>50002635 >you can't accept the notion that what most women really want is a healthy, well adjusted, happy and confident man and you simply aren't one. I can accept it, I just refuse to be one, I dont care what woman want, of course I still want them to date me but im not going to sacrifice my sense of self for some rostie

40 min later 50003090 Anonymous
>>50003020 Everyone falls out of love man. If the girl dosent cheat on you and loves you, the guy will certainly think about cheating given the opportunity. The reason why woman cheat, cause they have so many fucking opportunitys to do it. Its pretty fucking easy getting laid as a woman, not so much as a dude. Now lets say a really hot girl whos smarter, more affectionate, and more understanding comes up to you and wants to fuck? I doubt youre gonna say no after so many times being asked.

41 min later 50003093 Anonymous
>>50003050 Easy to say when you have it. Society told me from birth that i would find that special someone and grow happy. Not being loved means you're not human, and it kills you.

41 min later 50003094 Anonymous
>>50003050 yup only the top 20% of males deserve love in a women's eyes. totally not shallow or calculated

41 min later 50003098 Anonymous
>>50002833 Incorrect. Getting a girlfriend literally turned me into a functioning human being overnight. Having sex with her for the first time felt like my soul being cleansed.

42 min later 50003106 Anonymous
>>50003054 The hate comes when you realize women are really no better than most other animals, but society has rocketed them to such a privileged position in society you cant even hope to play to their mating strategies

42 min later 50003107 Anonymous
>>50003067 what part of my comment implied I said any of those things? I know it's hard to work on yourself, it's easier to complain. I haven't accomplished anything so I could very well be wrong.

43 min later 50003114 Anonymous
>>50003106 The real meme is that all humans are nothing more than animals anon.

43 min later 50003122 Anonymous
>>50003067 Its not that you need a gf to find out whats wrong with you, its that alot of people here think that getting a girlfriend will solve all their problems. Most of the people here believe that.

45 min later 50003145 Anonymous
>>50003106 The world is a shitty place, you are an animal yourself. If you can't help but rage, why don't you also rage again and again against the poverty, children abuses, capitalism, religions, every fucking facet of this fucking world is perverted. You shouldn't rage for things you have no influence over, it's a time loss.

46 min later 50003149 Anonymous
>>50003122 well getting a gf gives you access to: >affection >a wider social circle >sense of belonging >boost to your social hierarchy I think it would solve quite alot of problems

47 min later 50003164 Anonymous
>>50002833 The thing is anon, first you need a gf to realize that you don't need one

47 min later 50003170 Anonymous
>>50003145 >capitalism Yikes Go back to leftypol, normalfaggot

48 min later 50003178 Anonymous
>>50003098 >>50003098 >>50003149 lets say your girlfriend left you and stole all your shit and cheated on you. You still gonna be a functioning human being fucked over? Getting a girlfriend defitnetly helps your confidence, but what really matters most is how you deal with yourself when youre alone and how happy you are as a person.

51 min later 50003223 Anonymous
>>50003178 I got cheated on in my second relationship and though it hurt a lot it didn't break me back down again because I got knew I got a gf once so I knew I could get it again .

52 min later 50003232 Anonymous (ken-training-790x1133-558x800.jpg 558x800 82kB)
>>50002635 >r9k is one person >women are shallow, calculating beings incapable of love? I don't think that. >too short, not rich, have acne or don't have the right shape of jaw? No. It's because I am afraid of intimacy and people. >you simply aren't one. I know that well. Though sometimes girls approach me but I'm unable to do anything and just bail. >it's something you can change if you put in the effort But I have no idea how. I already work out, live a healthy lifestyle, dress well, have really good hygiene, educate myself, have a good carer. But none of those matter when it's in my head. >You need to self improve because you love yourself I know that well and that's why I do all those things. It just doesn't help when there's something wrong with your head. >So anon, do you love yourself? Well at the same time I do and I don't. I love the good parts in me but hate the pathetic loser part.

53 min later 50003241 Anonymous (wojak sad.jpg 561x519 79kB)
>>50003223 >I got a gf once so I knew I could get it again easier said than done

53 min later 50003246 Anonymous
>>50002739 why doesn't that go for men also? whats the difference between man and woman?

54 min later 50003262 Anonymous
>>50002855 >Narcissistic personality disorder ironic

1 hours later 50003319 Anonymous
>>50003246 Women care about shit men can't or can hardly change: height, dick size, bone structure, hair, etc. Men on the other hand care about things women can change/control: weight, personality, femininity, house skills, kids, etc.

1 hours later 50003320 Anonymous
>>50003223 Well yes, getting a girlfriend helps your confidence, I aint knocking on that. I'm just saying, its not the key to happiness as a person. I think thats universal fact. Now since you've had a girlfriend, you've gained confidence in yourself. You're more sure of who you are and youre more confident with your faults. You are now alot more attractive than say someone whos weak and doesn't think more highly of themselves. I know its kinda hard to be sure of yourself when no one wants you, but i think the main problem stems from not thinking of yourself as good enough and the female can feel that vibe and you start to come off as weak and weird.

1 hours later 50003330 Anonymous
>Why does /r9k/ believe that the only reason they don't have an active romantic/sex life is the fact that they're too short, not rich, have acne or don't have the right shape of jaw? Because that IS why

1 hours later 50003363 Anonymous
>women really want is a >healthy In shape, 6 pack >well adjusted Rich >happy and confident man Chad personality fuck you if youre shy or have any sort of mental illness People ALWAYS try to come show us robots whats what but they just say the same shit we say but in a nice normie way

1 hours later 50003369 Anonymous
>>50003330 >Because that IS why Just be yourself

1 hours later 50003407 Anonymous
>>50003363 Well ya man, you gotta remember we are still animals. Yeah we have a way more complex society and shit. But I think that animal gene in us is still very much there, and girls are proned to find the more "alpha" male. Just as us guys go crazy to reproduce with the best looking female.

1 hours later 50003430 Anonymous
>>50003407 So what is point of this thread you retard? Youre literally agreeing with us

1 hours later 50003464 Anonymous
>>50003430 I didn't make this thread. I'm not saying girls aren't picky and shit, Im saying you're gonna be alot happier if you stop worrying about fucking a girl.

1 hours later 50003479 Anonymous
>>5000340 so yea man its fine for women to act like animalistic whores but men? no no. I'm just a bluepilled faggot from reddit

1 hours later 50003499 Anonymous
at the end of the day incels are mad that women have the right and the choice of who they want to be with, and given the chance would revoke this and force them to be with men they aren't attracted to, which is beyond absurd I get that it must suck to be incel and prostitution should be legalized to accommodate these men, but beyond that they are just shit out of luck and shouldn't impose on the rights of anyone else

1 hours later 50003518 Anonymous
>>50003479 No its not fine for them to do that. its just fact that people look for better. Guys do the same thing. All i'm trying to say is stop overthinking the whole thing, and try focusing more on how you can make yourself happier without a girl. Girls will flock to you if you look like youre a made man.

1 hours later 50003524 Anonymous
>>50002635 Sometimes a sigar is just a sigar. I'm not going to deny that maybe by some genetic freak accident 1 woman out of 1000 is not an emptyheaded roastie, but fuck playing these odds

1 hours later 50003537 Anonymous
>>50003499 I'm more mad about women's double standards and their audacity to cry for even more privileges. >you just want sex xD No.

1 hours later 50003560 Anonymous
>>50003499 Women are getting unhappier, more people are single, marriage rates are down, white girls are getting beheaded. Feminism is a failure when you give a women a choice they fuck it up.

1 hours later 50003562 Anonymous
>>50002635 >Why does /r9k/ believe that the only reason they don't have an active romantic/sex life is the fact that they're too short, not rich, have acne or don't have the right shape of jaw? Inferiority complex that's focussing only on obvious, superficial flaws.

1 hours later 50003565 Anonymous
>>50003170 As you wish kind sir, but why all the complaints against the sex market if the market is the best law ?

1 hours later 50003587 Anonymous
>>50003499 >which is beyond absurd It worked better both for society and for general happiness in the population than the shit we have now.

1 hours later 50003622 Anonymous
>>50002635 Not just women but normalfags in general.

1 hours later 50003630 Anonymous
>>50003320 But clearly I'm not good enough or I wouldn't be incel would I? If I thought I was good enough yet still no-one wanted me, I'd just be an arrogant neckbeard. I don't even think I'm that bad of a catch myself. No-one seems to agree though.

1 hours later 50003633 Anonymous
>>50002635 Fuck off. My first true love left me because she stopped seeing me in a sexual way. I'm shattered, not because I lack confidence, but because no girl will ever be as good as she was. Now I just reject other girls because they aren't her.

1 hours later 50003643 Anonymous
>>50003565 That capitalism works better that it's shitty alternative does not make it 'best' Also if you want to chew on that dead political horse, at least do it correctly. Sexual market as it is can by no means pass as any good example for a 'free' market, seeing how it gets influenced up the wazoo and is filled with under- or flatout mis-informed customers and suppliers.

1 hours later 50003657 Anonymous
>>50002635 Why does tumbler think that men are shallow, calculating beings incapable of love? Why does tumbler believe that the only reason they don't have an active romantic/sex life is the fact that they're too tall, not busty, have acne or don't have the right curve of hips? I think this is some kind of ego defense mechanism because you can't accept the notion that what most men really want is a healthy, well adjusted, happy and humble woman and you simply aren't one. The funny thing about it is it's something you can change if you put in the effort but it's just easier to give up right away claiming that no matter how much you work on yourself you're doomed anyway because you're not attractive enough. Another reason why you might fail is if you work on yourself only because you want men. You need to self improve because you love yourself, men will see this and want you. So anon, do you love yourself?

1 hours later 50003707 Anonymous
>>50003643 >seeing how it gets influenced up the wazoo and is filled with under- or flatout mis-informed customers and suppliers Sounds to me just like actual market. Well to be honest I don't really care anymore about this kind of debate, feel free to defend capitalism as much as you want, I just said I hate it and I think it's everything else than fair. Nothing you could say will change my mind. I don't care anymore, I've accepted it as the law of nature and life. You know, like the alpha wolf eats the biggest part and fuck the most females.

1 hours later 50003714 Anonymous
>>50003707 The alpha wolves are the parents.

1 hours later 50003771 Anonymous
If I got a girlfriend I would finally be able to leave this website (and all other empty distractions) behind and start living my life. There's a gf shaped hole in my soul. No hobby, vocation, friend, family member or feel-good positive pop philosophy can fill it.

1 hours later 50003803 Anonymous
>>50002635 So tell me then Oh wise and mighty female. I have a riddle for you: If I work on myself and not be concerned about actually getting a women, why should I start caring when one shows up? It's blatently obvious that she is there for whatever I worked for and not for me. Otherwise she would have came previously. She doesn't want me for me and therefore there is no point. Im getting a parasite, not a gf or wife. If I had indeed gotten results from bettering myself, and no results from seeking women, why should I stop for her? She has gotten me nothing and can offer me nothing whereas bettering myself has gotten me things. Why should I stop just because she walked in? There is no logical reason to have a woman. That is why Im single.

1 hours later 50003830 Anonymous
>>50003707 >feel free to defend capitalism as much as you want Not really my hobby, that feels like defending solid shitheads against people liking their liquid commie shit. End of the day, you'll stink and are left with shit on your hand either way. Both sides of THAT debate need to to stop sucking up to autistic old farts who a long ded, and develop better instead instead of replaying the same tired old bitchfight for decades. Just dislike that you put out a (imo) bad argument for that nonexistent muh free market ideal, that is all.

2 hours later 50003872 Anonymous
>>50003232 it's a general question for people who share many of the same opinions. of course not everyone thinks the same but many think similarly.

2 hours later 50003936 Anonymous
>>50003630 Im sure you're a perfectly normal lookin dude, I would think alot of the people here arent that bad looking. I think patience is required when it comes to finding a girlfriend. Im sure alot of people here are gonna find a girlfriend. Theres 7 billion people in this fucking planet. Its not gonna happen in one day though, alot of people wait years until they find the right one.

2 hours later 50004025 Anonymous
>>50003803 Would you wanna be with a broke ass female with a shit load of problems? or would you wanna be with someone that has somewhat their shit together? No one these days like building something over time, its more of be ready or fuck off. and Its good to talk to someone on a deeper level than what you would with your friends. A good around girl will actually sit down and listen to your problems and try to mend you. Now later on in the relationship, thats when shit gets funky, but the real thing you gained from that relationship wasn't the love, it was the experience and how it sculpted you as a person. even the bad experiences are good, cause now you understand what it means to be genuine and what loyalty means.

2 hours later 50004036 Anonymous
>>50003803 Im not the female who started this thread, I just dont like seeing people who are down. I like helping in any way i can with the pain.

2 hours later 50004091 Anonymous
>>50003936 well 3.5 billion women. and there's only like 500 million people in the western world, so 250 million in europe+north america.

2 hours later 50004116 Anonymous
>>50003319 That's a fucking lie you fucking retard. Men care for the same things that women care for and high status men are more thought after than high status females, in fact high status females get a drop-off after a certain point where they scare everyone around them. I care about my bitch being shorter than me, having big tits that are natural but not too saggy, having cute face, having a tight vagina etc. All of these are literally genetic.

2 hours later 50004145 Anonymous
>>50002635 >what most women really want is a healthy, well adjusted, happy and confident man and you simply aren't one. Do they leave you if you are this and then become lazy? Do they accept it if you find a new hobby and dedicate a bit more of your time later in the relationship to the hobby? No? That is being shallow.

2 hours later 50004172 Anonymous
>>50003587 I am literally opposed to this shit. Why should dregs of the society reproduce? Don't you get it? That is the fucking point, only chads should reproduce, because that is the basic filter. If you are such a failure that you need an institution to fucking knock up a chick, you don't deserve to reproduce, and it's not even like >You should be stopped from reproduction I mean it is literally a self fixing mechanism, IF YOU DON'T DESERVE TO GET LAID YOU WILL NOT GET LAID. Getting laid is not the primary purpose of life or any shit like that, but having a cute 10/10 gf has specific requirements, this is how natural selection works. Do you want people to become more genetically fit over time? The fact that weak men and women exist today IS BECAUSE OF THE WAY SOCIETY WORKED IN LATE 19TH AND EARLY 20TH CENTURY! More people should die and more people should compete, if this does not happen there should be another filter. Fucking reproductive filter is the least harmful thing that can exist, at least it doesn't kill anyone just creates depressed faggots.

2 hours later 50004174 Anonymous (1432580922873.jpg 1920x1200 422kB)
>>50004091 well you get what im trying to say, theres enough women for everyone.

2 hours later 50004183 Anonymous (1544694915159.png 580x548 290kB)
I don't care about chasing after women nor having a relationship. I had one relationship and I now know what my problems are in relation to being with someone. I'd rather not worry about you bitches for at least a few months. Women are not worth being pursued.

2 hours later 50004187 Anonymous
>>50003803 Because you work the same way you fucking retard. Most men do not want to be with a woman that is sub 5/10 with mental issues and retardation. People want to be with the sum total of what you are, including your success. No one and I mean NO ONE deserves anything from birth.

2 hours later 50004206 Anonymous
>>50004172 Depression and loneliness literally kill.

2 hours later 50004212 Anonymous
>>50003803 You seem to see the results of work to better yourself as separate from yourself. "If I don't attract females now, but attract females after gainz (of whatever type), she's clearly here for the gainz and not for me." And as long as your gainz are for external validation only, that may well be the case. That's why people say to work on yourself FOR yourself in the first place. The hope is to not just add superficial accolades, but improve the very you - your mind, your personality, your willpower, whatever. If that's the case, you now became more attractive to females because YOU have changed, for the better. And why would you "stop for her" - stop improving yourself? I'm not sure where that even comes from. You should continue improving yourself as long as you have the motivation, willpower and discipline to do so, as a default mode, just because you are maximizing your potential.

2 hours later 50004223 Anonymous
>>50004187 I would like any depressed asocial 5/10 retard you'd throw at me.

2 hours later 50004237 Anonymous
>>50004223 Are you a black female? Origin

2 hours later 50004239 Anonymous
>>50004183 I'm pretty sure bitches are okay with you not worrying about them.

2 hours later 50004264 Anonymous
>>50003936 Bullshit, most people fall into relationships super easily.

2 hours later 50004271 Anonymous (1535772476417.jpg 638x475 54kB)
>>50004239 They always have been

2 hours later 50004272 Anonymous
>>50004206 Wrong, you kill yourself because of depression. Depression is infinitely better than literal war, famine and horrors that this world can present. You are a crybaby. >>50004223 You don't know what you ask for. People have issues with each other when they are both 10/10 purely because of psychological shit, but with 10/10 there is at least additional incentive. Life doesn't work the way you think, you view other people as if they are tools to achieve happiness, here is a pro-tip, you will never become happy through someone else and you will destroy everyone you try to project this shit onto, be it male or female.

2 hours later 50004301 Anonymous
>>50002635 >healthy, well adjusted, happy >healthy Healthy means muscular and athletic and tons of self improvement fags try to do this >well adjusted You can only be well adjusted around women until you've been in a relationship. Remember how awkward your first relationship was? >happy and confident You can't just change your personality to appease women. I'm pretty happy and confident but you can't just make it happen. You're just making platitudes up to help the people on here. They can probably find a gf but in all honesty girls don't prefer this nonsense over attractive features.

2 hours later 50004316 Anonymous
>>50004264 And most relationships end like an absolute trainwreck. You are stunted, like an autist, I myself also was. Once you realize that most people went through those developmental stages in their teens you get why you are this fucked up. Once you learn how to get in a relationship you will get that it's literally as easy as walking, the hard part is actually picking a person you truly care for and love and trust. Being in a relationship is hard unless you get extremely lucky, and those who get lucky usually get lucky in early age and form a very strong bond from early age with a single person.

2 hours later 50004351 Anonymous
>>50004172 That's not the way the world works anymore. Poor people with no intelligence or money have tons of kids because they have no foresight. See a country like Niger. Rich people have less kids because they want them to have the same living standards.

2 hours later 50004357 Anonymous
>>50004116 Is that so? Any women could just make a online dating profile and be flooded with men to pick from. Whereas men have to fight for each woman and be their jester until they finally agree to a date.

2 hours later 50004358 Anonymous
>>50004301 You are speaking of entry barrier shit. Why are you trying to teach people how to "get" a partner vs. how to be a person that will manage a successful relationship? The thing is that learning the game is literally mechanical, you are basically guaranteed to have constant sex if you know how to get it one way or another. Having a relationship that isn't actually shit is what majority of people on all of earth fail regardless of them being incel or chads.

2 hours later 50004363 Anonymous
>>50004358 >The thing is that learning the game is literally mechanical this sounds like mra redpill shit.

2 hours later 50004383 Anonymous
>>50004036 Okay then help me with this. Was I wrong to go mad when my ex took 2 months to tell me she didn't love me anymore? I feel bad, she probably didn't know if she should've said it or not, but for 2 months she just wasn't as friendly towards me and it made me feel really bad. Also do virgin women even exist? I'm virgin and just want a virgin gf

2 hours later 50004384 Anonymous
>>50003499 Damn right I am I wish I could go back to the past life when I was a Crusader and could take any dame from the Levant and bed her before kicking her out to the streets And the fact is due to this shallow behaviour of women,the current society which gives women their rights will crumble and we will be back to might is right and women will lose their choices

2 hours later 50004386 Anonymous
>>50004264 There's more single people in the u.s than their is people in relationships, it starts to look that way because youre looking for that specific answer that people are getting in relationships all around me and that youre not in one. Its kinda like how people believe their are aliens and they start seeing signs of them every where. Im not saying theres not alot of people in relationships, but that its uncommon for you not to be in one.

2 hours later 50004406 Anonymous
>>50004357 The only reason why it is this way is because of low status males acting like fucking morons. Females have no power, you are giving power to them. I'm saying that shit is fucked, but that is not female nature it is human fucking nature. In my country the dynamic is reversed, all females are submissive and unhappy and seek out men, who are all agressive and act like chads and fucking knife each other to death if conflict starts. Everyone is unhappy in relationships because they are disfunctional. It is really funny for me to see robots blame shit on female nature when in eastern european and third world country literally the reverse shit is happening. IF MALES OR FEMALES INTENTIONALLY DEVALUE THEMSELVES ON SEXUAL MARKETPLACE OF THE NATION, SHIT GETS FUCKED EITHER WAY! Both men and women must value themselves to an extreme degree regardless of their perceived value and they also both constantly must struggle to improve their value, otherwise shit gets fucked.

2 hours later 50004449 Anonymous
>>50004363 There is no fucking redpill, everyone knows this shit >Two people who are reasonably attractive to each other meet >The submissive one (almost always a female) acts coy while the dominant one makes a move >They have a conversation to test how well they mesh together >Verbal and non-verbal communication indicates that they want each other sexually That is it, after they both know they want sex from each other sex can happen, done. I know that passing the treshhold is hard, I was an autismo myself, but because I was an autismo that passed said threshold I later got fucked because apparently getting a girl is a lot easier than not being a shitty manipulative boyfriend that destroyed the life of his girlfriend because of his insecurities to a point where she attempts a suicide. Most of us are broken to a point where it's better that we never enter a relationship, PLEASE become a better person first, it's not a meme. That is genuinely more important than instantly getting laid.

2 hours later 50004458 Anonymous
>>50004406 >In my country the dynamic is reversed, all females are submissive and unhappy and seek out men lala land?

2 hours later 50004464 Anonymous
>>50004406 Yeah it's true. All this MRA "numbers game" nonsense causes men to try to fuck every girl that walks. I know a 3/10 pig faced Asian girl who was able to date a Tyrone she met on Tinder who she thought was a catfish for sure. I have a gf and I'm very glad cause the dating game is fucked

2 hours later 50004473 Anonymous
>>50004386 I'm not talking about single people. How many people over the age of 21 have never been in a relationship or had sex? >>50004316 I fucking know I'm stunted. I know relationships aren't easy. I just want to be in one so I can find out for myself and to be on the same developmental level as the majority of people my age.

2 hours later 50004476 Anonymous
>>50004449 I think I agree, I was just pointing out one of your statements skirted pretty close to that mindset. Which I have been trying to purge for a long time.

2 hours later 50004481 Anonymous
>>50004383 No you're not wrong to be mad, I think anyone would be mad if someone wasn't being genuine. But since that happened cant you say youre a little better educated when it comes to dealing with woman? Now you know that sign when a bitch isnt being genuine with you. and Yes they do exist, I mean its kinda uncommon obviously the more they age, but theres defitnetly virgin woman. but did you not have sex with your ex?

2 hours later 50004498 Anonymous
>>50004449 Fucking retard, just because you're an insecure autistic monstrous retard doesn't mean the rest of us are. I don't need to be a better person, I'm already a better person than you by default. Kill yourself.

2 hours later 50004500 Anonymous
>>50002635 You know that story about the fox and tje grapes. This place is that in online forum form. The funnt thing is the retards here spenda hours upon hours complaining about women instead of trying to better themselves to attract women.

2 hours later 50004507 Anonymous
>>50004383 >Also do virgin women even exist? I'm nearly 100% sure both of my sisters are virgins. One is 23 and graduated college. The other is 18 and about to graduate high school.

2 hours later 50004520 Anonymous
>>50004458 Georgia, our men are so "masculine" that my first girlfriend was a Russian girl who was predisposed to like me based on the rumors of us being alpha as fuck even though I was an autismoid.

2 hours later 50004544 Anonymous
>>50004500 It's very hard to improve yourself. People get stuck in these mindsets where they don't see a path forward. It could be a mental disorder or just general weakness as a person that prevents people from knowing what to do.

2 hours later 50004548 Anonymous
>>50004172 I do not have any issues with this, The thing is though the civilised society does not support this. I have personally seen literal 9/10s with 4/10 guys and they were not even rich. If you want things to be survival of the fittest then a man capable of killing Chad and then taking his woman as a trophy should not be penalised by other people of society as he is the fittest guy to pass on his genes and the woman should have no choice

3 hours later 50004566 Anonymous
>>50004520 can I get a stem job in georgia or russia? I got my degree a few months ago t. hungarian anon

3 hours later 50004570 Anonymous
>>50004473 If you are stunned, I have one advice for you. My main issue was that I was never focused on one thing and was fucking trying to juggle everything. If you genuinely care for this shit, make a plan and put all of your shit into it. Practice for one year to do nothing but try to get laid in your spare time, put your all into it and don't deny and bitch but don't start dating. Once you are confident in yourself sexually and you completed this milestone, you can set your next milestone to actually become a better person and if you meet someone who you genuinely like that point you will not be afraid to approach her. This is exactly what I did, but my mistake was that once I got confident I instantly hit off with a girl that I destroyed because I was a manipulative asshole that wanted validation through a relationship.

3 hours later 50004575 Anonymous
>>50004473 Well obviously more people had sex than not. The point is, everyone eventually gets laid. I think its actually harder to remain a virgin past 25.

3 hours later 50004607 Anonymous
>>50004566 Stem jobs pay extremely poorly here unless it's outsourced development and coding of some sort. Stem jobs in Russia pay better but Russia is in many ways even worse than west because competition is a lot higher. Kids like me went through fucking Detroit tier Ghetto shit in the 90s where it was dangerous to go into a park because you could get shot. Unless you are actually masculine and strong you will most likely get a gold digger instead of a genuine girl. Of course being a foreigner you get bonuses of exoticism, but you must be ready for extremely confrontational people that are not afraid to scream at each other and fight in the middle of the street.

3 hours later 50004632 Anonymous
>>50004473 And dude youre not stunted, the problem is you wanna feel complete. Alot of people here are lonely and want to connect. Once you find the right girl, you're gonna realize you were worrying for no reason.

3 hours later 50004645 Anonymous
>>50004575 >I think its actually harder to remain a virgin past 25. ooh hoo you're talking out of your arse here.

3 hours later 50004671 Anonymous
>>50004632 There is an alternative. Once you get the right girl you realize that it was never about the girl, and that you are just a bad person that despite his mental illnesses or whatever the fuck he has tries to leech off of other people for validation and love, simply because he doesn't have any of it internally.

3 hours later 50004674 Anonymous
>>50004645 I think he's implying if you try. Obviously if you're a loser like me who has never tried at all then it's easy.

3 hours later 50004682 Anonymous
>>50004645 Really? so most people have sex over 25? I know thats not the case for everyone, but really? If youre a perfectly normal dude who's dead set on getting laid, chances are you're going to an escort before wating 10 years to get laid.

3 hours later 50004689 Anonymous
>>50004632 >>50004570 so your advice is go get laid and then meet someone you really like and settle down with them... Nigger, what the fuck do you think I've been trying to do this past fucking decade? By CHRIST, how did you type all of that out unironically?

3 hours later 50004728 Anonymous
>>50004674 The older you get the more virginity is an issue for other people and the more noticeable it is in how you conduct yourself >>50004682 You seem confused. Re-read what you've replied to.

3 hours later 50004734 Anonymous
>>50004689 No thats not what im saying, the other anon wrote that paragraph. My advice to you is to stop giving a fuck about it and have some patience.

3 hours later 50004758 Anonymous
>>50004734 Your advice is even worse.

3 hours later 50004764 Anonymous
>>50004728 So what are you trying to say then? I might of not phrased it correctly, saying if you actually tried to stay a virgin past 25.

3 hours later 50004766 Anonymous
>>50004689 I don't think that you are actually actively putting your all into getting laid and not just expecting it to passively happen. I'm saying that I started hiring hookers, then started going to clubs and constantly starting extremely awkward and hurtful cringy conversations, then eventually while extremely drunk I made out with a girl, then I got the general vibes of how I have to act and another girl actually made out with me, eventually I took a girl home and fucking banged. It was literally a year of trying to get laid and go through the things I would as a teen, I mean I literally didn't even work much, all I did was try to get fucking laid all day every day.

3 hours later 50004767 Anonymous
>>50003499 But I don't have the right to choose how and where my tax money gets used. Therefore if women are entitled to welfare daddy gov bux that men largely paid for, i am entitled to a monogamous relationship and the ability to have a family of my own. This agreement is what made our society strong, beta doesn't necessarily mean useless, chad can't do shit on his own, his power is individual not collective. The second choice being non chads means that to prevent violent revolts men have compromised, both alphas and betas for the betterment of us all. That agreement is long gone, no reason for men to contribute or to contain his rage. We can only cope so far with entertainment, eventually because humans are still largely animals (don't even try to debate this, we aren't that much different than ther mammals) to be content we need family. That's why shit like mgtow is still a cope, women must be put in place, they want to, it's a proof a man can dominate and mog his woman, animal behavior. If a man can't force a woman then he's not fit of the title. Currently men are chained by laws and culture to be little bitches and cucks unable to express themselves freely, beginning from a feminized school system that heavily favors females unless you posses the chad body to play chad sports. So again, if men shouldn't impose restrictions on women, why is it okay to constantly be biased and restrict, demonize a large portion of men and make them even pay for that system? Let me hear, I'm really curious what kind of rationalization you are gonna come up with.

3 hours later 50004802 Anonymous
>>50004758 I mean shit dude, you can go after it like theres no tomarrow, its not gonna change the fact that youre self concious about yourself and you blame the world for not gifting you a girlfriend. Im pretty sure itll be easier if you focus more on making yourself better. Chances are someone is gonna notice how you got better.

3 hours later 50004813 Anonymous (country rooooadds.png 1200x917 230kB)
>>50002635 >Why does /r9k/ think that women are shallow, calculating beings incapable of love? You know, that's a very specific, eloquent and overall great way of putting it. I agree. >Why does /r9k/ believe that the only reason they don't have an active romantic/sex life is the fact that they're too short, not rich, have acne or don't have the right shape of jaw? Picture related. >You need to self improve because you love yourself, women will see this and want you So they are calculating beings. >so anon, do you love yourself Quite the stretched out ramble only for a weak Dunning Kruger reach out. The whole >tfw no gf sentiment comes from robots that don't interact with women. Anyone that interacts with women knows how unsuitable they are as a lifelong partner. Now fuck off elsewhere with your roastieposting.

3 hours later 50004816 Anonymous
>>50004758 Like what do you think is the reason you dont have success

3 hours later 50004834 Anonymous
>>50004764 I'm saying that it is not harder to remain a virgin past 25. It is in fact a lot harder to lose it the older you get.

3 hours later 50004874 Anonymous
>>50004607 >you have to be over 6 feet, have atleast 200lbs muscle mass and have a manly voice (basically you need to fullfill alot of criteria whom of which many are outside of your control) to get a decent woman I'll pass. Also you're not shining your argument in a better light with your statement. Have fun in your shithole.

3 hours later 50004893 Anonymous
>>50004834 Oh my bad i see my mistake, I ment its harder to remain a virgin if you actually were trying to lose it. I ment to say chances are you'll probably get laid before 25.

3 hours later 50004907 Anonymous
is it too many years late to point out that /r9k/ is more than one person? >So anon, do you love yourself? lol

3 hours later 50004918 Anonymous
>>50004766 Been to hookers they make me feel worse. I've tried clubbing but I can't drink medically so that leaves me stuck. I try to talking to women often but it never comes to anything. The odd occasions where I don't feel their indifference smothering me, I try and make a move but I always get rejected. I understand what you mean about how achieving certain milestones gives you an aura of confidence that can propel you further but I just can't seem to find any woman who is interested which is the first step. >>50004802 I don't blame the world, it's just bad luck I turned out like this. >>50004816 I'm physically unattractive and mentally awkward.

3 hours later 50004931 Anonymous
>>50004893 Learn how to read English before you post again.

3 hours later 50004940 Anonymous (1528489216514.png 646x770 94kB)
>>50002635 >So anon, do you love yourself? I'm mentally ill. I don't know why normalfags are unable to comprehend that for some it's not as simple as just pulling yourself up by the bootstraps and becoming a "healthy, well adjusted, happy, and confident man"

3 hours later 50004979 Anonymous
>>50004931 Its not that, I've done alot of drugs and fucked up my brain. I gotta go back and reread the shit i wrote to make sure its correct. In my mind it looks correct but when i actually reread it theres shit wrong. I didn't catch that one though. My grammer isnt as well as it used to be too.

3 hours later 50004997 Anonymous
>>50004918 so have you tried showering?

3 hours later 50005030 Anonymous (8ec38dac477b614b1ec10614b6ec7dd8.jpg 427x296 26kB)
>>50004997 fuckadau

3 hours later 50005060 Anonymous
>>50004940 This is what all the normalshitfaggots don't get or refuse to even attempt understanding. Some of us are just plain fucked. >be me >born with multitude of chronic health problems >in the hospital constantly >treatments sucked the life out of me >cancer in my 20's >no energy >chronic pain >spergism >result: 32 khhv living with parents Outside of our parents (and sometimes not even them), nobody gives people like us any sympathy beyond empty words that have no functional effect on our lives. Nobody actually steps up and offers a helping hand or expresses any desire to be involved with us in any way. Because we're men. The social expectation is on us to produce our own success, and if factors beyond our control make that impossible, we're just plain fucked.

3 hours later 50005061 Anonymous
>>50002635 >Why does /r9k/ think that women are shallow, calculating beings incapable of love? Why does /r9k/ believe that the only reason they don't have an active romantic/sex life is the fact that they're too short, not rich, have acne or don't have the right shape of jaw? Because both of those "thoughts" have proven true again and again. If you try to convince us otherwise, you'll need a boatload of evidence you are not offering.

3 hours later 50005084 Anonymous
>>50004918 I'm sure your not that bad looking man. Unless you look like fucking frankenstein you should be fine. Everyone gets bad luck man, its how you carry yourself afterwards. If you think youre 100 percent worth being a part of someones time and you feel happy with yourself, someone will find you.

3 hours later 50005116 Anonymous
>>50005084 But how will they find me? It's been 25 years and no-one has found me. Nearly everyone else has found at least one person but not me.

3 hours later 50005183 Anonymous
>>50002635 >Why does are 9 kay think this paragraph is true? Because it is, those are the basics of what women find attractive and since a good amount of men dont have more than one of these features, women dont consider those men human and keep it a secret. Personality comes second to a women and the only thing that holds a long term relation, with any luck. >this whole paragraph of shit If a man possessed all those traits and wasn't attractive, he would be a "friend" . A male friend to a female is a non sexual human whose meant to entertain, boost her ego and be her yes man. Not following this behavior makes you a deceitful creep whose worse than an actual physical female beater >muh mental scars >Paragraph this is somewhat true, Women don't want to be on pedestals that theyre involuntarily making especially by unattractive men. >do you love yourself I do, but it doesn't matter what I think or feel.

3 hours later 50005230 Anonymous
>OP getting btfo left and right Good thread

3 hours later 50005232 Anonymous
>>50005116 one of my friends and my brother didnt find someone till they were around 30. It gets shitty the more and more you age, you really start to notice what people have and you dont have and it really negativley affects your personality. Now that my brother has a wife, he keeps telling me he should of never married her. Same with my friend. Girls can suck the fucking life out of you man.

3 hours later 50005248 Anonymous
>>50005116 My other brother is a crack head and gets laid all the time, but jesus christ his head blown the fuck up. His life is in shambles cause all he does is chase pussy.

3 hours later 50005260 Anonymous
>>50002635 because almost all robots are gay. why is it a problem to you? jealous that we get to experience boypussy?

4 hours later 50005312 Anonymous
>>50004357 this is misleading. online dating is mostly old women and young men. if you make a profile for a grandma you won't get flooded. as any regular man you can also get flooded with attention by going to a bar full of poor/asian women. lets not be too retarded. chad doesn't have time for redheads or asians. 99% of men do not live as virgins. people find partners easily everywhere.

4 hours later 50005313 Anonymous
>>50005116 The problem with my older brother though, he never fucking stopped feeling sorry for himself, and kept blaming everyone but himself. It was kinda sad seeing my bro sad all the time when i wanted to game with him. I tried cheering him up, but that shit consumed him. hes not a bad looking dude, but he was fucking awkard as hell. I remember one time my mom tried setting him up with someone and he greeted the girl and literally ran away.

4 hours later 50005326 Anonymous
>>50002635 Because /r9gay/ only respects cute boys and traps

4 hours later 50005353 Anonymous (13336109_140212729720082_4573241248238213853_n.jpg 480x480 41kB)
>>50005116 I hope you find someone man.

4 hours later 50005356 Anonymous
>>50002635 >Another reason why you might fail is if you work on yourself only because you want women. You need to self improve because you love yourself, women will see this and want you. All I do is improve on my self yet I don't see women flocking at me. If any of what you say is true then explain how idiotic normalfaggots get laid everyday

4 hours later 50005366 Anonymous
>>50002635 >women don't want money lmao

4 hours later 50005368 Anonymous
Don't come to a gay board asking why they don't see women as good partners LOL. A lot of them were hurt by normie women.

4 hours later 50005393 Anonymous
>>50004172 >I am literally opposed to this shit. >Getting laid is not the primary purpose of life If that is a your opinion, your call. But why does the same society gives handouts and a leg up to weak people all the time then? That would be trying to burning the candle from both ends. How are musclebrained chad thugs with short attentionspan and little selfcontrol breeding any sort of genetic advantage for a modern society? And on a more personal level, as much as it seems a humble brag and will cause "true robot" to shit burning hatred now: How does your pet theory hold up to the fact that I am not a virgin at all, I was pretty hot shit and sort of a manwhore until 20, and only by that point my weirdo lifestyle, social maladjustment and the wish for a steady RL came together in a unholy trinity to mostly keep me from getting GFs? I got laid a load when getting laid was simply a matter of personal sympathy or being interesting to a girl. But I am not worth a second glance or any consideration for longterm RL by todays females, since I am a poorfag and I will simply not accept any women who expects me to pay for her luxuries or be her social entertainment while she has no real loyalty. So did I need an institution to get pussy and a reproduction chance? Nope, seems to not be the case, there were sure enough pregnancy scares and opportunities to stealth bomb eggs with my sperm. Do I need an institution to actually have something more lasting than a weekends drunk sex? Well, sure seems that way. So I can't see that shit as any useful filter for reproduction or social eugenics, only as one that keeps people from finding any sort of lasting happiness.

4 hours later 50005446 Anonymous
>>50005356 Ok lets say you're 100 percent confident right now, and theres no reason for a girl to not be with you. Hows your game? Are you good at socializing? Normies have been socializing since day one and thats all they fucking do, as to us we like to be alone and focus on ourselves. I would suggest going out to bars or clubs or someshit and work on your game.

4 hours later 50005459 Anonymous
>>50005326 based and blackpilled. boys are better

4 hours later 50005620 Anonymous (1541663855513.png 1320x276 32kB)
>>50004172 >Natural selection shit So apparently Tyrone and his gang of thieves and murderers deserve more reproductive rights than shy socially awkward men.

4 hours later 50005668 Anonymous
>>50005620 That's actually true and rational. Tyrone has much better genes for most environments.

4 hours later 50005692 Anonymous
>>50003020 Pretty much this.evo psych makes women look like cruel selfish whores which they actually are.Everything fits in really nicely in the scheme of evo psych.

4 hours later 50005703 Anonymous
>>50002635 Because facts.

4 hours later 50005707 Anonymous
>>50003090 Shut the fuck up you braindead nigger cunt.

4 hours later 50005715 Anonymous
>>50002635 Fuck off. Women are not worth my time, money is. Also, I want power desu.

4 hours later 50005735 Anonymous
>>50004767 Best originally original post.

4 hours later 50005742 Anonymous (1520301248959.jpg 900x500 245kB)
>>50005668 You have such a grand vision of the future. Plus the genetic adaptation to environments argument doesn't even hold up in the modern age, we've advanced to the point where the environment is a complete nonissue in first world countries.

4 hours later 50005758 Anonymous
>>50005692 Exactly. It explains why high IQ men will generally only have families with other men

4 hours later 50005761 Anonymous
>>50005668 Cavemen bullshit has proven less useful even if that environment is a lawless jungle though. Nignogs fucked up and lost it all, before civilized people all pity-party and gave them a handout. And in a modern setting that sort of guy is a liability.

4 hours later 50005792 Anonymous
>>50005707 why so mad? Is that not the truth? People dont look for better? You've been living under a fucking rock if you dont believe that.

4 hours later 50005826 Anonymous
>>50005742 what's your idea of modern age? a few hundred years? that's nothing >>50005761 1. if nigs are having more kids than you and those kids have a similar lifespan, you are objectively worse in a purely genetic scope 2. for most of history of "civilized people" their populations grew exponentially. you might think you are your ancestors, but if you're struggling to talk to girls you are just trash.

4 hours later 50005846 Anonymous
>>50005446 You're making good points but how the fuck do you find the courage to do this game. I mean I don't have problems talking with girls as friends but as soon as things start to get intense I freeze and shit because they're gonna release I'm a 26 KHV. It's like a vicious circle I can't stop.

4 hours later 50005864 Anonymous (1535185093302.jpg 526x351 65kB)
>>50005826 right because their genetics have taken them so far

4 hours later 50005965 Anonymous
>>50005826 Quality>quantity. And what things are more risky to my continued freedom and well-being, both emotionally and financially then talking to a female nowadays pray tell?

4 hours later 50006000 Anonymous
>>50005846 I use to be the same way, when shit gets intense i use to freeze the fuck up and they would lose interest real quick. It was after so many times of trying, I eventually eased into it. You learn the more and more you do it. In my mind, I just thought well if i fuck up now, i wont see them again and this will be my practice for the next girl. and getting the courage to do it was the hardest part for me, I had to really hype myself up that this is worth it and picture myself how i'd be after i did that one thing. It gets easier and easier the more you do it though. Its like a scary movie, its not scary after so many times.

4 hours later 50006111 Anonymous
>>50005965 quality of genes = quantity of viable children who live full lives. >well-being if you're implying that you're happy as a single male who isn't even smashing boypussy for some retarded reason, then there's no argument here. the point was just that Tyrone deserves to reproduce more than an awkward loser because it follows logic. even if you realize that evo psych is pseudoscience and is on level with the zodiac calendar, there are too many ways that Tyrone improves his chances of success

5 hours later 50006213 Anonymous
>>50002635 no, and i don't want a woman, i just want autonomy

5 hours later 50006232 Anonymous
>>50006000 Yea I guess getting hyped with music and shit can help to just do it and get reject a lot until maybe you get there.

5 hours later 50006238 Anonymous
>>50006111 >faggot tries to defend nignog cock How surprising. There is zero logic, but a whole lot of media influence in even letting blacks be alive. Which they do put in shitall effort into by themself or even work actively against, seeing the numbers in which the poachmonkeys shot eachother. Simply cut the child welfare for walking she-boon wombs and lets see how long they stay 'successful' by themself.

5 hours later 50006259 Anonymous
>>50006238 how many kids do you have? >le media lol

5 hours later 50006261 Anonymous
>>50002775 In general ( there are exceptions obviously) women don't have the same inherent loyalty that men have.

5 hours later 50006317 Anonymous
>>50006259 More then you is my guess. And yeah "le media", that same shit that made you such a flaming faggot and bbc worshipper.

5 hours later 50006407 Anonymous (1531137263641.gif 150x150 1120kB)
>>50006111 >Gay >Wants Tyrone's spawn to inherit the Earth There's really nothing more to be said here.

5 hours later 50006421 Anonymous
>>50002635 Women are going to have to meet my expectations regardless of what they are or I'll just stay single.

5 hours later 50006466 Anonymous
>>50006407 not gay, but if you're a loser then you should be

5 hours later 50006508 Anonymous
>>50006466 I'd call you a faggot but you probably wear that title with pride.

5 hours later 50006666 Anonymous
>>50006508 been a while since you got laid?

5 hours later 50006916 Anonymous
women do not create society, women do not advance society, women do not defend society, women do not develop society. women exist within society, and want from it. it's irrelevant if you see that as good or bad, that is the evolutionary specialization that the females of the human species have made, so that their brains and bodies: physically compromised to support a womb and feed children have made. it's not a random occurrence that women, have cute faces, soft skin and voices. it is a survival mechanism to survive in a world they do not have the capacity to contribute to beyond their biology. if the male of the human species, should ever take a moment to look beyond his biological programming to reproduce, then (even subconsciously) if he realises that women cannot create anything of value beyond their base biological function, why would their love be worth more than that of a pet? i do not think there is one sentient male that has not recognised this (even subconciously) the only difference is how that male chooses to respond: 1. Chad response: Increase his perceived value to females, then proceed to pump and dump. 2. Beta/cuck response: Make public proclaimation that females are equal or better than males, as this does not demonstrate value to females it reduces their availability, but as the ratio of chads is low, numerous undesired females are forced to accept a beta/cuck partner. 3. Robot: Make no effort to appeal to women either through societal value or statements of societal conformity, have no willing females, still feel the biological urges unsatisfied they convert them to expressions of disdain to all other groups.

5 hours later 50006920 Anonymous
>>50003007 I'm a female and I don't require any of those things from men. He just has to be nice and share some interests and political beliefs with me.

6 hours later 50007335 Anonymous
I'm a virginal, depressed, socially anxious, failing med student with no friends and completely invisible to women. I just found out that my only "friend" set up a guy from our social circle with a girl from his SO's social circle. He also said that he could potentially set up two other guys from our circle. But not me of course. He didn't say anything about me, even though he's well aware of my predicament. I have every right to be upset. FUCK EVERY SONGLE ON OF YOU CONDESCENDING NORMALNIGGERS, I HOPE YOU CHOKE ON YOUR WORDS! I DESERVE TO BE LOVED JUST AS MUCH AS YOU DO! FUCK YOU!

6 hours later 50007408 Anonymous
Well drunkards and useless wankers are getting the girls from where I live

6 hours later 50007433 Anonymous
Women will never truly love me because what I love is to be lazy. I don't want to work on myself I want to sit around and play video games. That's what makes me happy. But I also want sex

6 hours later 50007523 Anonymous
>>50002635 >Why does /r9k/ think that women are shallow, calculating beings incapable of love? Because every woman you come across is that way? >Why does /r9k/ believe that the only reason they don't have an active romantic/sex life is the fact that they're too short, not rich, have acne or don't have the right shape of jaw? Because women are spoiled and entitled and think they deserve a 10/10 super model when they're a 300 lb obese woman who has no personality and drinks wine and watches netflix all day.

7 hours later 50007818 Anonymous
>>50004025 >Would you wanna be with a broke ass female with a shit load of problems? or would you wanna be with someone that has somewhat their shit together? Neither. Im a simple man, I don't need another's income. If she has her life together good for her, but I still don't really gain anything from it. >No one these days like building something over time, its more of be ready or fuck off. That's not love anon. That's entitlement. >and Its good to talk to someone on a deeper level than what you would with your friends. Like a therapist/psychiatrist? >but the real thing you gained from that relationship wasn't the love, it was the experience and how it sculpted you as a person. even the bad experiences are good, cause now you understand what it means to be genuine and what loyalty means. All women are differant. Experiance wiith one could be helpful with the next, or totally worthless and even hurtful. One size does not fit all so I am essentially playing the lottery with learning. Something you should never do. I don't need a women to teach me how to be loyal and genuine. I simply need proper ethics which I can get from other experiances. Again women have nothing to offer me that I can't get by an easier means. but that's answering not my fukin question m8. Way to circumvent me: >If I focus on myself to the point I get results, Why should I waste my time focusng on someone else which got me no results? The logical thing to do would be scrap the woman and get back to exercising or readng or otherwise improve myself and get even more results. I have nothing to gain from women and therefore they are unnesseary to me. >>50004187 I don't need to be a paracite you fucking retard. I can make things on my own just fine. If a women didn't want you before, yet for some reason wants you after your success. SHE DOESN'T WANT YOU. SHE WANT'S YOUR SUCCESS I don't want to be with a paracite like that. It's draining.

7 hours later 50007871 Anonymous
>>50007818 >If a women didn't want you before, yet for some reason wants you after your success. SHE DOESN'T WANT YOU. SHE WANT'S YOUR SUCCESS Welcome to dating

7 hours later 50007896 Anonymous (1535998361196.jpg 1000x1500 161kB)
>>50002635 i love women, but I'm too broken to have a relationship

7 hours later 50007981 Anonymous
>>50002635 I do! And fun fact: It's actually men who are the 'romantic' ones. We're much better at being happy with what we've got. The idea of romance has proved extremely convenient for women, because it's a good way to manipulate men into getting undivided attention, gifts, and love. But from what I've seen, deep down, they don't practice it. Women love to lean on you-- but try it the other way around sometime: Most will disappear like a puff of smoke. Women are much more mercenary, but they'll never admit it. You have to watch very closely while actually dating/sleeping with them if you want to catch it. And I've made my peace with it. I get it. But the trope is true-- women love what you can do for them... sometimes it's intangible shit like making them laugh, or making them feeling important. Other times it's acts of service and how well you can fuck them. Other times it's because they want your genetic material and financial support. I'm no virgin, I've had an above average amount of partners, and I've seen marriages come and go. It's not neccessarily that they're bad people-- it's that they can't be honest, because they're lying to themselves... the truth is far too ugly in a society where we consider ourselves oh-so progressive and refined. Women don't love for loves sake. There's an endgame

7 hours later 50008035 Anonymous
>>50007981 I enjoy the company of women, they're warm, soft, smell nice, and they suck my dick. I'm happy with that. But you better bring shit to the table if you're going to have any hope of negotiating a suitable arrangement.

7 hours later 50008057 Anonymous
>>50007871 >implying your success isn't a part of you

7 hours later 50008071 Anonymous
>>50002635 >healthy, well adjusted, happy and confident man if you are this in this artificial manipulated society of disinfo. everything is backwards.

7 hours later 50008178 Anonymous
>>50008035 This was written by a woman or an extremely faggy male.

7 hours later 50008190 Anonymous
>>50004212 I do work on myself for myself. My question is that I can't constantly focus on self improvement while similtaniously focusing on her like she WILL want. Something's gotta give and Im only human. Im going to invest in something that gives back: myself. I don't care what women are attracted to because if Im always improving myself, I won't be working to attract anyone. I won't have the time for it. She's going to want you to put down the weights/books/etc even for a little bit for some time with her. Otherwise why even have a relationship at all? Then you have the problem of not spending enough time with her. It's the great Irony with female attraction. In order to gain thier intrest, you have to first stop caring about getting thier intrest and if you stop caring about getting thier intrest then you get it, but you don't care about getting thier intrest so you are unintrested. It's like if everyone trained themselves to hate chocolate so the candy stores begin to put chocolate bars on sale, but nobody buys it because they hate it. It loops in on itself and failure is innevitable, but hey at least I don't give a shit.

7 hours later 50008252 Anonymous
>>50008178 Dude. Women are mercenary as fuck. Just deal with it-- and anyone here who has been with one for any length will agree with me. If you have, and haven't noticed, Look closer next time you're in a relationship.

7 hours later 50008255 Anonymous
>>50008190 Yeah and if you stop being in shape and your body goes to shit she will lose interest. You need to be hot without having to go to the gym all the time, because if you're at the gym all the time she'll lose interest. This is what gymcels have all wrong: if you aren't naturally genetically fit, you're just putting on makeup.

7 hours later 50008437 Anonymous
>>50007871 FUCK. OFF! I refuse to deal with that bullshit. If I die alone because of that so be it. Good day.

7 hours later 50008486 Anonymous
>>50002635 >women will see this and want you. I... I don't think I want women anymore Anon.

7 hours later 50008504 Anonymous
>>50008057 Success can leave you therefore it isn't a part of you. You can get fat, you can lose your money, you could be in a horrible accident that leaves you disfigured. It can all go away like that anon and if it does she'll go too.

7 hours later 50008549 Anonymous
Stop lying to everyone OP and setting them back decades of development Women are opportunistic bitches who will fuck the one with the highest social value or money. Nothing else matters. Being a loud asshole turns them on more than any kind affection.

7 hours later 50008750 Anonymous
>>50008504 >if you change that isn't really you changing what?

8 hours later 50008921 Anonymous
>>50008750 Working hard and becoming successful so that a woman will love you isn't changing. I did that. Once I got love, I went back to doing what made me happy - being lazy. She got sick of me and left.

8 hours later 50009262 Anonymous
>>50008921 >I changed one part of myself and then changed back and it didnt help Cool, retard

8 hours later 50009325 Anonymous
>>50009262 The point is changing didn't make me happy, moron

8 hours later 50009634 Anonymous
>>50006920 >I'm a female and I don't require any of those things from men. He just has to be nice and share some interests and political beliefs with me. Alright, a/s/l/interests/political beliefs?

8 hours later 50009825 Anonymous
>>50007818 One, you're not gonna be a simple man once she really starts to get on your fucking nerve. You've got alot more to gain with the better female. Two, its not entitlement, its called having something to offer instead of being a dead weight. And three, A psychiatrist/therapist dont get intimate with you, their basically a friend who just listens to you and advises you. Whereas a female tries to give love instead. and last if you knew how relationships were and been through a couple, hows it gonna be a lottery? You gotta be pretty fucking retarded if you didnt learn something from the last relationship. You can spot red flags alot easier if you've been through a couple, saving you from the next crazy. >If I focus on myself to the point I get results, Why should I waste my time focusng on someone else which got me no results? You dont gotta waste your time on no one, you should only waste your time on someone who you think will improve you as a person. I mean you can die alone if thats how you roll, but thats a stark future my friend, in your 40's and 50's its gonna be a rough fucking ride soloing it.

9 hours later 50010184 Anonymous
>>50002635 I don't think this and I do love some aspects of my self but my childhood has ruined me and I'm emotionally damaged. I often want to die not for lack of a GF but I just get horrible feelings that come up. I also can't really find many people similar enough to myself for us to get along.

9 hours later 50010231 Anonymous
Stopped constantly worrying about dating. Became happy with my singleness. Worked on myself, read new books, learned things for fun, worked out, got involved in power sports. Ended up meeting a cute girl at a church function, got her number and actually have a wholesome relationship where we are just happy with being together.

9 hours later 50010265 Anonymous
>>50004767 no responses to you anon because no one can prove you wrong.

9 hours later 50010296 Anonymous (1515956193184.png 882x958 1250kB)
>>50002635 >Why does /r9k/ think that women are shallow, calculating beings incapable of love? because they are

9 hours later 50010494 Anonymous
>>50002635 "healthy">>>attractive "well adjusted">>>rich """""happy""""">>>chad personality, but like you know only soft sexism, in the bedroom (oh come on you and i both know most women wanted to be treated like sex objects)

9 hours later 50010538 Anonymous
>>50002801 i know its reddit teir shit at this point but maslows hierarchy, you cant find true happiness intill you follow through all the steps

9 hours later 50010546 Anonymous
>>50002635 >what most women really want is a healthy, well adjusted, happy and confident man Lmao

9 hours later 50010555 Anonymous (1406867931085.jpg 612x792 404kB)
Why does this thread have 200 posts? The OP had nothing original to offer; "love yourself," "you need to improve if you want to have a gf," "you're just rationalizing," etc. That's nothing that hasn't been posted a million times. Nobody outside of this board will ever accept that loneliness in a man's life isn't entirely his fault.

9 hours later 50010575 Anonymous (1538966911167.jpg 1015x704 106kB)
>>50010231 I am happy for you

9 hours later 50010578 Anonymous
>>50006916 Man this thread has some of the best responses I have seen in a long time on r9k.Keep up the good work anon.

9 hours later 50010669 Anonymous
>>50003149 Aside from the first one, not really... And even then, it's fleeting. If you can't find your way alone in this world, you're doomed.

9 hours later 50010673 Anonymous
This thread is gold.Robots laying out there arguments like fucking bertrand russell and btfoing these fucking disgusting normie bluepilled faggots.Autism put to good use finally.

9 hours later 50010784 Anonymous
>>50010673 >there arguments *their

10 hours later 50010831 Anonymous
>>50003178 obviously a backstabbing whore is not what i think of as my ideal gf. what a bizzare strawman to try and pull off

10 hours later 50010957 Anonymous
>>50004172 Thats all fine and dandy, but of we follow this idea, we need to stop government support for single moms. If I am not part of this system where the best genetics get passed on, I shouldn't have to pay taxes on poor peoples problems or single moms. It's even a bigger hole then that. Because kids from single parent households tend to commit more crimes ect. If Chad is fucking all these women and reproducing, he should take care of them. But of course, beta men being the pathetic fucking vermin they are will allow this system to continue because they can't deal with the fact they are alone. I wish sexbots come out soon. It's gonna throw a huge fucking wrench to the lives of everyone. It's gonna be revolutionary.

10 hours later 50010975 Anonymous
>>50002635 I know that getting a GF is just a coping mechanism Having a GF irl would be a horrendous experience Especially since no girl would actually love me Sure they could theoretically be attracted to me but they'll never truly love me My mom told me point blank girls are incapable of this

10 hours later 50011169 Anonymous
>>50002635 >happy and confident man I don't understand this. "You're miserable and hate yourself, so you don't deserve affection" like wtf

10 hours later 50011177 Anonymous
>>50004449 >PLEASE become a better person first What drivel. As if life has stats and once we lvl up enough, we can get a gf it some shit. Things just happen. It's all circumstantial. Shitty people get into relationships. Happy people get into relationships. Broken "depressed" people get into relationships. You just need to find someone who will put up with your shit. Unfortunately for most of the losers here, they haven't found that person. Things like social media just add to that division.

10 hours later 50011181 Anonymous
>>50004481 I told her how horrible she made me feel but honestly I just wanted her to feel bad for breaking my heart. It's her birthday today and I still love her I think. I didnt have sex, there was some distance, but even if I did visit her, I don't think I would've had sex unless I knew for certain she'd stay with me the rest of my life >>50004507 >23 This gives me hope thanks anon

10 hours later 50011201 Anonymous
>>50011181 she's not even fat either. (why do I have this thread still open)

10 hours later 50011217 Anonymous
>>50004473 >I just want to be in one so I can find out for myself and to be on the same developmental level as the majority of people my age. A little to late for that my friend. Just learn to accept yourself for who you are now.

10 hours later 50011240 Anonymous
>>50011177 >As if life has stats and once we lvl up enough, we can get a gf it some shit. Actually, when you put it that way, it starts to sound like "nice guy logic," right? Put in X amount of good boy points and receive Y units of sex. I thought that wasn't supposed to be how it works, that sex is just about genuine connections?

10 hours later 50011309 Anonymous
>>50004575 >I think its actually harder to remain a virgin past 25 Think I can put this on a job resume

10 hours later 50011332 Anonymous
>>50011177 No one will ever put up with my shit At best a girl will "offer" companionship in order to pay for everything including her kid's education and shit

10 hours later 50011335 Anonymous
>>50011240 That's what beta-orbiters think, that they can work their way up to getting the girl they like to like them back. It never works that way, despite fiction telling us it does with people like Ron Weasley, Leonard Hofstadter, etc... First impressions are everything. You're either a potential romantic partner or in the friend-zone from the moment you meet and that will not change afterwards no matter what you do, so you have to get "in" on the first shot or you never will.

10 hours later 50011344 Anonymous
>>50004671 Wow, projection the post. Get help buddy, you sound mentally ill

10 hours later 50011477 Anonymous
>>50011335 >It never works that way It worked like that for our parents' generation, so why wouldn't it work now?

10 hours later 50011495 Anonymous
>>50011477 Because the world has changed. Dating "rules" aren't the same now as they were even 20 years ago.

10 hours later 50011586 Anonymous
>>50004272 >imagine being this much of a moron

10 hours later 50011589 Anonymous
>>50011495 And who makes these rules if not the people playing the game?

10 hours later 50011801 Anonymous
>>50011201 I wouldn't care if she was. I care more about finding someone like me.

10 hours later 50011895 Anonymous
>>50003145 Because i'm not a worthless commie faggot like you

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