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2018-12-23 12:48 50002570 Anonymous My name is Katherine but everyone calls me Katie (kn.jpg 200x303 16kB)
>https://writeaprisoner.com/inmates /katherine-nadal-01593669/penpal >That first line probably sounds typical but there's nothing typical about me. >A bit about myself: well...I prefer to keep life interesting and the only way to do that is to encounter new ideas and perspectives. >Hopefully that's where you come in. In spite of my situation I try and stay positive and upbeat. >I'm interested in meeting people who are open to what life has to offer and can look beyond the mistakes I've made.

1 min later 50002590 Anonymous
http://www.nbcnews.com/id/32457057/ ns/us_news-crime_and_courts/t/mom-g ets-years-mutilating-sons-genitals/

3 min later 50002605 Anonymous
Imagine getting so high you cut your baby's dick off

4 min later 50002616 Anonymous
>>50002605 Please tell me you did this irl anon

8 min later 50002669 Anonymous
>>50002605 she cut his testicles off too.

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