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2018-12-23 12:48 50002569 Anonymous (09C3F2CD-46DF-46F8-B2E0-D5CAE56419C2.png 533x480 239kB)
Why am I so depressed. There is no reason I should feel this

2 min later 50002595 Anonymous
>iphone poster Correct. I couldn't imagine being a normalfag with depression. Drop the act, faggot.

27 min later 50002882 Anonymous
>>50002595 Lmao I've seen you in like two other threads. Must be fun posting from your laptop. Might as well namefag yknow

33 min later 50002942 NormieFags
>>50002569 Listen fag I was once just like you. Having a supporting family, a supporting group of friends and shitdamn even a fucking beautiful gf but with all of that I still was depressed as shit a lot of times. What did I do about it? decided that every time I feel down I just feel good. know it sounds like shit but maybe my tardness helped me with it or maybe I wasn't even depressed just going like all teenagers cunts. anyways. just like the song "Don't worry be happy" literally what I do. You should try it sometimes peace out fagget

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