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2018-12-23 12:44 50002519 Anonymous (lars.png 500x274 236kB)
when girls on the street smile at you does that have any significance?

1 min later 50002532 Anonymous
>>50002519 Yes, it means they find you cute and non-threatening. Cherish those moments because they don't happen for most people

1 min later 50002539 Anonymous
>>50002532 but in a way that would signal sexual attraction?

4 min later 50002572 Anonymous
>>50002519 it means they're laughing at you. they hate you

9 min later 50002620 Anonymous
>>50002519 not really people smile at people because they think its polite

21 min later 50002761 Anonymous
>>50002519 No. Absolutely not. Some people have this annyoing habit of smiling for no reason at all.

25 min later 50002804 Anonymous
>>50002519 They are interested in you and are giving a signal saying you should approach them and get their number.

34 min later 50002907 Anonymous
>>50002804 evidence for this?

45 min later 50003026 Anonymous
>>50002519 >when girls on the street smile at you this doesn't happen to me, but I guess that would really brighten my day if it did

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