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2018-12-23 12:39 50002483 Anonymous (granny.jpg 1079x979 267kB)
How are you and your family celebrating Christmas /r9k/ ?

0 min later 50002494 Anonymous
>>50002483 having a meal together and thats it

8 min later 50002563 Anonymous
My mom just had surgery so I'm going over early and helping my dad prepare all the food. Scalloped potatoes, bacon lil smokies, grape meatballs, ham, devilled eggs, 4 kinds of cookies, baklava, ambrosia, green beans, squash, Sour kraut & keilbasa, rolls, ham roll ups, more shit i forget. I STILL have to finish my Christmas roczkis and crafts and some laundry fuck my life. Hopefully my robot cousin doesn't show up this year and ruin Christmas again

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