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2018-12-23 12:37 50002463 Anonymous (end.jpg 1280x800 257kB)
I want to have a spiritual experience of some kind. I want to have affirmation that God/Satan/anything more than 3d reality is real. I have never had one.

1 min later 50002480 Anonymous
>>50002463 People are gonna recommend psychedelics left and right in this thread. Don't listen to them. You don't really have a spiritual experience, you just confuse yourself into thinking you have one. It just gives you temporary schizophrenia. It's bad for you and your mental state.

2 min later 50002493 Anonymous
>>50002463 To have that you need to see with your feels. Only through feel can you know the spirit atheists can't because they're to mechanical. they've become machines. Only those that can feel it, will get it

2 min later 50002496 Anonymous
>>50002480 How do you know you're not actually having a spiritual experience though?

5 min later 50002514 Anonymous
>>50002496 Because it's not genuine and you can feel it if you've ever had a real one before, such as a near-death experience. It's false and manufactured. Your brain will instantly know something is wrong.

8 min later 50002549 Anonymous (Transcendence.png 960x685 1040kB)
>>50002463 You'll have one, It'll come to you once you're truly ready. >>50002480 >It's bad for you and your mental state. Nah

37 min later 50002875 Anonymous
> I want to have affirmation that God/Satan/anything more than 3d reality is real. You don't need any of this God stuff to realize that there's much more to reality than we perceive. That's what science is about. I don't get why some people think it doesn't count when science addresses worlds beyond.

55 min later 50003069 Anonymous (r1xo91Y.jpg 1993x1921 781kB)
>>50002463 Go to an Ayahuasca retreat in South America (like Peru). Google around, Ayahuasca will show you things that are literally impossible to imagine in our day to day mindset. It is also legal and dirt-cheap if you want to take it at home: https://maya-ethnobotanicals.com/he rbs/by-category/ayahuasca Here is how to use it recreationally if you jist want to dip your toes first: https://www.dmt-nexus.me/forum/defa ult.aspx?g=posts&t=52019 Here is a testimony from a former materialist physician on how Ayahuasca changed him: https://youtu.be/YqsdCqKQCLU And lastly check out the documentary The Spirit Molecule: https://youtu.be/LtT6Xkk-kzk

57 min later 50003085 Anonymous
>>50003069 >Go to an Ayahuasca retreat in South America (like Peru) Easiest way to get robbed, scammed and raped if you're a girl

1 hours later 50003221 Anonymous
>>50002480 >It's bad for you and your mental state How so?

1 hours later 50003236 Anonymous
>>50003221 >i-it just is! because I am a christian and everything I don't understand is of the devil!11!!!!

1 hours later 50003242 Anonymous
>>50003221 It's not the true path like mine which is the true path because I said so.

2 hours later 50003982 Anonymous
>>50002463 >Wanting to go beyond the limits of reality Sorry friendo, anyone who claims to have ever had a spiritual experience are either lying or crazy. People can interpret anything they want to be "spiritual". You can believe whatever you want, despite anything anyone says; believing in something doesn't make it true. Beliefs give people hope that there is something supernatural beyond reality. People tend to get too caught up in beliefs though.

2 hours later 50004009 Anonymous
>>50003221 It leads you to believe you discovered some great truth when you just ended up confusing yourself and giving yourself temporary schizophrenia. Medical researchers use psychedelics to simulate schizophrenia for a reason. >>50003236 I am not a Christian. >>50003242 It's not a path at all, it's an obstacle in your current one that makes you think you're going forward.

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