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2018-12-23 12:33 50002418 Anonymous (EDGING, PULSATING ORGASM.webm 1280x720 2001kB)
Does anyone eIse ever feel jealous of female sexual pleasure? l don't think l want to be a woman, but sometimes I look at my dick and just wish I had a vagina sometimes. I hate having a refractory period. I wish I could have multiple orgasms I don't even hate Women. I just wish I had a warm, wet hole between my legs instead my pink/bright red dick I get so jealous and depressed every time I see a woman because of this. If I ever did get a gf I'd always feel inadequate and like I'm missing out on one of life's great joys. I'd kill to be able to enjoy orgasming like a female, even once. Yet they get do it any time they want for as long as they want, usually multiple times in a row. l believe that all misogyny is rooted in men's jealousy of and feeling of inferiority to women and their vastly superior sexual pleasure. l hate knowing I'm missing out on life's greatest pleasure. Even ftm trannies complain about how testosterone has weakened their orgasms and try and get their female pleasure back.

6 min later 50002490 Anonymous
>>50002418 >Most women can't orgasm during sex because their sexual organs are small and internal. >They have to finish the job by hand most of the time. I'm just seething with jealousy over here.

11 min later 50002524 Anonymous (its_afraid.webm 1280x720 1928kB)
>>50002418 I get your point mate But can you please stop reposting this EVERY SINGLE DAY?

12 min later 50002537 Anonymous
I swear to god if you larping faggots post this fucking thread again

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