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2018-12-23 12:29 50002388 Anonymous (Screenshot_1.png 499x855 258kB)
>wake up >take a shit >eat breakfast >commute to work >slave 8 hours away >commute back >force feed again >run other errands >pass the time by watching or playing something >fuck gf / wife if you're lucky enough >sleep All of working class has essentially the same routine. Then how come we get burnt out and can barely take it while normals are full of enthusiasm and end each day with a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment and look forward to another day of slavery? Not like I wanna be like them myself, it just amazes me how different and distorted the world is to them and they see nothing wrong with it.

17 min later 50002560 Anonymous (0f9[1].jpg 600x456 29kB)
>>50002388 >He only has to work 8 hours a day. >He thinks that's tough.

27 min later 50002671 Anonymous
>>50002560 >people in even worse conditions brag about how bad they have it

41 min later 50002822 Anonymous
>>50002388 >wake up at 6:30am >bathroom routine >make coffee >read for an hour before work >work until lunch >eat outside by myself mostly >take a small walk >finish the day >go to the gym at 5:10pm for an hour/and a half sometimes >pick up dinner on the way home: meat and vegetables >put on some music or a podcast, I like mma news and interviews, bookworm interviews with old authors >write for 2 hours (I'm an aspiring write fag, under no delusions of fame or fortune, no delusions of talent or greatness, just my only passion and if I do it every day until I'm 80 I figure I'll find a way to make it work for me) >usually 9:00pm at this point, sometimes I slack off and only write for an hour >read until 10:00pm >put on a comfy show in the background and browse /r9k/ before bed There you go. That's me every day. Does it get dull sometimes? Yes. But I enjoy my simple pleasures and enjoy the pursuit of a goal in my spare time. On weekends I play video games, drink and eat junk food like a total degenerate. I am currently saving up for a 3 month holiday. Things are okay.

1 hours later 50003045 Anonymous
>>50002388 on the bright side we will all perish and wither away someday meaning we no longer have to work when this happens :))

1 hours later 50003345 Anonymous
>>50002388 Wageslave here. You are right, that my daily routine. I'm not a millionaire, so I have to work for eating, there is not other way around, like being a neet living off my parents, that's sick.

1 hours later 50003384 Anonymous
>>50002822 what ya writan?

1 hours later 50003452 Anonymous
>>50002388 >>50002822 Having a steady job you can plan around sounds comfy as fuck.

2 hours later 50003724 Anonymous
>>50003384 Short stories. Mostly just about my home town. Each one I write is longer than the last so I will be approaching my first novella length work soon. It will likely be about my home town as well. Australia has very little literature and I like to fantasise about being the one of the few to capture my region.

2 hours later 50003790 Anonymous (1544114461399.gif 1000x640 130kB)
>>50002388 >do simple and repetitive work >actually like it because I can turn off my brain for a while and get paid for it >plenty of opportunities to mess around with coworkers >relax at home not feeling like a piece of shit for laying down all day

2 hours later 50003804 Anonymous (1491700309719.png 650x650 10kB)
>>50002560 >Settling for a job that requires more than 8 hours a day That's not pitiable; you're just a retard.

2 hours later 50003821 Anonymous
>>50002671 Welcome to r9k fucking fag

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