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2018-12-23 12:27 50002367 Anonymous (1545486312964.jpg 430x650 30kB)

3 min later 50002390 Anonymous
>>50002367 based cat, id unironically like to be ruled exclusively by cats

19 min later 50002548 Anonymous
>>50002390 Shut up you little bitch. I bet you get fucked in the ass haha

24 min later 50002606 Anonymous
If only you knew how pure and fluffy things really are.

27 min later 50002631 Anonymous
What the fuck is a cat? Literally just take a minute to look at pic related and question it.

29 min later 50002652 Anonymous
>>50002548 had no idea mice browsed here

31 min later 50002683 Anonymous
>>50002367 Remember when 4chan and the internet were dominated by pictures of funny cats at one point Remember caturday Damnn....

1 hours later 50003237 Anonymous
>>50002631 They're fluffy kill rumblers. Meow meow

1 hours later 50003274 Anonymous (every god damn day.jpg 875x737 123kB)

1 hours later 50003291 Anonymous
>>50002683 They still do Caturday on /b/

1 hours later 50003364 Anonymous
>>50003274 I just leave my door open at that point. [Spoiler] Unless you're talking about it wanting to go outside. That has no end. [/Spoiler]

1 hours later 50003416 Anonymous
>>50002659 >anime girl avatars no thanks

1 hours later 50003611 Anonymous
>>50002367 Based and ReowPilled

2 hours later 50003656 Anonymous
Fucking cat goes sicko mode!

3 hours later 50004923 Anonymous
>>50003656 oh hi /mu/tant

4 hours later 50005401 Anonymous (CAT.jpg 1407x832 58kB)

4 hours later 50005519 Anonymous
>>50002367 i like this thread more importantly i like you op

4 hours later 50005556 Anonymous (this cat.jpg 1024x1004 60kB)
Very deep sounding mow.

5 hours later 50005723 Anonymous
>>50005519 That meowns a lot to meow

5 hours later 50005757 Anonymous
>>50002631 Cute fluffy killing machines.

5 hours later 50005764 Anonymous (swag.jpg 375x375 18kB)
>>50002652 Did someone say mice?

5 hours later 50005814 Anonymous
>>50005764 N-no, man. We're all cats here

5 hours later 50005933 Anonymous (meowtrump.jpg 660x532 85kB)
>>50005814 We will have open borders for all mice

5 hours later 50006220 Anonymous (u7todnpe2c221.png 234x242 99kB)

5 hours later 50006298 Anonymous (43i926u2i2.jpg 500x500 80kB)
>>50002367 Here's a photo I took with the boys on a night out.

5 hours later 50006361 Anonymous (Koala.jpg 1024x768 780kB)
what the fak cunt heaw the facken sheet did oui get heer cant thisiz facken trippen me eaut cunt

6 hours later 50006659 Anonymous (dontmesswiththiscat.jpg 604x438 14kB)
>>50003291 yeah, it's called s/fur/

6 hours later 50006690 Anonymous (autist-cat-5901d7fee9377.jpg 960x960 201kB)
[meows autistically]

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