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2018-12-23 12:26 50002364 Anonymous (flat,800x800,075,t.jpg 800x800 58kB)
did I curse myself? >have crush on the girl with big tits in my town >we date for awhile and she lives up the road >I used to be a robot but worked out a lot and met friends and became a chad >she was alright treated me good, was nice, didn't get around but she did have a big ass ex boyfriend that emasculated me though >we were dating for awhile and she sends me nudes >one day I think of the idea of getting off while posting her tits >show her tits to people online >I eventually make a fake kik profile of her and send her nudes out all over to horny strangers >I was prescribed Ritalin and it would make me fucking JACK off to this idea like nothing before >I couldn't think I couldn't talk I was just so god damn horny about this idea I would lock myself away no matter WHERE I was and jack off posting her nudes >I was sending her big ass huge perfect tits all over the place while getting off >I would snort my medication jack off to it 2 times in a row and then just snort more pills and go back >even though my dick was completely shriveled and dead this shit made me so hot I would get hard and cum again easy as fuck I had to hold it back and edge cumming like 5 times a night >I would eventually do it to other girls >I got girls nudes off kik and sent them around the internet with fake profiles of them too ever since this my life has been shit. i pretty much quit it my ex got fat had kids her tits got ruined i felt bad for all the girls so i stopped doing it. i had to quit all drugs so i dont even have that medication to snort anymore although every stim makes me feel that way and i cant do them or control it

11 min later 50002464 Anonymous
Still got those nudes my dude?

16 min later 50002509 Anonymous
Hes asking the real questions. Still got them?

50 min later 50002887 Anonymous
>>50002509 >>50002464 they're kinda pointless now. she got fat as fuck and had kids. I imagine the nipples look like shit and they're saggy on top of a fat stretch mark covered stomach

52 min later 50002911 Anonymous
>>50002364 Yes, because you ignored the fact that private pictures should be kept private. Sorry buddy. You spread pictures that we weren't yours. It's even a law. Don't spread other peoples pictures of info

56 min later 50002945 Anonymous
>>50002887 No one cares how she looks now. Only matters how she looked at her peak. Post best nudes you have.

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