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2018-12-23 12:20 50002318 Anonymous (A05579F5-D4F2-42EB-BC25-458F26AF8A78.png 750x1334 986kB)
Femanons, post your minimum requirements for a boyfriend and your ideal boyfriend. Also include your general location if you desire replies. Maybe you'll find a Chistmas Miracle? Template: minimum > > ideal > >

2 min later 50002336 Anonymous (1545123341404.jpg 1000x750 107kB)
Hahahaha trying to start a hookup thread on /r9k/. Fucking loser. Bet you look like pic related

3 min later 50002349 Anonymous
Minimum >6'0 >6.5" >employed >not living with parents >good hygiene >no childish hobbies >must eat thy pussy

10 min later 50002396 Anonymous
>>50002336 That is unironically one of the worst non-physically deformed bodies I've ever seen.

10 min later 50002399 Anonymous
>>50002349 Lost me at eating pussy.

10 min later 50002400 Anonymous
>>50002349 Leave our board

12 min later 50002423 Anonymous
>>50002318 >Maybe you'll find a Chistmas Miracle? Already happened or I mean about to. I'm at his parents snowy mountain home, like its huge though, for Christmas and they are teaching me to snowboard today. Last night we made out by a fire after his parents and other family went to bed and I almost broke down and let him do it. His whole family is tall, fit, flawless skin, educated and articulate and athletic. I didn't know this life even existed and plan to have sex the first time tomorrow night with him. Pinch me this must be a dream.

13 min later 50002426 Anonymous
min: >tall >white >pale skin >blue/green eyes >at least a 6/10 >high iq >incapable of ever getting offended >humble >can hold and carry a conversation from start to finish >not a normalfag >emotionally mature and reasonable >completely, 100% heterosexual >doesn't have degenerate morals/values >skinny/slender build >absolutely no beard or stubble ideal: >noticeably tall >handsome face >blue/green eyes >very pale >slender build >somewhat well kept dark or naturally blond hair >fairly physically strong despite his outward appearance >always clean cut >mainly dresses in neutral colours & doesn't wear rags >speaks his mind >reasonable >emotionally mature >very calm & composed demeanour >noticeably intelligent, contemplative, and analytical >doesn't get frightened, disturbed, angry, or scared >very thick skinned/legitimately unable to get offended by things >completely unaffected by insults/mockery/ridicule >not particularly resentful or bitter >has complete self control in most/all aspects >perfectly reliable & trustworthy >keeps his word/promises >consistent in his opinions & the things he says >calculating (to some degree) >can embarrass me/make me feel silly very easily >cute/silly/dorky laugh >medium deep voice >mostly apolitical >offensive/dry/almost sort of childish sense of humour >completely lacks an ego >aware of all of his faults >very patient and very intuitive >not afraid to apologise if necessary >easy going & interesting/fun to talk to >somewhat polite/well mannered >perfectly able to handle rejection/not getting his way >very solitary & rarely (if ever) feels lonely >comes off as sort of intense most of the time, but not humourless >returns favours >very stoic and doesn't experience strong emotions, but still can be caring and somewhat affectionate >loyal and doesn't leave at the drop of a hat >has great hygiene >does not try to assert/reinforce that he is superior to me

13 min later 50002433 Anonymous
>>50002423 Happy for you Anon. How did you two meet?

14 min later 50002438 Anonymous
>>50002318 lol is that the neo-Nazi the Golden One?

14 min later 50002440 Anonymous
>>50002426 >that giant list No wonder you're single

15 min later 50002444 Anonymous
>>50002440 Shrug. Having high standards is good; it means you know what you want, and you know your worth.

15 min later 50002448 Anonymous
>>50002426 Why the low standards? >>50002438 No idea.

18 min later 50002477 Anonymous
>>50002426 what is attractive about being skinny/slender?

18 min later 50002486 Anonymous
>>50002477 It's just a very aesthetic body type. I am only capable of being attracted to very skinny/slender people.

19 min later 50002488 Anonymous
>>50002426 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHo MDO9SGrw He's super fit but doesn't show it except for in the bed He makes you laugh but only when it is appropriate He's making money but somehow he never lost his cred He is the american male! He's sensitive, but not a wuss, his inner child is strong Yet he's a bad-boy but his honesty can do no wrong He mates for life despite that other women want his dong He is the american male!

22 min later 50002516 Anonymous (520536-Scales-512.png 512x512 22kB)
>>50002444 When you compare some1 elses worth make sure its in the form of a weighing scale so that both sides are equal and by that I mean, If you want the fuckin huge-ass list as above fembot make sure you meet all of that guys preferences and wishes on the same level too

24 min later 50002529 Anonymous
>>50002433 At university. I pledged a sorority despite my fear (first person male of female to attend university in my family) in the fall (freshman) and one of the senior sorority sisters made me approach a really popular junior and ask him for a selfie with him kissing me as part of my sorority pledge scavenger hunt. Swear I saw stars when he did but he just laughed after and walked off. I strategically "bumped" into him afterwards like 3 or 4 times daily so he asked me out (yay) and the great thing is he hasn't pressured me for sex at all.

25 min later 50002544 Anonymous
>>50002318 appearance >at least 4 inches taller than me (im 5'5) >not obese, a little chubby is OK >isnt bald hobbies/personality/lifestyle >has a job >loves dogs >doesnt live with his parents >not neo nazi/white supremacist/white nationalist/alt right all that other crap >doesnt have addictions >showers regulary >doesnt like anime with harems

26 min later 50002556 Anonymous
>>50002544 >loves dog fuckin vomit.jpg

28 min later 50002580 Anonymous
>>50002556 yeah dogs are fucking nasty. I don't get it. Its like the person takes on the personality of the dog, like they cannot be themselves without the dog around or talking about the dog and only hanging out with people with a dog. The dog isn't on the leash the person is.

31 min later 50002611 Anonymous
>>50002349 >>6 '0 >6.5" Shallow and retarded if you're not at least 5'8 yourself. >employed Perfectly fine requirement, I hope you are eployed as well. >not living with parents Ok >good hygiene Perfectly fine requirement. >no childish hobbies You have no say in that woman. >must eat thy pussy You must be his first and last then.

32 min later 50002618 Anonymous
>>50002318 >>>/soc/ Go away, newfag

33 min later 50002628 Anonymous
>>50002488 I'm surprised that made it past the robot, but I'm glad it did. Based neeley poster.

33 min later 50002632 Anonymous
>>50002426 That is a very autistic list for a gay man.

33 min later 50002634 Anonymous
>>50002580 right? at least cats are fucking independent and have their own needs and personality and don't just instinctively latch onto you, you have to wait for cats to warm up to you. liking dogs is literally just some fucking shitty roastie trend, and i reject it. it's one of the worst things to happen to this generation. i fucking hate dogs, and anyone who likes them is low iq. people use dogs/pets in general as a substitute for their complete lack of personality anyway

34 min later 50002641 Anonymous
>>50002529 Aww, sounds almost too good to be true. How long have you been together? Spending Christmas together is a medium sized milestone.

37 min later 50002675 Anonymous
>>50002516 lol no, I'm not obese, I have a degree I'm not tall myself but males like petite girls so it's ok. And I didn;t had many partners as well so If he wants some pussy he needs to provide.

38 min later 50002687 Anonymous
>>50002675 It's so fucking boring and predictable when you faggots try to pretend to be other posters. You aren't me. Go kill yourself.

39 min later 50002711 Anonymous
>>50002544 >im 5'5 holy shit are you a lil midget? You're a fucking minimize miniature if you're not 5'10, like I get it you want to be cute, then be at least 5'7. Y'all wanna +6 tall but hoes you;re not even close to 6 yourself, what babies will you make you think? Midgets

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