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2018-12-23 12:20 50002316 Anonymous Who is she and why is she important? (autism gurl.png 818x720 444kB)
Saw her shilling her YouTube also. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJ IJBVZmS5vwC8NWo5MiCYA

27 min later 50002568 Anonymous
she looks like reviewbro

32 min later 50002612 Anonymous (images (5).jpg 640x360 24kB)
>>50002568 That is true white rat looking nibbas

38 min later 50002690 Anonymous
>No akward lady friend to talk to feels bad

46 min later 50002780 Anonymous (pepehead.jpg 1700x1133 85kB)
Anyone got any info on her though?

1 hours later 50003482 Anonymous
Her name is sunny. She was friends with ciara. I'd recommend staying away.

1 hours later 50003510 Anonymous (sunny s.jpg 349x413 14kB)
>>50002316 Sunny is honestly so fucking hot, I'd give my left ball in order to have my dick placed within her bosom. I feel so madly in love with Sunny it's ridiculous, Kaya if you're reading this please for the love of God respond, it'd make my day I need to be in your presence at one time or another in my life I need to be in your embrace omg.

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