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2012-12-20 08:30 4888169 Anonymous (1351815327947.jpg 1959x1469 416kB)
Do you ever stop to think about all the /r9k/ users who have either passed away or committed suicide?

2 min later 4888195 Anonymous
No. Fuck 'em.

3 min later 4888205 Anonymous
Why? Would you think about me?

3 min later 4888206 Anonymous
>>4888169 what is there to think about them? they might have been just like me... and... ... they're dead?

3 min later 4888210 Anonymous
Yeah, we've had this thread before. I wonder if there were any robots who killed themselves when /r9k/ was gone, thinking it would never come back again and so they pretty much had nothing left to live for. Would that make moot a murderer?

4 min later 4888211 Anonymous
>>4888169 Suicide is for cowards. The Robot has spoken.

6 min later 4888229 Anonymous
Nope. Fuck every last one of them. Except for the small few who genuinely got fucked over by life and offed themselves.

7 min later 4888238 Anonymous
I noticed there aren't that many 4chan users over age 30 What happens to them? Did they finally find happiness and get off this shithole? Did they kill themselves? Do they still lead the same miserable lives, but without coming here?

10 min later 4888264 Anonymous
>>4888211 when you dont want to live and your instincts are telling you that you dont want to die suicide is for heros if its such an easy way out then it should be easy enough for you to do. go on, do it, kill yourself show us how easy it is anon. Killing yourself is one of the bravest things you can do up with risking your life for someone or something. Just because something is selfish, it doesnt mean its easy.

10 min later 4888267 Anonymous
>>4888238 Probably one of those three, yeah.

10 min later 4888270 Anonymous
>>4888238 Wizardhood, bro. Not much time for 4chan when you're pondering the secrets of the arcane.

10 min later 4888274 Anonymous
>>4888264 >when you dont want to liveand your instincts are telling you that you dont want to die totally how i feel, man The worst shit ever

11 min later 4888282 Anonymous
>>4888238 >mfw I didn't ever come here until I was in my 30s

14 min later 4888308 Anonymous
>>4888169 Nope. They should have actively taken steps to improve their lives, rather than expecting happiness to be handed to them on a silver platter.

19 min later 4888347 Anonymous
>>4888264 It's easy to go against instinct for me. But I don't want do die. And personally I don't see how death could be better than life. Even in the worst times of my life. Exception of one time, worst physical pain I've ever felt.

22 min later 4888368 Anonymous
Yes, all the time. I wonder what colorful and perfect dreams each of them had, what they might've done in life had they not been caught up in this great wave of cynicism and despair. I wonder also about those who are on the verge of losing the last inkling of hope, and if by some miraculous chance I could post something to restore it. I regret not doing more, but I selfishly stay away to preserve my own sanity. But I care about them and all of their feels.

23 min later 4888383 Anonymous
>>4888368 >might've done in life nothing

23 min later 4888389 Anonymous
>>4888238 A lot left after /r9k/ shut down. The old r9k had older users so it was more discussion instead of just bullshit shitposting and feels There were plenty of baww and ronery threads but a lot of discussion too since a lot of the older users came here to talk about stuff. Now it's just 20 year olds who think they're depressed because they can't get gf's. r9k used to be a lot of older people who had given up on finding a gf and they wanted to come and talk about it as well as other stuff Now there are some older robots but not as many as before. A lot of the people on r9k now are posers. They're whiny kids who come to complain because at 19, they're virgins

25 min later 4888409 Anonymous
i wanna say pce to my homie lil g-nut 4rm 40 blocc also to my bg cuddie-mac rest in paradise negro. spillin out some st ides wit my locs on to cover the tears.

28 min later 4888432 Anonymous
>>4888409 i shouldn't have laughed, man

29 min later 4888439 Anonymous
>>4888389 This a hundred times I think most just moved onto over boards and chans after /r9k/ was deleted.There's just not much of a reason to visit here anymore except out of habit.

31 min later 4888468 Anonymous
>>4888389 >people on r9k now are posers. They're whiny kids who come to complain because at 19, they're virgins r9k will never be the same Fuck you Moot you faggot for closing it down because your new Jew bitch gf told you to

38 min later 4888536 Anonymous
>>4888389 >>4888439 >>4888468 Eh. Ancientfag, still here. Went to the "new9k" while this one was gone, hated that there were like 20 tripfags for every anon. Back here but actually visit some of the other boards now (never really visited any before). I mean a lot of the conversations from other boards -- even /diy/ -- could have been here before.

42 min later 4888560 Anonymous
>>4888264 Do you also believe that eating hamburgers is heroic?

43 min later 4888573 Anonymous
>>4888536 >I mean a lot of the conversations from other boards -- even /diy/ -- could have been here before. This is what made the old r9k good, people could talk about anything. And there were actual discussions, not this shitposting with attentionwhoring faggots like JLH or Swami and 19 year old kids saying they have no gf so their lives are over The older users need to come aback and the younger users need to fucking mature so this place can be good again. There are hardly any good threads on this board now and the good threads hardly get any replies

45 min later 4888591 Anonymous
>>4888573 >look at me im such an oldfag Things change, grandpa. Sit there and whine about how things were better back in the day, it won't change anything.

46 min later 4888596 Anonymous
>>4888573 I have faith it'll gradually change, unfortunately /r9k/ is now known as "that board you complain about women on" rather than... well, I don't think people even then were in 100% agreement on what it was. To some it was a grown up /b/. To others, greentext discussions.

48 min later 4888611 Anonymous
>>4888573 It obviously can't be that bad considering you're still coming here.

48 min later 4888614 Anonymous
>>4888591 No, it won't, but it's not like there are many meta discussions here. Except of the "if I see that fucking frog again..." which are more rageposting than anything else. It's cool to know there are other people who feel the same way. Things do change, they just take awhile. When was the last time you saw foreveralone.jpg posted here? That was every thread, not to mention the title at the top of the page.

51 min later 4888641 Anonymous
>>4888591 Go make more feel threads

52 min later 4888649 Anonymous
>>4888560 If eating hamburgers is heroic consider me gilgamesh

52 min later 4888653 Anonymous
>>4888614 I remember that, the board had a name change. Fuck the old r9k was funny

53 min later 4888661 Anonymous
>>4888591 Yeah, /r9k/ is a lot better when it's 90% tfw nogf :((((((((( I hated all the huge green text stories about people lives and experiences and the unique Anons that detailed their amazing lives. That guy who proved he owned Omegle and posted here was a faggot, he probably didn't even want a qt3.14 hipster gf with a fart fetish.

53 min later 4888663 Anonymous
>>4888611 I'm not going to reddit, although come here much less now that before. r9k is losing a lot of people to reddit though

55 min later 4888673 Anonymous
ITT: Dead fellow anons thread is ruined by oldfags whining

55 min later 4888678 Anonymous
>>4888661 >That guy who proved he owned Omegle That's the fucking shit we had on the old /r9k/. Guy who started Omegle came here to make a thread. Now it's just kids saying they want to die because they have no gf

55 min later 4888681 Anonymous
>>4888673 They have no shame.

57 min later 4888688 Anonymous
>Eeeyore is still posting Nope. I wish they would just get it over with.

57 min later 4888695 Anonymous
I don't think we can even know if someone has killed themselves here. If they wanted to, they definitely wouldn't post about it.

58 min later 4888702 Anonymous
>>4888238 I'm 32. Been around here since 26. I'm still a virgin. Life is kind of miserable, but just psychologically miserable. You tell yourself you're gonna do better, and everything around you says "lol no get back to bed" I'm not as vocal as a lot of the others, though -- I laugh just as hard over stupid spaghetti shit

59 min later 4888704 Anonymous
>>4888673 The oldfags are the only ones who actually knew the dead anons. Did you know about the guy who committed suicide on cam and hung until his sister found him? The guy who posted a picture of him and 10's of thousands of dollars of Columbian cocaine so he could go out with a bang? The guy who raped, killed and burnt a girl, then committed suicide in prison? The old man who posted near daily but mysteriously stopped one day, assumedly being hospitalized or dying (it was like 3 years ago now so you can assume he's dead)? I don't think you do, you just want to wallow in another "feel", one that you've got no idea of.

1 hours later 4888713 Anonymous
What a sad thought. >This glass of iced tea is for all the fallen robots RIP

1 hours later 4888728 Anonymous
>>4888704 Because less than 6 anons represent everyone who has ever visited here and killed themselves. Good god you are a pathetic pile of shit.

1 hours later 4888740 Anonymous
>>4888728 >telling me something I already don't know full pleb

1 hours later 4888750 Anonymous
>>4888740 >proving my point

1 hours later 4888754 Anonymous
>>4888728 And you are toasting people you don't even know exist. Can you show me any examples, or proof of what you're getting all feely about? No, you just want to circlejerk about something so you can look like you're part of /r9k/,

1 hours later 4888771 Anonymous
>>4888704 I never liked that guy.. but damn, I wonder what happened to him

1 hours later 4888773 Anonymous
>>4888238 33 y/o here. I stopped coming to 4chan after I got a life. Now that I've lost my job, am getting divorced and have generally fucked everything up, I'm back again. It's kind of like a nice, safe home-base when life kind of kicks you in the ass.

1 hours later 4888777 Anonymous
>>4888704 I bet you're the type of robot who goes around calling people normalfags, huh?

1 hours later 4888795 Anonymous
>>4888777 Yes, the guy who's saying that the people who say "tfw no gf" are fags, and is lamenting the fact that there's no more cool stories about unique peoples lives is also the guy who complains about normalfags.

1 hours later 4888824 Anonymous
>>4888728 This. The thread is about all the dead anons, not the ones you've personally seen kill themselves and consider yourself a special little snowflake over.

1 hours later 4888840 Anonymous
>>4888824 You realize that's no different than the million facebook statuses of "oh wow I feel so bad for those kids my heart goes out to them xxxx." right? You don't know these people, and when you talk to someone who had the slightest clue who they were you call them a faggot for not wanting to piss all over their corpses with "tfw dead anons :("

1 hours later 4888846 Anonymous
>>4888824 So then what the fuck is the point of this thread? OH HEY DEAD ANONS HAPPENED BUT YOU CAN'T TALK ABOUT ANY OF THEM What the hell do you want people to post? >mfw anon ded >i cant belive hes gone >:( so many feels

1 hours later 4888849 Anonymous
>>4888840 You didn't know them either. You really think reading a few of their posts online or seeing them hanging from a ceiling fan counts as "knowing" them

1 hours later 4888883 Anonymous
>>4888849 I didn't know them, I don't claim to have known them, but I do know they existed. You didn't. You didn't know any of them, you didn't even know anything about them, but you just want to have something else to feel about. Yet one of us wants to talk about them (without any examples of course because you have to talk about the feel of dead Anons and not about dead Anons), and it's not me.

1 hours later 4888906 Anonymous
I've seen some crazy shit on /r9k/ but this takes the cake in terms of sad samefaggotry.

1 hours later 4888923 Anonymous
>>4888906 >everyone who disagrees with me is the same person I dunno which side you're on but it's gay and you're gay

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