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2012-12-15 11:36 4828556 guy (15yr preteen Lacey B tits nipple tweak teen webcam.jpg 499x750 50kB)
ask a guy who was sexually abused as a child anything

1 min later 4828573 Anonymous
by who?

1 min later 4828576 Anonymous
>>4828556 How? did your dad diddle your bumhole??

3 min later 4828592 guy
>>4828573 >>4828576 it was an aunt.

5 min later 4828611 Anonymous
so wat did she do

5 min later 4828614 Anonymous
I really hate when people don't start these threads with a story how it all happened the first time. And then continue with more stories. Gtfo if you won't explain shit.

5 min later 4828617 Anonymous
>>4828592 So you didnt really get molested...

6 min later 4828627 Anonymous
>>4828617 Unless ofcourse she was a fat whale. Then you got really molested

8 min later 4828648 Anonymous
Did you orgasm?

9 min later 4828658 guy
>>4828611 >>4828614 I often stayed at her home because both of my parents used to work back then. She started one day while bathing me, she just started playing around with my penis and foreskin, asked if I knew it could go all the way down and told me to show her. She said she was curious because girls didn't have one, she then asked me if I'd like to see what she had and showed me then got dressed and continued as if nothing had happened.

11 min later 4828678 guy
>>4828648 no never >>4828627 she is pretty average by how she looks.

11 min later 4828681 Anonymous
>>4828658 >she then asked me if I'd like to see what she had and showed me so you wanted to see it that's not molestation faggot

12 min later 4828689 guy
>>4828681 I was fucking 5...

12 min later 4828691 Anonymous
>>4828614 Give that fucker the ban hammer!

13 min later 4828701 Anonymous
>>4828689 you didn't not want it faggot

14 min later 4828720 Anonymous
Whats the most recent memory of your molestation? And cleaning your dick for you (and a little education) isn't sexual abuse. It's good parenting. Go on...

15 min later 4828722 Anonymous
>>4828701 >>4828681 I weep for humanity

15 min later 4828730 Anonymous
How does karma feel when it's up in your ass area? Are you sorry for your action/inaction that led to a child being abused in your previous life?

15 min later 4828732 SovietRussia
say what now? Im intrigued to know more!

15 min later 4828734 Anonymous
>op's filename wat oxymoron

18 min later 4828756 guy
>>4828720 stuff like that started to happen more and more often for about a year, she eventually made me touch her vagina and kiss it. She also tried to masturbate me and she liked to bit my butt. Last time I remember her doing anything she tried to make me give her oral and touch her anus but I was really disgusted by that.

18 min later 4828760 Anonymous
>>4828722 i bet you shove things up your ass too don't you faggot

20 min later 4828783 Anonymous
>>4828730 so all abused children were child molestors in previous lifes? that gives life a whole new meaning.

22 min later 4828794 Anonymous
>>4828783 they all were abused by a guy who eventually became a child molested by a guy who eventually became a child molested by a guy who eventually became a child molested by a guy who eventually became molested by a child.

26 min later 4828834 Anonymous
oh look, women and hurrr dudebro "manly" guys coming in and discrediting and making fun of OP. This is the problem. Die.

29 min later 4828859 Anonymous
>>4828834 we're all dead inside man.Give us a break

30 min later 4828867 Anonymous
>>4828756 How old were you during the most recent event? And have you confronted/spoken to anyone in your family about this?

30 min later 4828872 Anonymous
>>4828556 what was it like getting laid as a kid?

31 min later 4828883 guy
>>4828867 it stopped before I turned 7 and no I actually have never talked about it to anyone. Still see my aunt every now and then.

33 min later 4828904 Anonymous

33 min later 4828907 guy
>>4828872 I never quite understood what happened until I was in my teens. I didn't like it, she always forced me to do stuff I thought were disgusting.

34 min later 4828921 Anonymous
>>4828883 Does it still bother you? Do you act all 'wronged' and 'world owes me', or have you just come to let it pass, chalk it up as a memory?

35 min later 4828931 Anonymous
>>4828556 Do you post pictures of nasty fake tits because you were abused? That is, has your abuse history twisted your preference in women into something...un-natural?

35 min later 4828932 Anonymous (VeryIDuckDuckWeBeeINotNotVeryWeBeeYouEelEel.jpg.jpg 685x600 128kB)
>>4828907 So you're gay then?

36 min later 4828942 guy
>>4828921 I'm angry at her and I strongly dislike spending time with her. I do not feel like thw world owes me anything I guess I just always tried to move on. It was a bit difficult to feel comfortable with sex though.

37 min later 4828955 guy
>>4828932 No but back then the thought of having the parts where she peed and pooped in my mouth was disgusting.

38 min later 4828965 3ck0
>>4828942 Have you thought about killing her? Or doing awful things to her, now that you're capable? Also, I am.. >>4828921 >>4828867 >>4828720

39 min later 4828973 Anonymous
>>4828556 What makes you think you were special? I was molested too and I imagine I'm not alone on r9k

40 min later 4828981 guy
>>4828965 I have thought of coming clean, like pressing charges and everything but I don't know if I can even proove it.

41 min later 4828993 guy
>>4828973 What makes you think I think I'm special? I started a thread on r9k, how is that special at all?

42 min later 4829015 3ck0
>>4828981 You'll never get to proving that. Unless you set up a secret camera in your young age. How about just telling her that you remember, maybe she feels shame or guilt for it? Or torching her house.

44 min later 4829032 Anonymous
>>4829015 Or sexually abusing *her* children for a change.

44 min later 4829034 guy
>>4829015 I'll probably do that someday, tell her that I remember. Hopefully it'll at least make her scared that I'll tell other people.

44 min later 4829038 Anonymous
>>4829032 >implying she has children

45 min later 4829044 guy
>>4829038 >>4829032 I wouldn't do that. That'd be stupid. Luckily she has none, either.

46 min later 4829053 3ck0
>>4829034 Off to shower, good luck with life dude. Remember, it ain't no thing. Don't ever bring it up as a 'woe is me' type of crap. Sounds like you got a decent head on your shoulders.

47 min later 4829061 3ck0
>>4829044 Thanks for answering some questions. ^^

56 min later 4829155 Anonymous
>>4829034 In all honesty OP, you don't sound really bothered by it. It wasn't right by any stretch of the imagination, but It's not like she actually meant to harm you in any way, shape, or form. Really, I'd just avoid thinking about it. It happened many years ago, and I can understand why it wasn't a positive experience, but it sounds like she just acted incredibly inapproriately involving a child, sexually. It doesn't sound like it was forced. Wrong? Yes. Criminally wrong? Maybe. Should you just try and forget about it and move on? Sure. It's not like she's tried to bring it up or advance on you again by what you've said. >>4829032 >I got sexually abused as a kid >I should sexually abuse their kids to get revenge That's not how logical revenge works.

1 hours later 4829291 Anonymous
>>4828973 seconded. We were all fucking molested, man. That's why we're fuck ups even if you've repressed the memories, it happened

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