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2012-10-29 10:29 4260241 Anonymous (1351434180131.jpg 670x569 85kB)
Sup robots. Which board, outside of /b/, do you hate the most?

0 min later 4260247 Anonymous
OP fjogikjhkhh

0 min later 4260253 Anonymous
/mlp/, obviously

2 min later 4260272 Anonymous
/fit/: - Most spillover into other boards. - Huge amount of newfags channeled onto the site via bodybuilding.com ---> /fit/. - Extremely pathetic behavior ('hanging out' in the female-centric boards for hours on end reposting the same material). - Shitposting on other boards very regularly. - Think of 4chan as a website to hook up with girls, normalfags.

2 min later 4260273 Anonymous
>>4260253 /thread containmentboardarenotmeanttopandertotrollsblox

3 min later 4260286 Anonymous
/r9k/ because i hate myself

4 min later 4260292 Anonymous
i'm starting to hate /v/ because of the anti loli guys they've really showed up in force

4 min later 4260293 Anonymous
>>4260272 >/fit/ >normalfags /fit/ is like more homo version of /r9k/ except that a higher number of posters are..well, fit.

4 min later 4260294 Anonymous
>>4260272 I've often found it interesting how /cgl/ seem to encourage their attention whoring, it's strange. I mean /jp/, /a/ and even /v/ despise females who exhibit even a whiff of attention whoring-ness, regardless of how cute they may be. /cgl/ really love it though, even though /fit/ have more or less taken over their board and zero topics are related to the board itself anymore, they still eat it up. Goes to show how shallow girls are.

4 min later 4260297 Anonymous (1350771356139.jpg 300x260 19kB)
>>4260272 I second this, /fit/ is just terrible. Pic related

4 min later 4260298 Anonymous
>>4260272 Fattie detected. /fit/ is /r9k/ trying to get fit.

4 min later 4260304 Anonymous
/r9k/, followed by /pol/

5 min later 4260313 Anonymous
>>4260272 The problem with /fit/ was when loads of posters on bodybuilding.com's misc board migrated over there, prior to that it was more or less a board about health and fitness, now it's basically a bodybuilding board.

7 min later 4260330 Anonymous
arcanine, OF COURSE.

7 min later 4260332 Anonymous
Probably /r/ >Fucking useless if your request isn't porn/girl related. >1000 threads that are nothing but "can someone fake/shop/find this girl for me??" >It causes people to get in trouble for requesting things outside of it, even though that is the better option.

8 min later 4260344 Anonymous
/tv/ Why? >>>/tv/26860804

11 min later 4260368 Anonymous
Do they still worship Zyzz on /fit/? It's amazing how they can justify the life of a dude who abused steroids and cocaine. Dying in a sauna at 22 is over rated.

11 min later 4260376 Anonymous
>>4260294 >/cgl/ seem to encourage their attention whoring, it's strange. Are you kidding? That's /r9k/ and all the other boards that go over there to make irrelevant threads and post things about the the board on here. >/cgl/ really love it though Is that why there are regularly complaints on /cgl/ and /q/ about janitors and mods refusing to delete the irrelevant threads? >Goes to show how shallow girls are. All this shows is that the people who bitch about /cgl/ are usually on par with /cgl/ in terms of loving drama.

14 min later 4260395 Anonymous
>>4260368 Zyzz wasn't that bad, his entire schtick was self-parody and he admitted as such several times. What's pathetic is that /fit/ actually takes that self-parody seriously.

15 min later 4260408 Anonymous
>>4260395 I think it's because they all want to experience the same thing he did. Pre weightlifting Zyzz was a skeleton who played WoW. They inspire to make the same transition.

15 min later 4260409 Anonymous
/r9k/ by far. I don't know why I keep coming here. I think it's because I hate all of you so much

16 min later 4260413 Anonymous
>>4260376 Keep your mouth closed slut, the only time you're meant to open it is to suck a dick.

18 min later 4260430 Anonymous
>>4260368 I've noticed that these days they have a constantly running steroid advice thread. The board's base problem is almost everything someone asks is solved by "READ THE STICKY", and then there's nothing much to talk about.

19 min later 4260440 Anonymous
I detest /n/ with all my being I don't need a reason to hate them, I just do

20 min later 4260454 Anonymous
>>4260413 >Makes retarded post >gets called out >retorts by making some stupid misogynistic comment to save face because it's better to be an obnoxious dickhead than explicitly admitting defeat Oh /r9k/, how could I hate anyone more than you?

21 min later 4260460 Anonymous
>>4260454 >Fantasize about rape >Claim you're superior to us no.jpeg

21 min later 4260464 Anonymous
>>4260241 /mIp/

22 min later 4260465 Anonymous
/r9k/ Immature kids from /b/ trying to play grown up. Stupid infantile opinions. Have the same insecurities as 14 year old girls. /fit/ Aggressive fucking retards Claimed my brother Insecure as fuck and ALWAYS projecting More shallow than western asian women /r9k/ on steroids.

22 min later 4260469 Anonymous
>>4260460 >thinks I'm female because I don't jump on the angry virgin express at every chance I get So classic.

25 min later 4260497 Anonymous
I don't have it but there is a photo of some of the /fit/ tripfags at a meetup. They are basically /r9k/ but in slightly better shape, a pathetic bunch. I started going on /fit/ when I began working out but I never got a single shred of decent advice. Its just never ending Zyzz and Scooby threads and SS trolling bullshit. ] Fuck /fit/

26 min later 4260504 Anonymous
I don't understand /fit/'s obsessive autism about NEVER eating fatty/carb heavy foods, I'll admit that: >Literally believes living off of a diet of plain vegetables and oats and water is worth having a ripped body for. It's like none of the faggots have ever actually cooked good food in their lives.

28 min later 4260519 Anonymous
the boards where people take dumps and dont pick them off the floor so new people joining step all over their shit and fall, rolling in shit

28 min later 4260522 Anonymous
Serious question to med school students. Is being ripped more healthy than just doing regular cardio and eating fairly well?

28 min later 4260526 Anonymous
I'm really surprised no one said /mu/

30 min later 4260548 Anonymous
>>4260376 There's a /fit/ thread on /cgl/ every goddamned day. You shut your mouth.

31 min later 4260557 Anonymous
/r9k/ is pretty bad. I just hate shitty posters. I see a shitty post and it makes me sad. Things like s-stuttering outside of ironic weeaboo shitposting is one offender. I dont even read posts beginning in tfw or mfw anymore. I can't believe the whole alpha and beta thing is taken seriously by people and so I can't take any post with it in it seriously. That's just me, though. Emoticons are another big thing that everyone used to hate, but I see them more and more all over 4chan and it bugs me. I wouldn't mind, they don't make a post shit, but every post with them in it is usually shit anyway. Oh, and one thing I still can't figure out is why MY SIDES is any more acceptable than ROFLCOPTER, xD, or other retarded shit. Luckily the quieter boards don't get a lot of this crap...

32 min later 4260563 Anonymous
I tend not to stray outside of /r9k/ and /x/ these days. Of the boards I have been a regular on in the past, I would have to say /fit/ just for the sheer amount of misinformation that gets posted on there. And all the Zyzz shit /v/ are a bunch of pathetic cunts too

33 min later 4260573 Anonymous
>>4260504 /fit/ probably doesn't understand our obsessive autism about NEVER dating used goods or being undeservedly picky about looks. Oh, who am I kidding, we're both fucking autistic anyway.

33 min later 4260576 Anonymous
/x/, easily. Holy hell, and I thought /r9k was retarded.

33 min later 4260579 Anonymous
>nobody saying /sp/

34 min later 4260586 Anonymous
>>4260579 /sp/ is the most self-aware board on 4chan.

35 min later 4260590 Anonymous
Hierarchies amongst nerds are sort of strange and odd. If you ensconce yourself on 4chan enough, you do actually start to believe the likes of /fit/ are "alpha" and the likes of /jp/ are "beta". The reality is, in the real world, people who go to the gym solely to work out to get girls are usually deeply insecure and were most assuredly unsuccessful with women prior to working out (and perhaps still are). It's the same with people who talk about 'game' and 'pua'. Actual good looking guys with natural confidence wouldn't have a clue what they were, the only people who read up about it extensively and put it into practice are usually people with shortcomings when it comes to girls in the first place. Same goes for /fit/, same goes for misc, same goes for roosh's forums etc. These people aren't really alphas, they're just nerds who are slightly above your average nerd on /a/, and as that's the only person they really -can- look down on with any confidence, they do it relentlessly, out of insecurity, because they realize they don't have a hope in hell of ever acquiring anything like actual good looks or real confidence. You don't just 'learn' that shit in a class or by passive aggressively working out non stop at a gym.

35 min later 4260598 Anonymous
>>4260586 I would contest that /jp/ is in fact the most self-aware board on 4chan.

36 min later 4260600 Anonymous
>>4260557 The stuttering isn't ironic you faggot It's to show we are insecure

38 min later 4260620 Anonymous
>>4260598 I'd be inclined to agree, were it not so easily trolled by people like Tokiko .

38 min later 4260621 Anonymous
>>4260590 A+ post. Spot on.

38 min later 4260623 Anonymous
>>4260579 /sp/ is the most entertaining board i've seen so far. on topic: /x/ and /pol/

39 min later 4260633 Anonymous
>>4260600 I said stuttering OUTSIDE of "ironic weeaboo shitposting". Look nerd, I even broke it down for you. Yes, the stuttering you do to show you are insecure is ten times as stupid looking as any ironic shitposting.

39 min later 4260636 Anonymous
>>4260454 >Makes retarded post Aside from the fact that everything he said was true, right? GG.

40 min later 4260644 Anonymous
>>4260633 >using nerd as an insult did you stumble into this board yesterday?

40 min later 4260645 Anonymous (anon goes to a restuarant.jpg 515x323 51kB)
>/sp/ might not be the most intelligent, but it's damn fun.

41 min later 4260653 Anonymous
>>4260557 pure poetry, that was. any plans to run for office?

41 min later 4260658 Anonymous
>>4260590 >If you ensconce yourself on 4chan enough, you do actually start to believe the likes of /fit/ are "alpha" and the likes of /jp/ are "beta". yeah, no.

41 min later 4260659 Anonymous (implying.gif 720x480 149kB)
/q/ .gif related

42 min later 4260665 Anonymous
/mu/. They discuss the same music over and over, it gets fucking anoying. If anyone ever brings up something othet than anco or death grips, no one knows anything about it.

43 min later 4260675 Anonymous
>>4260644 Fuck off with your shitty comebacks dorklord, my point still stands. Learn to read next time before you get burned, shitheel.

44 min later 4260681 Anonymous
>>4260665 b-but muh sharethreads..

45 min later 4260690 Anonymous
>>4260675 are you trolling me sir? don't make me call the troll police on you

46 min later 4260703 Anonymous
>>4260633 >2012 >using nerd as a derogatory term on 4chan >using nerd as a derogatory term on /r9k/ no less Nobody here will even take you seriously now.

46 min later 4260705 Anonymous
I think /r9k/, /mlp/, and /soc/ are the worst boards in terms of posters.

47 min later 4260716 Anonymous
>>4260703 also, to be on topic: I hate /r9k/, /jp/, /b/,/mu/ and /fa/ ...basically, I hate all the boards I actually take time to frequent.

47 min later 4260717 Anonymous
>>4260703 >>4260690 Nice astroturfing, cunts.

50 min later 4260746 Anonymous
>>4260681 I haven't seen an actual share thread ever since the government started giving moot a hard time about illegal music distribution. Man, i miss those.

52 min later 4260761 Anonymous
>>4260665 I'm gonna go ahead and agree with this guy. While /mu/ can have really good taste in music, they basically shun everyone who doesn't agree with them 100%. The only reason I go there anymore is for the sharethreads.

53 min later 4260775 Anonymous
>>4260746 >>>/mu/29640187 there's at least one every day

57 min later 4260813 Anonymous
>>4260557 y-you're cute :)

1 hours later 4260882 Anonymous
4chan was set up for anime and otaku losers. Boards such as /fit/, /fa/ and /mu/ are based around interests which are alien to the average weeaboo nerd. However, the elitism that exists on those boards is chronic and most of the posters are incredibly narrow minded. And irl they are just as insecure and pathetic as everyone else on 4chan but perhaps slightly more "normal" in terms of interests and social skills The bottom line is that 4chan is for nerds and losers. No "normal" person would spend any amount of time here. Period.

1 hours later 4260923 Anonymous
Easily /mu/. Between the "my-taste-is-so-edgy-and-underground" posturing, off-topic shitposting, lame "xD JEF MANGUN" humor, and lack of actual music discussion (aside from Pitchfork hypecore or novelty genres like seapunk or wall noise), the whole board is cancer.

1 hours later 4260951 Anonymous
>>4260882 I always get a good laugh when someone posts here that they only come to mock others. No well adjusted person would prop themselves up mocking outcasts on an image board.

1 hours later 4261005 Anonymous

1 hours later 4261063 I am a
>>4260313 Yeah but miscers are hilarious Are you aware?

1 hours later 4261255 Anonymous
>>4260241 /v/, pretty much a SFW /b/

1 hours later 4261436 Anonymous
/mlp/ /v/ probably /vg/, the current shape of /x/, /pol/, /mu/ I like /b/

3 hours later 4262746 Anonymous
/soc/ people posting pictures of themselves begging to be rated. same old fucking faggots doint it too

3 hours later 4262780 Anonymous
>>4260241 /r9k/ the other ones are so crappy i don't even visit them. Why am i even here?

3 hours later 4262812 Anonymous
lots of boards have some awful content but are still worth perusing for rare gems /soc/ is 90% shit /mu/ is 89% shit /tv/ is 50% shit /pol/ is probably the worst board. there is nothing productive or fun ever done on /pol/ it is endless argument for no reason. it is brain death. it is a feedback loop of pontification and hate.

3 hours later 4262920 Anonymous
/v/ /r9k/ and /pol/ can get pretty bad though. I went to /v/ recently after thinking /co/ was pretty bad. But no /v/ is worse. No wonder they have a second board for general threads.

3 hours later 4262930 Anonymous
/fit/. You know a board is just gonna be crap when they have to have a new thread making fun of fat people everyday to keep their confidence up

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