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2014-05-10 12:59 11641894 Anonymous (002.webm 464x560 728kB)
What was your first ever fap material, /r9k/?

2 min later 11641912 Anonymous
Being totally honest here... Zero Suit Samus in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

2 min later 11641919 Anonymous
Some model in the Guinness world records book 2002.

8 min later 11641988 Anonymous
>searching for boobs in the google bar circa 1997

10 min later 11642016 Anonymous
I used to print out the preview pictures for swimsuit model magazines on jbox and staple them together and use them as makeshift fapmags

11 min later 11642022 Anonymous
i remember seeing some videos on sunporno.com and haven't since

11 min later 11642027 Anonymous
The bikini models on the posters inside the lockers in MGS2

12 min later 11642033 Anonymous
Perusing /d/ on the family computer and printing off vore images I liked. Sometimes I drew vore images of my own, but they were always crap. Had a desk of em before I threw it all in the trash

12 min later 11642036 Anonymous
>>11641894 strongman competitions now i only fuck bears

13 min later 11642047 Anonymous
>>11642033 How young do you have to be for /d/ to be your first fap?

15 min later 11642073 Anonymous
>>11642047 I'm 21 now. I was 17 at the time

17 min later 11642093 Anonymous
>>11642073 Did you hit puberty late or something?

18 min later 11642106 Anonymous
>>11642093 Naw, just didn't fap until I was 17 yo. Actually hit puberty pretty damn hard, my voice turned ultra-deep when I was 13 and I had the moustache going on too.

31 min later 11642251 ginger
A vaguely explicit comic in one of dad's old MAD books.

33 min later 11642269 bb
>>11642251 i think i fapped to MAD before as like my second fap ever my first one was after i discovered hentai or something

36 min later 11642313 Anonymous
>>11641912 >SSBB >first fap reported for underage

36 min later 11642315 Anonymous (I Came.png 720x480 566kB)
found old playboys in my grandpas house when I was like 133.

38 min later 11642335 54m50n (desele.jpg 600x450 41kB)
>>11642251 hey, MAD was one of my first faps too also this, Desele had some fine bitches

40 min later 11642352 Anonymous
I saw some late night girls gone wild commercial. after that, googled 'zoids' looking for model kits, and found lolicon. It was a downward spiral from their. >tfw brousing loliboards on 4chan and 7chan before even knowing that other boards existed

41 min later 11642367 Anonymous
probably fitness magazines or something but I distinctly remember a lot of it being FF7 hentai

42 min later 11642369 ginger
>>11642269 Man, I didn't have proper internet for my first four years. I had to flip through novels and fast forward through VHS tapes. I tried to jack it to Tony Morrison's The Bluest Eye once.

43 min later 11642386 Anonymous (1399412476734.jpg 2918x2277 968kB)
It was some macrophilia stuff on writing.com Something about a son being used by his mother as a foot toy, if I can remember correctly. It's been a while. I have never masturbated to sex. Ever. It's always some form of non-consensual torture. I feel like I was cheated by not being attracted to things like tits, or vaginas. Oh well.

44 min later 11642392 bb
>>11642369 >dad finds porn in internet history because i had no idea how to delete history god damn

44 min later 11642399 Anonymous
>>11641912 >brawl underageb&

46 min later 11642414 Anonymous (1397651181860.jpg 403x403 65kB)
This was. hips blox

46 min later 11642416 54m50n
>>11642369 I was fortunate enough to have internet when started fapping in earnest, but I still fapped mostly to stuff like MAD and the female characters in video games/PC Gamer mags, because getting private time on the family computer was difficult

47 min later 11642422 Anonymous
>>11642036 fuck bears erryday

47 min later 11642428 54m50n
>>11642414 >tfw even a morbidly obese guy can get a gf with dem hips and I can't life is suffering

47 min later 11642430 Anonymous
page 3 mag from at least 10 years ago

49 min later 11642439 ginger
>>11642392 >dad leaves porn in internet history >mom finds it >cover for him by telling her it's a computer virus >teach him how to erase history

52 min later 11642472 Anonymous (norman_john_slavegirlgor.jpg 300x505 61kB)
>>11641894 Ooohh... Great question, OP! Slave Girl of Gor. I think it might have permanently warped me.

53 min later 11642477 54m50n
>tfw even ginger doesn't respond to my posts anymore

54 min later 11642488 Anonymous
>>11642106 >Naw, just didn't fap until I was 17 yo. Are you me? Man, having to explain that is always fucking awkward Anyways I fapped to some pretty tame animu drawings of a cute bespectacled chubby girl eating nooodles, was pretty lame but blew my load and mind forever that day

54 min later 11642491 Anonymous
Various breast expansion and giantess growth videos. Now MMD is on the scene my life is going very good.

54 min later 11642493 Anonymous
>>11641919 I know exactly the one you're talking about.

56 min later 11642519 Anonymous
>>11642315 Are you eternal?

56 min later 11642522 ginger
>>11642477 I've been on a shitty little nook for the past 24 hours, it has been difficult to respond frequently.

57 min later 11642531 Anonymous (tumblr_mvpxm5ePEp1qcvimoo4_1280 (1).jpg 960x960 186kB)
>>11642422 bears are the greatest.

58 min later 11642541 54m50n
>>11642522 ah ok did no one else fap the the Vvardenfel strip club, or was it just me?

1 hours later 11642572 Anonymous
>>11642313 >Brawl came out in 2008 >Let's assume your first fap was at 13 >Brawl came out 6 years ago >13+6=19 They're probably not underage, you've just gotten old.

1 hours later 11642647 Anonymous
Fucking Guild Wars not even kidding here.

1 hours later 11642664 Anonymous
Fapping to the day a girl pinned me down and called me her bitch.

1 hours later 11642672 54m50n
>>11642572 >13 that's late as fuck, my first proper fap was at 11. also, before then, I had a bathroom which had a faux jacuzzi tub, figured out how to position my dick in front of the jets for many good feels

1 hours later 11642682 Anonymous (this bitch.jpg 1920x1080 479kB)
>>11641894 this and the black haired bitch for the first time I came. I fapped before but never came until I was like 12 and this is the only time that I actually remember because I completely freaked out afterwards

1 hours later 11642716 Anonymous
My first fap was at 11 when Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire came out, fapped over losing to May. >mfw fapped over losing to Shauna in Pokemon X/Y

1 hours later 11642726 Anonymous
>first fap I was 10 years old, and it felt really good then hurt like a bitch. After that it felt good every time after. First fap from being bullied by the girl I liked.

1 hours later 11642738 Anonymous
>>11642647 >not fapping over your gf killing you on runescape SHIGGY

1 hours later 11642762 Anonymous
i fapped to veronica from archies weird mysteries

1 hours later 11642763 Anonymous
the first porn i saw was a video of two lesbians fisting, on my friend's dad's computer the first time i masturbated was when i looked up "how to suck your own dick". not because i knew it'd feel good or anything, i just wanted to get it in my mouth.

1 hours later 11642769 Anonymous
First time I stroked myself because I was turned on by something? I think it was the 80s music video of the cover of 'these boots are made for walking', I was I know under 2, probably even 4 for that. Stroking myself, touching myself, getting turned on has just always been something I have done as long as I can remember. Though first time I came was to Lucy Lawless watching Xena.

1 hours later 11642779 Anonymous (image-51875255-1280x1024.jpg 1129x1024 241kB)
>pic related was my first fap I loved that show as a kid, Clover was the shit.

1 hours later 11642787 Anonymous
I used to fap to Melissa Joan Hart when she was on Sabrina the teenage witch.

1 hours later 11642792 Anonymous
In the old IE you used to be able to click an arrow to view all recently visited sites.. I remember my brother browsed to cumfiesta.com and those were my first faps. Also 8th Street Latinas.

1 hours later 11642793 Anonymous
Newgrounds /thread how is this not /thread what the hell am I the only one?

1 hours later 11642803 Anonymous
>>11641894 >What was your first ever fap material, /r9k/? Vicky in American Pie 2/Tara Reid. HNNG!

1 hours later 11642804 Anonymous
>>11642793 them dress up games

1 hours later 11642822 Anonymous
>first ever fap material r9k? I dressed up as a girl when no one was in and jerked off looking at myself in the mirror What a shit phase that was.

1 hours later 11642845 Anonymous
My older cousin, she was 15 and I was 12.

1 hours later 11642862 Anonymous (1399468090985.jpg 226x251 5kB)
>>11641912 It's still my fap material sadly,

1 hours later 11642881 Anonymous (1353107723557.jpg 1365x1000 751kB)
>>11642779 Enjoy my friend. This is surprisingly not original.

2 hours later 11643531 Anonymous
Late night stripper informortial

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