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2014-04-19 12:58 11379155 Anonymous (1392650750134.gif 288x231 1388kB)
What's the funniest board on 4chan in your opinion? For me it's /tv/. I just shit myself multiple times in Bane threads, they're just too damn hilarious

3 min later 11379185 Anonymous
bump for you

4 min later 11379191 Anonymous
I really like /tg/. They have some truly great threads and stories.

5 min later 11379202 Anonymous
>>11379155 /s4s/. I'm sreous.

5 min later 11379205 Anonymous
>bane threads Please, explain to me why you find this funny. I always thought it was either people pretending to find it amusing to annoy others, or think it's some super secret clubhouse meme they are proud for knowing. It was dead on arrival but for some reason it's constantly posted. What gives? Who posts all that shit? Why do they find it amusing?

7 min later 11379222 Anonymous
>>11379205 yeah wtf is up with the bane meme?

11 min later 11379252 Anonymous
>>11379205 >>11379222 I can't really explain it...You have to watch the "For you" scene on Youtube and you're either gonna find it funny as fuck or see nothing in it. I don't know, just thinking about it makes me tear up.

17 min later 11379296 Anonymous (1397233219434.jpg 824x1081 198kB)
/tv/ is the funniest.

17 min later 11379306 Anonymous (1397800866775.jpg 956x704 76kB)
At the moment it's probably /tv/ with their bane shit Funny as fuck

18 min later 11379307 Anonymous (1397760501242.png 351x293 111kB)
>/tv/ leaking onto other boards

18 min later 11379310 Anonymous
>>11379222 >one of, if not the most hyped movie of 2012 (at least on /tv) >the very first scene is laughably bad, awkward cuts, strange dialogue and delivery, Bane's voice is awful >it only gets worse from there I'm simplifying it but the scene gets funnier every time I watch it

18 min later 11379312 Anonymous (CIA.png 569x802 661kB)
We'll all big guys here

19 min later 11379315 Anonymous (YOU ARE A MAN OF IMPRESSIVE PROPORTIONS FOR YOU.jpg 1280x720 51kB)

19 min later 11379324 Anonymous
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20K 6Tq3Q3W0 4 u

19 min later 11379326 Anonymous
>>11379252 http://vocaroo.com/i/s0VTVhljOUXt

20 min later 11379331 Anonymous (1397791319795.jpg 800x600 37kB)
>>11379312 >you will always be a big guy for you

21 min later 11379335 Anonymous
>>11379155 /jp/ or /a/. It's hilarious because they are pathetic.

21 min later 11379337 Anonymous
>>11379205 >>11379222 Because it's been two years and there's no end in sight. It's funny because it's forced garbage, the entire scene has been so thoroughly dissected and it's more the fact that /tv/ is such a shitty board than any sort of humour from the scene itself, although the film does have some very shaky scenes and dialogue. /tv/ is the punchline and Nolan merely provided the set up.

21 min later 11379338 Anonymous
/tv/ is definitely one of the funniest. /pol/ could be pretty fun sometimes. /b/ has definitely had its moments, haven't been there in a long time though. I guess you just grow out of it.

21 min later 11379345 Anonymous
/tv/ is definitely the GOAT board. It has risen from the ashes and become its own untamed beast.

22 min later 11379347 Anonymous
>>11379326 also this http://picosong.com/eWMi/ /tv/ is making a musical.

22 min later 11379348 Anonymous
/pol/ is pretty funny, raging buttmad conservatard christfags everywhere

24 min later 11379373 Coyote
/tv/'s been the funniest for a long time. >>11379205 >It was dead on arrival For you.

25 min later 11379376 Anonymous
>>11379345 /tv/ is just where all the old /v/irgins went after /v/ became an overmoderated cesspool filled with mid-90's+ born retards. Once /tv/ inevitably becomes an overmoderated cesspool it, too, will go to hell

25 min later 11379377 Anonymous (1397390828347[1].gif 690x720 1491kB)
>until recently /tv/ was unpopular across the rest of the site >after an increased campaign in shitposting we are now considered one of the funniest boards the fire rises

26 min later 11379381 Anonymous
>>11379376 It was an overmoderated cesspool around a year ago, but it somehow rose from the ashes like a beautiful bane

26 min later 11379385 Anonymous
The reason /tv/ is so great now is because after the mods destroyed /sp/ (the former GOAT 4chan board) many of the users switched to /tv/.

26 min later 11379386 Anonymous
>>11379347 thats shit however THIS http://picosong.com/eWtn/ has potential I really hope it's completed

26 min later 11379391 Anonymous
>>11379377 >shitposting you mean baneposting

27 min later 11379396 Anonymous
>>11379385 >/sp/ top kek

27 min later 11379400 Anonymous
/mu/ usually has something funny going on.

28 min later 11379408 Anonymous
>>11379381 not overmoderated like /v/ you can still post doubles on /tv/, for instance

29 min later 11379421 Anonymous
>>11379376 >>11379385 Both of these. The truth is that when a board goes to shit due to over-moderation (moderation always makes an image board worse) the users flee. You find a lot of refugees on places like /tv/ and /pol/ where the mods aren't completely overthetop autistic (although still pretty bad).

30 min later 11379425 Anonymous
>>11379408 Yeah but 1 year ago they would ban you for making actress threads, and now there's cunny generals on /tv/

33 min later 11379440 Anonymous
>>11379386 I agree that has a better style but the one I posted could be revised and edited to be gold as well.

33 min later 11379444 Anonymous
>>11379155 You're a big guy. For Us.

34 min later 11379446 Anonymous
lotta loyalty for autotune https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLB jOSyVBX8

38 min later 11379482 Anonymous
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVL rWdmDK8E

38 min later 11379484 Anonymous
>>11379205 >>11379222 It's an incredibly awkward scene with unintended homoerotic undertones, that entire scene was pure meme fodder

42 min later 11379509 Anonymous (BTFO1.resized.png 1500x1835 301kB)
>he does it for free the /sp/ war against the janitors has probably been the most fun I've had on 4chan this year.

48 min later 11379557 Anonymous
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9w i0cPrU4U >he does it for you 4U

51 min later 11379581 Anonymous
>>11379155 I agree, /tv/ is the funniest board by far. /pol/ comes in second because they churn out so much top-quality OC when there's a good Happening

1 hours later 11379661 MJ Mage
>>11379396 /sp/ was always one of the best boards on 4chan. If you don't think that you simply never went to /sp/ and are probably unaware of where a lot of the stuff on 4chan you've ever found funny came from originally

1 hours later 11379707 Anonymous
I hope people don't really think /tv/ is the funniest.

1 hours later 11379722 Anonymous
/a/ is easily the funniest, like literally no doubt about it.

2 hours later 11380198 Anonymous
>>11379707 If you realized they really did, would you die?

2 hours later 11380224 Anonymous (thefirerises.jpg 1334x636 177kB)
>tfw all the bane threads the other night The only reason I go onto /tv/ is for "BANE?". It's such a fucking terrible shitty board

2 hours later 11380231 Anonymous
>>11379205 I don't understand it either. While I find the scene itself to be laughably bad, I don't find the constant posting on Bane shit on /tv/ to be funny at all.

2 hours later 11380321 Anonymous
>>11380198 It would be extremely painful for me.

2 hours later 11380369 Anonymous
>/tv/ still spams Bane two years later It's never going to stop, is it?

2 hours later 11380441 Anonymous
>>11380369 NO SURVIVORS

2 hours later 11380460 Anonymous
>>11380369 never The Fire Rises

2 hours later 11380778 Anonymous
>>11379315 For a man like yourself, that is correct

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