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2014-03-21 11:36 11043879 Anonymous (caught white handed get it because he probably cummed on his hand.jpg 720x960 281kB)
Hey /r9k/ let's talk about masturbation. What do you masturbate to (and what is in your mind the best material)? How often do you do it? Please share any interesting stories regarding the subject - for instance what is the riskiest place you've done it? Also, what should I masturbate to tonight? It's been a few days so it should be good. >western maledom/slave/bondage >jap maledom/slave/bondage >casting couch >old classics (that I've seen a lot of) >hentai of some sort >other Finally, please just ignore the female posters when they inevitably come and try to shit the thread up. Really no need to respond to them.

2 min later 11043907 Anonymous
>>11043879 This is just a masturbation thread why am I not "allowed" to post too?

3 min later 11043918 Anonymous (1341658795544.jpg 460x640 34kB)
>tfw I masturbated to a busty young negress in my middle school library amazing I didn't get caught really

5 min later 11043930 Anonymous
>>11043907 Typical female attention whore. Why not ignore the damn thread. Oh that's right, it's because your a attention whore bitch. >If troll you've succeeded, congrats

6 min later 11043944 Anonymous
>Finally, please just ignore the female posters when they inevitably come and try to shit the thread up. Really no need to respond to them. 100% agree with you here ruins too many threads what do you mean by classics? like old porn or porn you've seen a lot of?

11 min later 11043983 Anonymous
>>11043944 The latter. Basically I mean ones that are especially arousing and have stood the test of time. I'm sure we all have videos like that that we return to from time to time.

12 min later 11043989 Anonymous (1219750028058.jpg 477x522 43kB)
>only wants to read about MEN MASTURBATING

14 min later 11044007 Anonymous
I masturbate to the homemade shit on xvideos everyday. It's more compulsive than anything. I don't think I'd really say that I enjoy it. When I was in like sixth grade though, I guess I didn't realize how creepy it is and I would rub my donger through my hoodie during class.

14 min later 11044017 Anonymous (1347145274083.gif 212x173 1893kB)
>>11043989 >relying on /r9k/ to get off

16 min later 11044035 Anonymous
>>11043989 gettaload of this thirsty ass nigga

18 min later 11044048 Anonymous
>>11043989 >look at me I'm a girl who masturbates >so empowering

22 min later 11044083 Anonymous
>>11043879 >What do you masturbate to Necro CP, scat CP, rape CP >How often do you do it? 1-4 times a day >Please share any interesting stories regarding the subject I was drunk with 2 guys I knew for about a month and decided to show them my "hobby". All 3 of us masturbated to some of my less extreme CP.

25 min later 11044104 Anonymous
>>11044083 >All 3 of us masturbated to some of my less extreme CP. together?

25 min later 11044110 Anonymous
>>11044083 >telling lies on the internet come on now

26 min later 11044112 Relican
>>11043879 http://xhamster.com/movies/2845122/ goddess.html?hd

26 min later 11044122 Anonymous
>>11044083 >necro cp, scat cp, rape cp Wow it gets progressively worse in each direction

28 min later 11044130 Anonymous
>>11044104 In the same room, but everyone was touching his own dick. >>11044110 That story is true. I lost contact with them month later.

28 min later 11044138 Anonymous
>>11043879 Bondage, bro. Love me some bitches wearin' ball gags.

29 min later 11044143 Anonymous
>>11044083 Man, you must have balls of steel. That's just something that should stay in the vault forever.

30 min later 11044155 Anonymous
>>11044112 >breast too large >camera work too fancy >woman is too thick >woman is too old >she isn't submissive enough

31 min later 11044170 Anonymous
>>11044143 >Man, you must have balls of steel. That's just something that should stay in the vault forever. I agree with this guy. You and your friends are all gay or at the very least, curious.

32 min later 11044173 Anonymous
>>11044130 How did the topic come up, exactly?

32 min later 11044179 Anonymous
>>11044170 Wait, is it really so weird to fap with your buddies? You don't even touch each other.

33 min later 11044186 Relican
>>11044155 Checke'd ;) I fapped to this so I don't see a problem.

33 min later 11044187 Anonymous
>>11043879 Usually just lay back in my bed and imagine stuff with girls I've fucked or would want to fuck. If not, Omegle. The reactions when I pull it out for them are the hottest thing, especially if they stick around and slut it up for me. The best material is plain imagination, I think. 2nd to that, Omegle.

34 min later 11044201 Anonymous
>>11044179 Nah it's pretty normal actually. Anybody who wasn't a fucking loser in high school jacked it with his buddies at least a few times.

34 min later 11044204 Anonymous
I went to a strip club last week for the first time. The sadness was so poignant i havent been able to masterbate for a week. Its not even im avoiding it, when i see the pornstars eyes i just get to turned off by her fakeness.

35 min later 11044210 Anonymous
>>11044179 yes you're all doing sex stuff in the same room with no girls. you might as well have licked their taints

35 min later 11044213 Anonymous (1393083499269.jpg 695x1080 99kB)
>>11044204 Embrace the 2D.

37 min later 11044228 Anonymous
>>11044210 gettaload of this fag

38 min later 11044237 Anonymous
>>11044204 >>11044213 or reality. talk to a girl who enjoys talking to you. dont hide away. you'll be headed down a lonely road if you do.

38 min later 11044242 Anonymous
>>11044228 >get a load of this fag >he doesn't even gag on his best friend's cock >what a loser

38 min later 11044246 Anonymous (1369237703000.jpg 675x1000 584kB)
>>11044237 Don't listen to this normie.

39 min later 11044250 Anonymous
>>11044173 I think I started talking about loli hentai then asked them if they knew what TOR is. They knew.

40 min later 11044252 Anonymous
>tfw cp is illegal and immoral so I have to stick to shitty stories

42 min later 11044270 Anonymous
>>11044252 CP fanfic is great I think even better than real CP. And there are some high quality stories.

43 min later 11044277 Anonymous
>>11044270 No, they're terrible and are terribly written.

43 min later 11044285 Anonymous
>>11044213 I feel like my lust is causing all of that sadness. I used to try nofap and couldnt do it, but when i saw those strippers all i want to do was yell at them that they didnt have to do this. I despise feminism and stuff but girls my age were dancing on old men. I invested everything in getting the girl i like into a gf, people always say to play it cool but ive just been doing what i feel like. Its working. Im leaving shit like that behind forever, i hope.

44 min later 11044292 Anonymous
>>11044252 imagining it is better than seeing it. trust me. you feel like a degenerate. its like youre watching a pivotal point past which the girl is ruined, and who knows what fucked up mentality shes gonna have in life after that shit. fuck that.

47 min later 11044327 Anonymous
>>11044292 Why would you feel like a degenerate? There isn't anything more heart-warming than watching vicky swallow cum and then smile.

49 min later 11044345 Anonymous
>>11044327 who the fucks vicky. i only saw one cp vid, some anon linked it on here and hey there you go. fuck that.

49 min later 11044347 Anonymous
>>11044292 anybody who has been on 4chan more than a few years will have seen it

50 min later 11044356 Anonymous
>>11044204 I know that feely deely. Even the guys act fake as shit in porn.

55 min later 11044398 Anonymous
>>11044204 that's why I watch stuff where the girl is supposed to not like it

58 min later 11044430 Anonymous
You know how people who watch porn all the time keep getting more extreme? Not me, I just keep on getting more vanilla....

59 min later 11044442 Anonymous
>>11044170 He watches necro CP and you're concerned with his sexuality?

1 hours later 11044454 Anonymous
Anybody else like porn where the woman is clearly not enjoying herself? It's so fucking hard to find because usually even if they don't enjoy it they fake enthusiasm. It's why I like nip porn - the women never seem to enjoy it.

1 hours later 11044476 Anonymous (07_07_06.jpg 1410x2028 688kB)
>>11044454 I like it when she gives zero fucks. Sadly, it doesn't really work in 3D. Or i simply haven't found it yet.

1 hours later 11044488 Anonymous
>>11044327 When you were a child didnt you want to be a hero like everyone else? A knight? A firefighter? You just typed that out. Youre choosing your life.

1 hours later 11044498 Anonymous
>>11044083 >Lying on the internet to letrole /r9k/ Either way, you should kill yourself.

1 hours later 11044523 Anonymous
dickworship and x-change tfw you wont be a hot whore Truly it is suffering

1 hours later 11044535 Anonymous
>>11044488 I wanted to be an astronaut. I still want.

1 hours later 11044555 Anonymous
>>11044488 I always wanted to be a villain, which I guess explains the child porn.

1 hours later 11044603 Anonymous
>>11044555 you are a funny guy, you know that?

1 hours later 11044666 Anonymous
>>11043879 >What do you masturbate to rule 34, furry shit, loli, shota >How often do you do it? Several times a week. >Please share any interesting stories regarding the subject Oh boy. >be 13 or 14 >home alone >fapping to pokemon cub shota >suddenly, my little brother and a couple of his friends (around 12 y/o) walk into the room >I didn't hear them get home >try to hide my dick, end up leaving porn up >he and his friends start yelling at me and laughing >"OMG ANONS JERKING OFF TO POKEMON PORN" >they throw stuff at me and then leave the room >decide I might as well finish >a minute later they come back and continue throwing shit at me and laughing >years later, one of them comes up to me and says I "really fucked him up"

1 hours later 11044691 Anonymous
>>11044666 appropriate trips for a heathen like you

1 hours later 11044725 Anonymous
>>11044535 You probably won't be an astronaut, but you can get /fit/ If you're /fit/ you probably wont be an astronaut, but you can join the air force See where im going, if youre unhappy you might as well tru

1 hours later 11044732 Anonymous
>>11044725 >chair force Fuck off, faggot. Infantry/armor/special forces is where it's at. Why join the military to do a civilian job?

1 hours later 11044857 Anonymous
>>11044732 so youre not used a pawn.

1 hours later 11044873 Anonymous
>>11044857 Meaningless term. If you can't accept the full implications of military service then don't join.

1 hours later 11044880 Anonymous
>What Nothing >Frequency Never >Stories For some reason it doesn't seem to work. I just sort of gave up because there's no point. Never has been.

4 hours later 11046533 Anonymous
>what JAV, rule 34, looping gifs of all sorts, ponies >frequency just about every day >stories none

4 hours later 11046544 Anonymous
Went from lesbian femdom, to straight femdom, to tranny porn over the last 2 years. I fap exclusively to tranny porn.

5 hours later 11046676 Anonymous
I think I'm addicted to masturbation. I can go 3 days max without fapping, but at that point I'm so horny I'd literally fuck everything.

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