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2014-03-20 01:37 11021814 Anonymous (1391906088633.jpg 195x200 15kB)
hey /r9k/ this is a warning from /pol/ no I'm not gonna say any /pol/ related shit, this is /q/-tier stuff if /pol/ goes down /mlp/(a disguise) goes down and /x/ goes down then we're coming here the mods have been acting up lately and deleting legitimately political threads because some closed-minded bigots who won't even consider the potential legitimacy of something before dismissing it, and the stuff being deleted isn't shit that liberals would defend, they're calling it /x/-tier tinfoil hat stuff thats only as paranormal as religion is, and not even at the roots of whats being discussed; the worst part is that if it actually did get posted on /x/, then the mods, if there were any, would get rid of tit for being mainly off-topic and if you guys and the above mentioned boards go down, we may go to /b/ I will not post anything further

4 min later 11021879 Anonymous
as long as you post about >tfw no gf then sure

6 min later 11021898 sp345
>>11021814 >caring about 4chan politics sry we're to busy wallowing in our own self-pity to care. come back in the near future when we aren't brooding

18 min later 11022009 Anonymous
>>11021814 aw shit nigga are the mods deleting pedowood threads again ?

22 min later 11022048 Anonymous
>implying /pol/ shit hasnt already spread on other boards

23 min later 11022052 Anonymous
>>11021814 I don't speak for the robot collective but I wouldn't mind /pol/ and /x/ here too much

24 min later 11022068 Anonymous
Why don't you make friends with s4s? They're a friendly bunch and will make room between their get and meme threads for you, so long as you don't bully.

27 min later 11022104 Anonymous
They have been deleting legitimate sports threads on /sp/ too. >video games about sports aren't sports

29 min later 11022125 Anonymous
>/pol/ will come to /r9k/ I, for one, welcome our politically incorrect overlords.

29 min later 11022127 Anonymous
>>11021814 Yes by all means come here, we need some shit that we can talk about aside from MUH FEELS threads all day.

30 min later 11022132 Anonymous (1390606115725.jpg 220x279 30kB)
you are welcome here /polfriend/

31 min later 11022142 Anonymous (1388665290944.jpg 659x729 122kB)
>mfw pol is coming to r9k REJOICE come to mu

32 min later 11022157 Anonymous
>>11021814 >/mlp/(a disguise) What?

33 min later 11022164 Anonymous
/pol/ is more than welcome would make all the stupid bitches here leave

33 min later 11022168 Anonymous
>>11022127 So we can go seeing feels to seeing that jew picture 1000 times a day?

34 min later 11022182 Anonymous
I agree with >>11022157 >/mlp/(a disguise) u wat m8oh, please elaborate on this.

35 min later 11022187 Anonymous
Surely a hero of /r9k/, a true alpha, will arrive and kick out /pol/ then.

35 min later 11022188 Anonymous (photo.jpg 900x900 65kB)
>>11022168 >mjfw this would be a bit better than feels and pepe images all day.

35 min later 11022193 Anonymous
I like poltards, we are both misogynists and are egoistical

37 min later 11022212 /r9k/
Gee /pol/ I'm so lonely I could really use someone to talk to down here. Feel free so long as your guys run a tight ship. I understand that you guys can be a pretty assertive and argumentitive group over there, but please try to keep it to your own thread while you stay here. Other than that, I look forward to your potential visit. Hope to see you soon, but not really. You know what I mean.

38 min later 11022219 Anonymous
>shittiest users on the site moving to the second shittiest board Great

39 min later 11022229 Anonymous
>>11022187 >true alpha no, but our hero craig is all we need, his threads will drive these faggots away

39 min later 11022233 Anonymous
>>11021814 Pedowood would be on-topic for /b/, as it's the anything goes board. You should go there rather than shitting your parapolitical satanic conspiracymongering all over /pol/.

39 min later 11022236 Anonymous
>>11022219 It'll be the biggest shit feast known to man. Women and minorities will cry like babies at the sight of it.

40 min later 11022241 Anonymous (706[1].gif 501x585 16kB)
>>11022168 >tfw no shekls

41 min later 11022249 Anonymous
/new/ (and /pol/) and /r9k/ are blood brothers. Moot killed us both and exiled us to the 'chon. He allowed us back later, but as a mere shadow of our former selves. /x/ is always cool, if you can't differentiate between legit intrigue and batshit looney tunes nonsense then you're dumb as a post. /mlp/ a shit though, fuckin bronies can stay the fuck on their own board.

41 min later 11022256 Anonymous (1364056607427.jpg 480x360 13kB)
>>11022233 tripdubs don't lie. >>>/x/

41 min later 11022258 Anonymous
why is /pol/ going down? can't wait for the daily anti china/jew/black/feminist thread on /r9k/

43 min later 11022271 Anonymous
>>11022249 /r9k/ may have a hard on for /pol/, but we're just another bunch of degenerates to them.

46 min later 11022302 Anonymous
>>11022258 Well it isn't like we aren't already one step within it. Everythread is an Anti-feminst/woman thread on /r9k/

46 min later 11022308 Anonymous (image.jpg 500x500 97kB)
/r9k/ 4chan's trashcan

48 min later 11022335 Anonymous
I don't get why any of you would want this. I have no problem with /pol/ threads on /r9k/; but, /pol/tards already leak into other threads on /r9k/. Every single thread would be filled with jew pictures, "info"graphs, and accusations of being a minority/jew/shill. I'd like to keep the 3 good threads per day that we have.

51 min later 11022356 Anonymous (1340392110562.gif 300x290 1823kB)
>>11021814 >"our reptilian illuminati conspiracy threads are being rightfully deleted so we're going to shitpost on other boards"

52 min later 11022363 Anonymous
>>11022241 >not having the nose why

52 min later 11022364 Anonymous
>>11022335 If /pol/ establishes a permanent base in one thread than it will do just the opposite. Instead of spreading into other threads, it will condense into one, manageable thread. This sounds like the ideal option for all parties involved. You are now forcing yourself to breath and you're aware of your tongue

54 min later 11022387 Anonymous
>>11022364 I don't think so dude. They're not just going to stay in one thread. They don't even just stay in one board. They're going to branch out like a cancer. I have invisalign, so I'm always aware of my tongue. It's really fucking annoying.

55 min later 11022398 Anonymous
>>11022356 Don't you have the shekels to buy a woman, kike?

56 min later 11022405 Anonymous
>>11022308 Pretty much, all the rejects/outcasts/misfits from the other boards all congregate here, and this containment board will forever be our home until the day 4chan dies. Then god help the normie people on the internets...for they won't know what will hit them.

58 min later 11022428 Anonymous (1395255062349.png 700x566 60kB)
finally I can be told the truth outside of /v/, /g/, /s4s/, /tv/ and whatever other boards are constantly invaded by /pol/acks

59 min later 11022431 Anonymous
>>11022405 >containment board >/r9k/ I disagree. /r9k/ does nothing to contain autists. We're thoroughly spread throughout the boards. This board is more for the congregation of autists than the containment of them.

1 hours later 11022468 Anonymous
>>11022009 Not OP, but apparently, yes. Just say a thing on /x/ about it last night, lamenting the number of bans and deletions being handed out for pedowood threads on /pol/...before the thread got deleted.

1 hours later 11022527 Anonymous
>mfw /pol/ is full of normalfags

1 hours later 11022529 Anonymous
>>11022219 bit like how all the shittiest people from the shittiest countries moved to america over the last few hundred years. It would be a great thing for /r9k/ to take /pol/ into its body, like a whole earth orgasm.

1 hours later 11022823 Anonymous
>>11022048 /pol/ is 4chan We run shit shit nuggah

1 hours later 11022846 Anonymous
>>11022249 /pol/, /r9k/, /x/ The 4chan triumvirate

1 hours later 11022875 Anonymous (pol rhodes.png 2069x2681 427kB)
>>11022823 The increasing moderation of legitimate threads on /pol/ is troubling, I'm sure SRS or some other anti-free speech group is infiltrating joot's mods/janitors. Luckily for us we have the /pol/ Samson option at our disposal.

1 hours later 11022905 Anonymous
>>11022875 For the millionth time, pedowood is not a legitimate topic for /pol/. You're the one in the wrong.

1 hours later 11022934 Anonymous
>>11021814 Of all the possible backup boards to have, why the fuck is /mlp/ your first choice?

1 hours later 11022950 Anonymous
>>11022905 >pedowood second time I've seen this pop up. what the fuck is a pedowood? is that like a peckerwood?

1 hours later 11022976 Anonymous
>>11022950 It's tinfoil bullshit where impressionable autists think that Miley Cyrus was murdered in the desert and replaced with an MKULTRA clone by government satanists who pimp children to celebrities for demonic rituals. They're the cancer that's killing /pol/

1 hours later 11023013 Anonymous
>>11022976 Oh FUCK. THAT shit. I remember reading that on x. retards.

1 hours later 11023014 Anonymous
>>11022976 That sounds absurd enough to be a popular /pol/ topic.

2 hours later 11023031 Anonymous
>>11022976 Please tell me you aren't serious, because that is one of the dumbest fucking things that I've read on the board.

2 hours later 11023115 Anonymous
Please stay on your containment board. No one wants to hear about your crazy conspiracy theories and hear you parrot Fox talking points ad nauseum.

2 hours later 11023171 Anonymous
I actually welcome this development, Tommy Pickles. It would be interesting to see if this section of 4chan collapses under its own faggotry by having the worst elements of the internet congregating into a singularity of suck.

2 hours later 11023230 Anonymous
>>11023115 speak for yourself fatty mcvirgin. I'd rather see that than yet another cum on face thread

2 hours later 11023311 Anonymous
>>11023230 >Not loving cum on face threads What are you, gay?

2 hours later 11023534 Anonymous
>>11022976 It's also about links to information about groups such as the Dutroux family, apparent abuse with examples in many child acting/performer careers, and kind of makes the supposition that rich, powerful people would have monopolies on such profitable industries as addictive drugs and sexual playthings. It drops a lot of names, and it's heavily sourced.

2 hours later 11023610 Anonymous
>>11022335 just reply with pictures of Einstein, Feynman, Erdos etc.

3 hours later 11023756 Anonymous
>>11021814 Kek. The same threads everyday will not work here

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