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2014-03-08 03:06 10891613 Anonymous (rejoice.gif 450x253 280kB)
>tfw someone calls you by your name

1 min later 10891631 Anonymous
Is this the normalfag general?

4 min later 10891647 Anonymous (moka-happy-dog3.jpg 945x550 107kB)
Are you a dog, by chance? The fact that you are using the internet is nothing short of incredible. WHO'S A GOOD BOY?? WHOOOOS A GOOD BOY!!? YES THAT'S RIGHT! YOU'RE A GOOD BOY ANON!!

6 min later 10891657 Anonymous (1393705467473.jpg 540x500 26kB)
>tfw it was just someone with the same name, not you >tfw you already jumped up ready to talk to them

10 min later 10891680 Anonymous
this thread just made me sad i don't remember the last time someone called me by my name it may have been years, it probably is years. damn

1 hours later 10892129 Anonymous (nchij_e25_p6.gif 300x170 460kB)
>tfw someone calls you

6 hours later 10894411 Anonymous (feels_good_man.jpg 332x360 51kB)
Before I started working, no one ever remembers who I am. After I started working, I was shocked when co-workers start to remember who I am and even my name. > So this is what it feels like to be remembered.

6 hours later 10894825 Anonymous (1391901293880.gif 323x425 351kB)
>>10892129 That scene gave me serious feels. Someone should do a gif with the contents of that note.

9 hours later 10896638 Anonymous
Everyone remembers my name, but I never remember theirs. Probably evidence that I'm more important than them.

9 hours later 10896658 Anonymous
>tfw common name >tfw ignore people who shout your name as they obviously don't want to talk to you >tfw you can tell people have forgotten your name despite telling them twice its ok not like i wanted friends or anything

9 hours later 10896659 Anonymous
>tfw a girl calls you by your full name and not your kiddy nickname or surname. Do you even know that feel, it's great.

9 hours later 10896675 Anonymous
>>10891613 >implying I don't feel terror, dread, embarrassment, and confusion all at once

9 hours later 10896682 Anonymous
>tfw you have an awful name >tfw it's nice to not hear your name >tfw when someone calls your name you have to stop and think "oh that's me, damn" not because I'm depressed, though it doesn't help I was just blessed with an awful name that no one can pronounce despite it's 5 letter length I'm changing it when I'm 23 it's going to be a name just as weird, but it'll be my name

9 hours later 10896725 Anonymous (1390821391249.jpg 640x480 37kB)
Oh my, I love that feel. >mfw a qt girl in uni calls me by a shortened version of it, making it sound adorable as fuck

11 hours later 10897540 Anonymous
>>10896682 What is your name? Is it Leher, Mahler, Muhler Inher or does it have a h in the middle because those are the worst names.

11 hours later 10897557 Anonymous
I always call people by their name.. people love that shit.. nobody does that to me though.

11 hours later 10897586 Anonymous
>tfw common name, so always responding to people calling someone else. Thanks for the generic name, dad.

11 hours later 10897665 Anonymous
>>10896638 go to bed Heisenberg

11 hours later 10897737 Anonymous
Great feel, huh Once I get more involved in the gaming scene, I'm going to try to get known by my gamename instead of my meh name

12 hours later 10897951 Anonymous
>tfw girl calls you by a shortened version of your name why does this feel so good? is it the implied sense of familiarity or some shit?

12 hours later 10897983 Anonymous (23.jpg 431x446 47kB)
>tfw people address you by your name in an email. Anon, ...........

12 hours later 10898005 Anonymous
>tfw she moans your name while you're eating her out

12 hours later 10898016 Anonymous
>>10891613 >Oh god, why do they know my name ;_;

12 hours later 10898039 Anonymous
>>10897951 This never, ever happens to me. My name's Aidan. How do you even shorten that - Dan?

12 hours later 10898055 Anonymous
>>10898005 thats beta as fuck burh

12 hours later 10898209 Anonymous (Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai - 01.png 1280x720 699kB)
>everyone just calls me by my last name It's not much of a feel, just kind of there.

12 hours later 10898296 Anonymous
>>10898209 >People call me by my second name >End of my second name has "lou" in it >They stat calling me Lou >They start calling me Kangalou >Then kanga >Now JUST "K-ga" When will it end?

12 hours later 10898476 Anonymous
>>10898039 >How do you even shorten that Aids.

13 hours later 10898640 Anonymous (1346711451850.jpg 400x380 15kB)
>>10892129 >>10894825 >>10891613 >tfw nano-chan will never be real >you will never hold nano-chan in your arms

13 hours later 10898682 Anonymous (liar.png 1366x768 274kB)
>>10898640 Nah, it's all about Yukko m8.

13 hours later 10898697 Anonymous
>>10898640 >>10898640 I may sound like a pleb here. but which Chinese cartoon?

13 hours later 10898718 Anonymous
>>10898697 boku no Nichijou

13 hours later 10898749 Anonymous
>hear someone call my name >ignore them in case it's someone who's trying to kill me i can't be the only one that does this.

13 hours later 10898785 Anonymous
>>10897586 if you dont like it you can change it. it's not like genetics.

13 hours later 10898846 Anonymous (nano.jpg 1920x1080 200kB)
>>10898697 azumanga daiou >>10898682 Shut up Sakamoto -san nano > mai = yuuko > mio > sakurai = tsun /k/ommando = hakase I used to like yuuko the most but I realised my feelings for nano-chan were stronger.

13 hours later 10898883 Anonymous (sakamoto-mad.jpg 1280x720 62kB)
>>10898697 boku no google reverse image search and stop being a newfag

13 hours later 10898899 Anonymous
>>10896658 Some of us genuinely have trouble remembering names and feel like shit for it.

13 hours later 10898901 Anonymous
>they pronounce your name wrong >you correct them >later, they say your name wrong again >you don't even bother correcting them because you're fairly certain they're just fucking with you now

13 hours later 10898921 Anonymous
>>10898846 >having different opinions from me Fair enough Still, official rankings: yuuko > nano = sakurai > mio > gun girl > mai >>>>>>> mio's sister I don't even bother with hakase

13 hours later 10898936 Anonymous
>>10898846 >mai=yukko>mio Fuck m8 we mite have a tiny problem Nano-chan is cute as fuck though. I'm glad they're not real because a) they wouldn't want to hang out with me b) even if they did and even if they all wanted my dick I wouldn't be able to choose

13 hours later 10898968 Anonymous
>>10898936 To explain, Mio is basically me in 9th-10th grade, Yukko is me from 11th grade to now. I like characters I can identify with.

13 hours later 10898973 Anonymous
>someone waves at you >you wave back >they were actually waving at someone behind you

13 hours later 10898976 Anonymous (1346040948418.jpg 195x209 69kB)
>your platoon gave you a cool nickname >it spreads >muhreens I don't even know call me Shank >tfw We're all gonna make it

13 hours later 10898980 Anonymous (nichi-hakase.gif 300x255 1149kB)
>>10898921 >I don't even bother with hakase But why not? Look at how much she wants it. Still, your rankings are pretty solid, I can respect your opinion. Yuuko is high tier. >>10898936 >>10898968 Same, I can empathise with all the nichijews.

13 hours later 10898991 Anonymous
>>10898973 >someone waves at you >you ignore it >who the fuck would ever wave at you

13 hours later 10899019 Anonymous
>>10891680 Don't you go to work or school? What do coworkers call you? Cumrag?

13 hours later 10899111 Anonymous
>tfw a girl at work refers to you by the pet version of your name It's pretty cute and catches me off guard. I laugh every time.

13 hours later 10899153 Anonymous
>>10898296 That's a cool as fuck nickname

13 hours later 10899222 Anonymous
>tfw someone calls someone else's name >they're talking to you because they don't know your real name I've been called all sorts of things. The latest was Evan. I don't even know any Evans.

13 hours later 10899275 Anonymous
>>10898901 I have that problem too. It's not that they're fucking with you, it's just that they don't really give a shit what your name is.

14 hours later 10899826 Anonymous (1381600831469.jpg 265x265 10kB)
>>10894825 >>10891613 why is yuuko so perfect? >why can't she be real?

15 hours later 10900378 Anonymous
>>10899222 >Feel like I should correct them >No, that's too awkward >Just respond to what they said >Hope that nobody calls you by name for the rest of the night

15 hours later 10900408 Anonymous
What anime is that? I swear to god if one of you says Boko no pico...

15 hours later 10900438 Anonymous
>2 days ago >walking from class that just ended >qt calls my name, never talked to her before but sorta have a crush on her, was surprised she even knew my name >talks to me until I get to my next class haven't talked since, but it was pretty cool, gave me good feels.

16 hours later 10900544 Anonymous
>>10900408 it's azumanga daiou

16 hours later 10900572 Anonymous
>>10900408 boku no ordinary life

16 hours later 10900594 Anonymous
k let's get this straight Misato > Yuuko > Mio = Nano > Sakamoto the Cat > Mai > other

16 hours later 10900613 Anonymous
>>10900594 Wronk Sakamoto > Nano > Hakase > Yuuko > [JUMBLED MASS OF IRRELEVANCY]

16 hours later 10900621 Anonymous
>>10898039 The kid in my high school was named that, we called him AJ. He was autistic

16 hours later 10900623 Anonymous
>at the driving license place >manly as fuck name >women calls out muh name to get me license >peoples face when they see a short pleb get up

16 hours later 10900714 Anonymous
MFW Stuart MFW a girl calls me Stu

16 hours later 10900766 Anonymous
It's sakamoto-SAN you fucking faggots, respect your elders. >>10900594 >the generic tsun above yuuko and nano shit taste central

16 hours later 10900787 Anonymous
>someone calls you by your name over the internet rather than your usual handle >feels like a sign of disrespect

16 hours later 10900799 Anonymous
>>10900787 Why, do you have a really lame name or something? It's always felt like a sign of closeness to me.

17 hours later 10900953 Anonymous
>>10900787 >tfw my name is literally so fucking common that there is someone who is always addressed by their name and never their handle and I'll always be addressed by my handle.

17 hours later 10901245 Anonymous (dog in bed.jpg 420x326 61kB)
Would going by "Kev" for "Kevin" be lame?

17 hours later 10901266 Anonymous
>>10901245 I think it's lame. and my name's Kevin too.

17 hours later 10901287 Anonymous (1393906335441.gif 768x432 1930kB)
>friends with a weeaboo >mfw she addresses me using "-kun"

17 hours later 10901293 Anonymous
>>10900787 >voice chatting with a bunc hof bros >consistently refer to everyone by their handles, even though I've been talking to these people for years It's weird that they have actual names, y'know?

17 hours later 10901298 Anonymous
>>10901245 If you have to tell people it is. You should make people want to call you Kev through how fun and amiable you are.

18 hours later 10901599 Anonymous
I feel really weird calling anyone by their names unless it's to get their attention. Even then I'm more likely to just say "hey" or tap them or something. It's totally fine if I'm talking about them in third person to someone else, but it just feels awkward for some reason to be like "Hey Joe, how's it going?". I'm always substituting words like "dude", "bro", "mate", etc.

18 hours later 10901627 Anonymous (1346252126586.jpg 419x433 27kB)
>>10901599 >dude, bro, mate, etc.

18 hours later 10901637 Anonymous
"Hey anon!" >You turn around "You're a faggot"

20 hours later 10902662 Anonymous
>>10897540 Why would those be hard to pronounce?

20 hours later 10902676 Anonymous
>>10899019 I'm not the guy you replied to but i go to school and they just don't call me anything.

25 hours later 10904294 Anonymous
This is the longest any of my threads has ever lived.

25 hours later 10904373 Anonymous
>>10898901 My teacher at school who was teaching me for five odd years still couldn't pronounce my name properly when I finished school. I didn't even have that uncommon a name.

25 hours later 10904411 Anonymous
Anyone else hate it when someone calls their name? I really hate it.

26 hours later 10904596 Anonymous (1370647983879.gif 300x149 1301kB)
>>10891613 >>10891647 dear god why am i laughing so hard

26 hours later 10904980 Anonymous
I always address people by "Sir"/"Madam" or Mr./Ms. Last name unless I'm relatively close with them. It takes a far closer relationship to use the first name instead.

29 hours later 10906797 Anonymous
>>10904980 Where do you live that this isn't considered really awkward/overly formal?

30 hours later 10907391 Anonymous
>>10900799 It's kinda like growing up with someone your entire life and then suddenly they change genders and you have to refer to them as the complete opposite pronoun all the time. It's uncomfortable.

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