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2013-03-19 07:21 9196943 Israel Pony Tulpa General: Growing strong (Brainscan thingy.png 2400x480 338kB)
Old Thread: >>9135972 Main site: tulpa.info Ancient threads archive: tulpae.(teekay) Tulpa Guide Master List: pastebin.com/tvmEnBDz ----------------------------------- --------- What is a tulpa? >A tulpa is believed to be an autonomous consciousness which also exists in a self imposed hallucinatory body, which is usually much of your choice. A tulpa is entirely sentient and in control of its opinions, feelings, movements. >It is perceived as completely real, and you don't have to constantly focus on it to keep it around. (info by FAQ_Man) ----------------------------------- --------- PLEASE KEEP THE DISCUSSION IN ONE THREAD ----------------------------------- --------- To connect to the IRC: >download a client, or use Mibbit >attach irc.rizon.net >join #tulpa.info: moderated, mostly tulpa.info members >#tulpa: less/unmoderated >#tulpacuddles: supposed to be a friendly place, lots of tulpas talk here >#tulpa-sex: avity discussion >#tulpa-forum: created by the people here >#tulpachat: place for tulpas to chat only, proxying + possession >#tulpamagick: Metaphysical discussion >#tulpa_ot: off topic >#tulpa-420yoloswag: Methos' drug & tulpa den >#tulpa-jx: Official Tulpa Channel of JX >#TulpaDrugs: Drugs + Tulpas = Fun times >#tulpa.shoutbox: replacement for the shoutbox on the site. >#tuppers: Fede's secret clubhouse, no non-tones allowed >#ponytulpas: self-explanatory, hooves only Or head to tulpa.info and click CHAT in the header. ----------------------------------- --------- Steam group: steamcommunity.com/groups/tulpacrea tion ----------------------------------- --------- Want to chat with some of the thread guys, listen to some tulpas possessing people and generally piss about? Man have I got the client for you. Download Mumble Low Latency VOIP here - http://sourceforge.net/projects/mum ble/files/latest/download: Then connect to our server: Address - mumble-us.cleanvoice.ru Port - 62493

0 min later 9196952 Israel (Woke up covered in tulpas.jpg 640x480 300kB)
=========== FAQ 1/2 ========== >Where do I start? Read a few guides to get an idea of what the process is like, then decide which guide will work best for you and follow it. Ask lots of questions and don't be afraid to experiment or even mix methods to make the experience as unique as possible, for only you know what works best for you. >Where are the guides? Read the OP. >Can you kill a tulpa? If you are going to create a tulpa just to destroy it later, you probably shouldn't do it in the first place. However, it is possible to dissipate a tulpa by actively ignoring it. >Can you have sex with a tulpa? Tulpas can simulate the stimulation of all five senses, so yes. You shouldn't really make a tulpa for purely sexual reasons, though. >Can you have multiple tulpas? Yes. >What if my tulpa hates me or wants me to die? Tulpas live off the attention of their hosts. Without it, they die. Therefore, tulpas tend to treat their hosts well and love them dearly, provided the hosts do the same. However, they are also still sentient, and thus, treating them badly will cause them to act out. >Is this self-induced schizophrenia? Are you insane? Well, we're all probably a little bit insane here (it is 4chan after all), but tulpas aren't the same as schizophrenia. The main difference is that schizophrenia is uncontrollable, while tulpas can be controlled and ignored by their hosts. >Is falling asleep while forcing bad? No. It is only potentially dangerous if you summon your tulpa while dreaming. If you have trouble staying awake during focing sessions, try sitting in a chair or cross-legged on the floor. >Do I need to talk out loud to my tulpa and look insane? It's a personal preference, but you may also talk to your tulpa in your thoughts (mindvoice), which goes unnoticed. >Can a tulpa create another tulpa? Yes.

2 min later 9196968 Israel (Tulpa.png 250x3031 1012kB)
=========== FAQ 2/2 ========== >I'm getting headaches when I force! Is this bad? Headaches are common while forcing, and usually considered a good sign. Not everyone gets them, but if you do they should diminish after a while. >Can I base my tulpa off a real person or an existing character? Yes, but don't treat them like they actually are that person/character. Tulpas need to grow into their own individual person over time. Let them. >Will doing x drug affect my tulpaforcing? As with everything in tulpa creation, this is a subjective experience. Some claim better visualization, others say tulpas may go missing for the duration of the experience, others felt no effects. Above all, be safe for both your sakes. >Why isn't this on /x/? The tulpa threads here splintered off the old lucid dreaming threads here on /mlp/. Due to the lack of trolls, many of the serious tulpamancers moved to the /mlp/ generals from /x/. With so many pony tulpas, rule 15 probably applies. >I think I might be parroting/creating my tulpas responses. What if I always know what they're going to say? If you're worried about parroting, you're probably not doing it. Parroting is 100% deliberate and a fully conscious action. There's no such thing as "sub-conscious parroting". If you feel you make responses for your tulpa or always know what they will say, it's because you know your tulpa well. Like when you know a friend's personality really well and you have an idea what they'll say in reply to something. Your tulpa will use what you know of her personality to think of a response. This is normal early on and will fade with time. >Am I going to create a servitor? If you're not trying to make a servitor, then you wont. If you're that worried, then you're already way too devoted to make an accidental servitor.

3 min later 9196982 Israel (Someone you know has a tulpa.png 300x242 77kB)
=========== DO/DONTS ========== >DON'Ts: -Don't fear parroting, early responses will feel like they're you, but they will grow more distinct with time. -Don't count hours spent on this. It's just a burden and feeds into expectations of how long it "should" take. -Don't worry that you might make a servitor or hologram, this can easily turn into a tulpa. -Don't be surprised if your tulpa starts moving on their own very soon. -Don't treat your tulpa like a doll and carry them around in the wonderland. It's better to parrot a little movement than to reinforce the appearance of non-sentience. -Don't expect voice out of nowhere. This may happen, but it may also take a long time of listening to quiet little thoughts from them first. -Don't worry -- worrying and doubting only hinders things. -Don't Listen to Microphone/Mic/Silver Purple/Pinkamena/Pink/Malice. He changes his name a lot but you'll know him for posting porn, avatarfagging and acting crazy. He also often puts a random email in the email field. >DOs: -Assume your tulpa is sentient from the moment you start. Imagine them behind you or otherwise with you all day long. This gives a head start on imposition, makes them grow faster due to always being thought of, and does wonders for your visualization skills. -Believe all responses come from your tulpa unless you are 100% certain they do not. -Try to imagine their form in every detail, with all your senses. This will make them feel more real. -Go on adventures in your mind with your tulpa when they're ready. -Always give your tulpa plenty of love and attention. -Trust your tulpa. Much of what you're aiming to create must be at least partially done by them. -Be patient and don't rush things. They will progress at their own pace.

6 min later 9197022 Israel Tulpa General Drinking Game (Time for a drink.gif 480x320 1707kB)
Take a swig whenever: >Mic/Pink/Celestia/etc posts an irrelevant fact about his day >Israel is called a Jew >FDD is called Bearbear or similar >Lyranon gives a hug >Someone tries to summon NLD or asks if he does commissions >The dick is referred to as Avity >A vocaroo is posted >We are called insane (Eg: tripfags with schizophrenia, anons with DID) >2spooky ghosts are mentioned >Someone asks if tulpas are real >Fede's methods & tones are mentioned >Dubs get checked >A High Definition Face is posted (Eg. i.imgur.com/7zA7imw.png) >Someone asks if you've hugged your tulpa today >The time is given in bongs >A Stargate image is posted >A Jackie Chan tulpa is mentioned >A new thread is posted >A link to lulz.net is posted >"Should I make a Rainbow Dash or Peppermint Twist tulpa?" is asked >Someone posts an image from The Iron Giant >Someone posts a homestuck picture >A new drawing of a tulpa is completed and posted >A newfag is redirected to OP >"This thread is a troll. I'll proceed to explain how..." is posted >Someone is told to tell her he luffs her >Mic changes Name/Trip Take a shot whenever: >A tulpa futas their host >Someone asks if Han is a Dratini >NLD has sex with his kids >A tulpa gets pregnant or gives birth >Gimpy's methods & flow are mentioned >NLD changes Doctor >/x/ shows up to dick with us >An anon becomes a trip/name fag >A tulpa rapes their host >Dash watches Verbose on the toilet >Maverick fails to quote >Someone asks about Ubermensch's headless sex >Someone makes reference to diabeetus >Someone asks how to make a tulpa's vagina feel real >Someone asks if Han is a dratini/dragonair Chug your swig juice whenever: >An imagewar (3 or more related pictures directed via >>quotes) starts >If multiple pictures of tulpas are drawn and posted in one image >A tulpa is dissipated >A tulpa merges with their host Specifics: Chain summmons only count as 1 swig. Multiple calls of the same dubs only count as 1. 1 swig per newfag directed to OP.

11 min later 9197088 Anonymous
>>9196943 >>9197010

13 min later 9197116 Anonymous
Same question as last time: Can I make a tulpa the same as my sister in every way, then proceed to rape it everyday?

15 min later 9197130 Israel
>>9197116 Not exactly. Its personality will likely differentiate and possibly its form too. Also it probably won't like you raping it and will kill itself.

15 min later 9197140 Anon + Bask (1357436325858.jpg 1016x1344 471kB)
We were told to redirect to here. >Wheres the snack table? But seriously, I haven't been in the threads for a while now. What's been going on?

16 min later 9197149 Israel
>>9196943 Linked the wrong last thread. Oh well. Next time it'll be perfect. Old thread here: >>9182584 >>9182584

16 min later 9197154 Anonymous (Wormy.jpg 1216x1280 718kB)

17 min later 9197161 Anonymous (mareDSCN0013.jpg 760x570 35kB)

17 min later 9197163 Israel
>>9197140 Seems pretty dead at the moment. Not much has been going on with me but I can't speak for anyone else. How's things with you guys?

17 min later 9197168 Anonymous (mare4th.jpg 300x213 11kB)

18 min later 9197177 Anonymous (blonde_mare.jpg 480x320 26kB)

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19 min later 9197198 roninDreamer&Lyra
>>9197088 If you're gonna be lazy about making the new threads why bother?

20 min later 9197203 Anonymous (wink2a.jpg 1024x683 375kB)

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22 min later 9197225 Anonymous (marea8849fba.jpg 2048x3072 1162kB)

22 min later 9197233 roninDreamer&Lyra
>>9197225 So... what's the point of this?

22 min later 9197234 Anonymous (Wink.jpg 1024x768 266kB)

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26 min later 9197292 Anon + Bask (vlcsnap-2011-04-06-22h29m44s19.png 640x360 257kB)
>>9197163 There seems to be quite a lot of spam at the moment. Anyway, there hasn't been much going on. It's kindof a problem. For now playing some GT5, will be playing the new Monster Hunter later. >Anon's forcing schedule has honestly completely deteriorated. Passive forcing still happens quite alot, but no Active. It's sad if I'm blunt. I've been having a chronic case of the bads lately it seems..

27 min later 9197302 Anonymous (mareharrietsco.jpg 768x1024 172kB)

27 min later 9197309 Anonymous (mareav-980945.jpg 375x500 36kB)

28 min later 9197322 Anonymous (mare1.jpg 1600x1200 290kB)

28 min later 9197329 Israel
>>9197292 The spam was not occurring before the start of this thread. Just report and then ignore I suppose. Yeah, It's been hard for me to find time to active too. I'll have time over summer to do imposition though.

29 min later 9197331 Anonymous (maresnoopyfullterm007.jpg 768x1024 52kB)

31 min later 9197366 Anonymous (scat-porn06.jpg 500x400 28kB)

32 min later 9197372 Anonymous (scat-porn-slaves.jpg 640x512 38kB)

33 min later 9197381 Anonymous (images.jpg 251x201 6kB)

33 min later 9197384 Anonymous
>>9197329 I'd rather have a thread with no spam and no OP rather than a thread that's being spammed with shit (Lol) like scat.

33 min later 9197388 Anonymous (34223.jpg 251x201 6kB)

34 min later 9197391 Anon + Bask (1359499040313.jpg 398x379 22kB)
>>9197366 that's doodie. >>9197329 Yeah. Pretty much. I dunno, I gotta figure out something that works for me, i'm getting really tired of being a bad 'mancer. >>9197384 Is the other thread active?

34 min later 9197392 Anonymous (445.jpg 251x201 7kB)

34 min later 9197396 Israel
>>9197384 Stop posting the scat then?

34 min later 9197401 Anonymous (3672.jpg 600x480 26kB)

35 min later 9197406 Anonymous (35777.jpg 500x375 39kB)

35 min later 9197409 Anonymous
>>9197396 >Implying that it's me Stop being such a jew you jew.

35 min later 9197413 Anonymous (55782.jpg 500x281 22kB)

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37 min later 9197430 Anonymous (21-Sk_Video.mpg.jpg 612x596 52kB)

37 min later 9197441 Anonymous (1 Louise Black Scat porn_m.jpg 500x378 28kB)

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